Winter In Winnipeg

FTLComm - Winnipeg - December 23, 2000
We left Tisdale at 8:30 in the morning Friday on our journey that would take us to Regina then down the treacherous and crowded number one TransCanada highway to Winnipeg. It was interesting to see the variations in the way the winter has come to the prairies. Regina area was shrouded, as was much of Saskatchewan in fog yesterday which turned to blowing snow leaving the roads covered with a thin invisible coating of ice.

It is interesting that many like to refer to this condition as "black Ice" which of course is simply not the possible but serves to describe the invisible and potential killer.

As we headed East from Regina the four lane evaporates at Indian Head into the bumper to bumper, semi after semi madness to Virden. Unbelievable situation that this stretch of highway is little changed in the past fifty years despite the progressive multiplication of heavy trucking that has replaced rail transportation.

In the grip of the winter of 2000 - 2001 we are assured of a white Christmas as Winnipeg itself is piled with snow and its streets narrowed from repeated applications of solid precipitation. This picture shows an area close to the city's West side adjacent to the International airport.

Though we saw signs of Christmas, it appears city folks do not get as carried away with lights and decorations as the residents of Tisdale who have been steadily adding to SaskPower's profits for the past month.

Today its time for some power shopping, hope to bring you some images of this adventure.