Snow Cover

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, December 14, 2001
In the midst of a serious drought with almost all sloughs empty and not enough ground water for the ground to freeze this winter, farmers and non-farmers alike are paying very close attention to the amount of snow that is accumulating.

Far more than romantic notions of it being quaint and charming to have a "White Christmas" in this land that depends so much on agriculture this is a winter when we really need the snow.

Yesterday we had a steady movement of snow coming in with a North wind and today, late afternoon we began feeling pellets of ice and that turned to freezing rain. The temperature in Tisdale move up to about -7 and the snow on the ground and that iced road and sidewalk surfaces were more than a little slippery.

This picture gives you some idea of what we are starting to see in the fields and warm temperatures will compact this snow cover making sure that it stays in place. Farmers left as much stubble in their fields as possible this past fall and for that reason you will still see most fields looking pretty much as they did a month ago. This field has short grass and in this picture it is completely covered with solid snow.

With that South East wind we can expect more precipitation over the night and I am certain most farmers will be hoping to see this go on for the rest of the winter. Small steady accumulations of snow will build up in the fields and with no frost in the ground the warmth of spring will send that moisture right into the water table.

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It snow."