Cabin Fever

FTLComm - Tisdale
January 25, 2000

It was always in March that winter seemed to most unendurable in the Yukon. People would make some funny decisions and act a little funny and we all put it down to "cabin fever". But in Tisdale with a short winter it takes quite a different form.

The blast of cold that has lasted for the first three weeks of the new year began to relinquish its grasp on us all

yesterday as temperatures rose to the point this gentleman got out his bicycle to head down town for the mail. I did not even wear my gloves when I went out to take the van downtown and would later regret that foolhardy decision. But sunlight is an intoxicant, it just overwhelms the senses and in some of us it just makes us sneeze.

The pickup with a young mother and her two small children (three and five) decided to get out of the house and go over to the park. What a great idea and it would have turned out better had the road into the park not looked so deceiving. A large pickup like this one is set up to run on the highway and though it has lots of power, the highway tires just will not let it mush through deep snow. She realised that the road, though it looked passable, was going to get her stuck and she started backing out only to have the truck slip off the roadway. My shovelling did little to help things out and the lack of gloves was a problem. So it was time to load up the kids in the van and resort to getting a tow.