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Education and the Church

Brendaren Farms - Fridayy, January 21, 2005 - by: Edwin Wallace
A paid ad in the January 14th edition of the Prairie Post disputing the questionable use of publicly funded school buses is very interesting on several levels. It raises further questions to the obvious ones; why are school busses being used to take kids to a church function. And, wouldn't a letter to the Editor, have been sufficient?

Probably the most important question is; why are there established church affiliated schools, separate(schools) from our public school system? I asked this of a rather high placed Catholic cleric and was told that it was to assure the ethics of the church are taught. My argument against this was that there are several publicly subsidized churches in which such
'education' might better be conducted. I could have pointed out there is nothing like a captive audience for dissemination of any kind of propaganda - just how many of the little darlings would end up voluntarily at church to learn such dry stuff.

Another question arises. Is it not better that we as Canadians assimilate in all aspects of our lives?  Oh, I can hear a resounding nay from those special interests, say, like the Catholics and the Indians. It is Ironic!  I hear Catholic church adherents express their frustration at trying to run a smoke free business when the Indians and their customers can smoke away to their hearts content. Don't you see, Assimilation is needed; we're all in the same boat so let's cooperate to make our lives better. (Remember a smoked Indian requires as much medical care as Whitey with a rotten lung.) And that would put the Catholics and the Indians on the same page as the rest of us. Is Indian autonomy as far out of control as the separatist educators?  I think so. But, please, don't let me hear any Catholics complaining about the Indians.

A third question concerns church and state. It seems to me that combining church and school tends to blur that very important line between the church and the national, provincial and municipal policies that govern us. Education, given with the influence of some organization which claims to have THE truth, would presumably provide among its graduates a crop of future policy makers. It seems to me that those policy makers might tend to not be overly concerned with church influence on their decision making; having been nurtured from early age in such an environment. Surely such influence has already been felt!

But finally, back to the ad. It, of course, flies in the face of a big part of the Establishment. The not-easily-understood notice under the ad seems to indicate there may have been text left out.  However, I think the main point is made: Tax payer equipment should not be used for, or by, the specific special interest needs of any groups. Trucking a captive audience to a mass certainly doesn't do me any good and may very well, in ways unknown, harm me.

Let us all assimilate!

I'm Edwin Wallace



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