A Look At the St. John's Area

FTLComm - St. John's Newfoundland - February 27, 2001
Everyone has heard about the
abnormal amount of snow that has fallen on Canada's maritimes this winter but most of the images we see have not really told us the extent of the problem.

This set of pictures came to me a few days ago and I was able to track down the source of them. These pictures were taken near St. John's Newfoundland and demonstrate just what that sort of snow fall is all about. You can see the compact and hardness of this cut through the snow as you can see the sharp edges on the walls made by the blower.

This heavy level of frozen
percipitation for Newfoundland
is most unusual, though they
can get heavy snow falls during the winter there is no record in the past of the snow storms coming one on top of the other and laying on such large amounts each time.

Notice in these pictures the low level spring like cumulus clouds, the sort of thing that are only see in a maritime area at this time of the year.

Keep in mind that a Chrysler pickup truck like the one shown is almost seven feet from the ground to the top of its roof. But while this is the flavour of things on the East coast keep in mind they are golfing in Victoria.
These pictures taken with a Kodak Digital camera have been passed from friend to friend until they arrived here. I talked to a lady in Halifax about them and she received them from her brother sent them to a friend and so on. It is interesting to see this happen, e-mail, with its ease of use and rapid transmission certainly is shrinking our world and widening our awareness.