Winter Fence Building

Brendaren Farms - Tuesday, January 8, 2002 - by: Edwin Wallace


I got a call from the Anderson's, a mile east, about mid-day the other day. They wondered if I would like to get that picture.




Oran Anderson's winter fence building project has been going on for several weeks now. That struck me as being a real winter phenomenon - at least around these parts. I had asked him to let me know when he started up again after the holidays so I could take a picture for posterity.




We have had some cold snaps; cold enough to freeze ground. (Temperatures, however, soared to the mid teens today. And this evening, as I write this -about 10:30 - it is still +10!) But the reason Oran, is able to pound his posts, is simply that the ground is so dry there is no moisture to freeze. He says it only takes about two more blows to set the posts than it did before freeze-up!




We are in for some rough times if this drought should continue. Of course we were deluged with warnings about a big increase in grasshoppers this coming spring. Something we already knew. And more warnings that the price of insecticides would be going up because of the demand. Something we also knew or strongly expected would happen. One cannot help but think there is a symbiotic relationship between "Ag reporting" and the chemical companies.




Meanwhile we know we are in the middle of a drought; Russian thistles are blowing in the high winds accompanying this winter "thaw".




Did I hear Homer say, "Doh!"




Well, that's the view from the "Farm Gate".




On a more macro scale, I have a nasty feeling in my bones that the economic turn down being experience in so many places, is going to get even worse.



90 billion

I hear the hunt for Mr. Bin Laden has cost the Yankees about 60 billion dollars now. Add to that, the 20 or 30 billion to fix New York, and we see they have just started spending on war.




Most of the hawks in the US are looking to widen the conflict. How much can a nation spend on hardware? In the good old days of yore, wars were relatively cheap; most of the expense was killing many thousands of youngsters in their late teens or early 20s - a truly renewable resource.




Bush says it will be over his dead body that taxes are raised. I say, "Pick out your coffin Monkey Boy!"
  I'm Edwin