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FTLComm - Carrot River - July 5, 1998

Carlene Oakes and Corey Schmaltz became husband and wife Saturday July 4 in the Carrot River Catholic Church with relatives and friends sharing in the happy occasion. Carlene is the daughter of Dan and Myrna Oakes and Corey the son of Colin and Colleen Schmaltz. Brides maids were Sari Oakes, Andrea Krause and Michelle Boehm while attending the groom were Clayton Schmaltz, Mark Hicks and Glen Paproski.

FTLComm is pleased to share this event with you in pictures to celebrate this young couples most important event in their lives. Marriage despite the sometimes to frequent mishaps is still a cherished institution in all societies throughout the world and with good cause. By publicly creating a powerful ritual we are endorsing and supporting the bond established between the two individuals. Though marriage is a religious and social custom it is also an enormously important economic and legal one that