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If you have QuickTime 3 loaded into your computer you will be able to see the scene at the dance that followed, Tracy and Travis' reception. This image created in the low light of the RecPlex was taken as people were dancing and moving about so you will see some folks sort of blurred or vanishing, this is due to the blending of the individual frames that create the panorama. Once loaded use your cursor to navigate around the scene, you can zoom in with the shift key and zoom out with the control key. If you do not have QuickTime in your machine take time to download it some time, it is a six megabyte download but installs in your computer in seconds and enhances its performance as it replaces about nine commonly used plug-ins that you use to access information on the Internet

From Faster Than Light Communications, best wishes Tracy and Travis Seaman, may you live long and prosper.
Sincerely, Timothy W. Shire