No Smoke: Grain burner

Brendaren Farms - Wednesday, January 3, 2007- by: Edwin Wallace

We talked about this on the phone but at that time it was just part of the junk pile. We finally got it all together this afternoon (New Year's Eve) and after a bit of fine tuning it burns to meet our greatest expectations. It is built on a piece of 10 in channel.

All is not well. The little Princess Auto windshield wiper motor is loaded a bit too much I guess; it tends to heat a bit. So we had to wrap it in swaddling clothes - a shop rag kept wet wrapped around it - seen in the background with a bit of steam coming off it. Notice we cut some of the web out of the channel.

Then we found that we needed secondary air to complete combustion. We just cut the slots with the plasma torch while it was burning. We will have to make that neater if it is going to continue being a photo star. The 5"x 5' square tube is our grain hopper for now. First fuel for the protorun is field peas. Barley and/or wheat will probably burn just as good or better. We need time to determine what the actual fuel consumption of various grains will be. R&D makes us believe it will be about 20 litres of grain in 12 hours.

The gear reduction is just right for speed and the air regulator is set at 2 psi only. Nothing like LoveJoy couplings to take care of alignment challenges. :) That's a 100:1 reduction gear box. The WW motor output speed is about 150rpm.

Air is injected at three points at the base of the combustion chamber. The capped pipe nipple is for starting wood shaving to get things going.

A smokeless burn is the result. This flame will be directed into a salvaged gas furnace heat exchanger when the whole contraption becomes part of our shop furnishings.



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