Paris Auto Show 2010
Paris France, thursday, October 14, 2010 by: Michael Townsend

I know the only reason I came to Paris was not just to see the new cars at the Auto Show. But this was a worthwhile day I spent ogling some very shiny metal.

metro is a very fast and efficient way of getting around Paris as I have come to learn. Even with my limited French I am feeling good about getting around here and I upped my 'luck anti' by giving some money to a Metro musician.

My first goal today was to see the car show and I was not disappointed as the pictures will attest. I don't think anyone works in Paris as the entire population seemed to show up at the event including the President of France,
Nicolas Sarkozy. I think I would have rather seen his wife who I understand is quite the babe with a very nice voice. None of the throng was disappointed. The interesting thing about the French. None are fat, (except the two playing on the computers.) But they smoke like there's no tomorrow. Thank god cigarettes are banned from inside buildings and events like this.

And this is just day two! I still have 12 more days to go!!!!

(Day one was a flight recovery day for the most part.)