Time for the snow to go

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, March 7, 2007

About six weeks ago most of us figured that we had had enough winter for one year but alas the season has been saying around. The small amounts of snow each day is building up and Tisdale's streets are starting to look a bit crowded with piles along each side.

The warmer weather today was welcomed by everyone today with lots of people downtown, leaving their gloves behind and some hiking around with their coats open. In the sun the street temperature rose well above freezing but the wind and in the shade it was still about -5ºC. However, the signs of things to come are all about.


Icicles from roofs and drain pipes and a certain lightness in everyone's steps suggest that the long dark is over.

One of the big factors now is the intense heat from the sun. We have had a week of overcast weather and this morning things cleared up and the sun was able to do its job warming up the Saskatchewan prairie with above freezing temperatures down at Maple Creek at sun up.

Speaking of Maple Creek, that part of Saskatchewan has had warm temperatures much of the winter and is going to be in real trouble this summer as they simple are going to be real short of moisture.


From the look of the piles along the Tisdale streets we should have a pretty extensive run off and the snow cover out in the fields is substantially deeper then the past few years.

With the prospect of a rapid and enthusiastic run off the Town of Tisdale has several contractors assisting town crews to load up and haul away snow from along the streets and in the back alleys. This coming week the town crew will be using their heavy equipment to open up the water ways that drain the town to make sure that the run off will have some place to go.

Its all about time.



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