Midsummer Visit to Sanctuary

FTLComm - Tisdale
July 19, 1999

Sunday afternoon we went out the the Jones Wildlife Sanctuary to see how things are and tell you about the way things look now at this time of the year.

The first thing we noticed was that work that the Tisdale Wildlife Federation is really enhancing this already outstanding site. All of the trails are mowed and easy to walk along, new washrooms have been installed and the whole park experience is first rate.

If you are planning a visit to the Sanctuary first visit the Tisdale Tourism booth and pick up the brochure guide that helps you to spot the various features along each of the trails. Remember that this is a real life park with a large marsh so make sure you take along some insect repellent because in the wooded areas the mosquitoes will make life miserable for you without some repellent. A second word of caution is to be aware that this is a place where the wildlife live and act of their own accord, we saw evidence of bears so you would be wise to run over the procedures for encountering or surprising a bear. (running is not one of the options, a black bear can hit thirty-five miles an hour)

Without a doubt the main feature for me of the sanctuary is the marsh area and the variety of birds and other marsh life is so rich and varied. We saw some of the coolest frogs I have seen in years.

We strolled out to the lookout tower on the West side of the Sanctuary and found it to be an excellent experience and decided to share the view with you in the QuickTime Vr below.