And They Shall Be Known By Their Editorial Content

Brendaren Farms - Friday, January 11, 2002 - by: Edwin Wallace

It seems the Saskatchewan Wheat Corporation-SWC formerly the SWP, is being transformed into one of those faceless corporations. You know, the ones with maybe only a number for a name.

Under the direction of CEO, Schmidt, that lustrous star of only short days ago - or so it seems - is being dragged off the stage; a mere shadow of it's former self.

The stupid jettison of it's livestock operation into private and basically unknown hands - who knows who owns what or who these days - and now the sale of the Western Producer, pretty well makes SWC innocuous enough to be loved by any big business interest.

Marvellous Marvin Weins, the president, says such sell offs are all in the interests of getting back to the core business. Oh, gee, why did Marv Marv, argue with me back in the 80's when I told him and his board members to concentrate on the core businesses - Grain and Livestock!

Well, I have met other bad mistakes in my lifetime so let's just move on.

There are two main reasons for the ongoing dump-it-all strategy of the SWC.

First, is the necessity to reduce the value of company so that it is located somewhere on that same dismal little planet, where on, the SWC's pathetic share value moulders.

And the second is to get all that dump-it-all damage done and out of the public's eye and short term memory before serious negotiations begin with the company or companies who are going to take them over! No self respecting multinational would want to get involved with anything that looks like a beat up Piñata.

And how will the Western Producer change? That will be found in it's reading.

One can't help wonder, however, whether Weins and/or Schmidt made sure the Western Producer got a good home with an anti Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) family. The SWC is a very comfortable member of the Western Grain Elevator Association - WGEA - and that gang is NOT a supporter of the CWB.

The new parent for the WP; GVIC, Glacier Ventures International Corporation? I Dunno.

Maybe I could phone the Western Wheat Growers and find out. They know all the rest of Knuckledraggers that are against the CWB.

I'm Edwin Wallace
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