KKK - Kanada's killer kops

Swift Current - Thursday, February 26, 2009 - by: Edwin Wallace


While parliament appears to be agonizing over crime legislation with the emphasis on ‘Gang’ related matters, there seems to be a lack of concern for other issues related to the public’s crime concerns.

Now, I have no objection to getting the gang bangers off the streets. I think serious and effective gun control would be the kind of control aimed at those obtaining guns illegally and not at farmers, hunters and target shooters, who’s lives dictate they abide by the law, every day and all the time.

Inquiries about, self investigations and apologies from the police; perhaps the RCMP in particular, do not seem to be curtailing, or preventing the abuse of power and fire-power of the police.

The current ‘Inquiry’ in Vancouver is a macabre joke. Out of this nonsense will be no convictions. The stated purpose of this insult-to-humanity is to get a report with recommendations that have no authority to be enacted.

Time and again - right here in Saskatchewan - police, who one might bd describe as either cowardly or pschotic, have gunned down victims who were said to be threatening - remember dead men don’t talk - even a skinny little 16 year old in Regina. He was shot down while surrounded by several cops and a canine unit, because he was holding a knife.

We always hear the bottom-line response by and for the KKK: “It is police operating policy - to shoot for the thick part - and that’s how we/they are trained.”

So, Ottawa, what about some assurance. While you Tories, Liberals, Bloc and NDP are tripping over each other trying to prove superiority in crime control.

  • How about a concerted effort at controlling the the police?
  • How about more civilian control over those legally armed goons?
  • How about enactment and enforcement of training designed for other than psychopaths?
  • How about a serious study of police training and discipline answerable to the public?

Nearly all of us are not criminals.

Enough of the KKK



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