After the storm

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, February 11, 2004

This story is in two parts, the picture at the top of the page and the panorama were shot around 4:00 this afternoon while all of the other pictures were taken during mid morning.

All things considered Tisdale was not especially battered by the "near blizzard" that pass through yesterday and gave a little snow during the night.

The Department of Highways had their chores cleaned up by coffee time and over at the TMSS one of the parking lots was still a bit covered which suited one student just fine as he or she had ridden a snow machine to school today.

Around town there was snow flying in all directions as folks shovelled and blew the stuff around.

On the other hand some folks opted to wait for spring.

Because of the temperature yesterday it was a fairly light and fluffy kind of snow and though the street below looks like it has about eight inches of on it, it really was no problem.

It was over on the North end of Newmarket where the town meets the prairie that the

driveways looked the toughest, most were clear or being cleared by 10:30 but the ones in this sequence of pictures are just the way the storm left them.

Several machines as well as the town equipment were out at work. Below Colin Chupa is doing a driveway. The town's grader had been at work through the night passing down our street at 4:30 and by mid moring their
Blower was hard at work.

This scene is mid way between the Tisdale Alfalfa Dehydration plant and the Agricore Terminal at Valparasio. Out here (top of page and this panorama) there isn't much to catch the snow and the wind just hustles it along until it catches around a ditcher , a tree or a town. (To see this picture you computer must have
QuickTime installed.)


In our seventh winter in Tisdale this is the best snow cover we have had since the first winter 95-96 as we look into our back yard from the alley.

By afternoon most of the cleanup in town was accomplished as we all brace for the next little "near blizzard" to come by this weekend.

Timothy W. Shire


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