NDP Leadership Candidates,
Answer These Questions
Please respond to the following questions at the earliest opportunity. We comprise a voting block, organized ad hoc as the "Liberty League," and your responses will determine how our ballots are cast.
  1. Do you believe there are problems with the administration of justice in Saskatchewan? If so, what do you identify them as being, and what will you do to correct them?

  2. Will you support a wholesale public inquiry into the operations of Saskatchewan Justice given the Milgard and Klassen fiascoes, and given that Saskatchewan leads the country in incarceration rates for youth, and in arrests for "criminal harassment," and violence and property related offenses?

  3. Do you believe that the citizens of Saskatchewan should have a right to access the laws of Saskatchewan on-line for free?

  4. How do you feel about zero tolerance polices? Do you support "shout at spouse, lose house" legislation? Do you believe Saskatchewan's Domestic Violence Act, and Divorce Courts are fair to men?

  5. Do you feel that SGI's No-Fault and the Worker's Compensation Board are acting in the best interests of injured motorists or workers, or are you prepared to conduct wholesale public inquiries into the operations of SGI and No-Fault, and the WCB?

  6. What will you do to stimulate economic growth in this province and stem the exodus of its youth?

  7. What will you do to combat poverty in this province, and will you commit to taking measures to improve the living standards of Saskatchewan's poorest?

  8. What measures will you take to combat street prostitution, and do you feel this is primarily a "law and order" issue, or an economic issue? If the latter, will you work with native organizations to secure prompt resolution of land claims and residential schools law suits.

  9. What measures will you take to revitalize rural Saskatchewan?

Sincerely yours,

Jacob Zunti