Carrot River Roman Catholic Church Destroyed

FTLComm - Carrot River - January 8, 1999  
Fire completely destroyed the Carrot River Catholic Church Christmas Day. The cause of the fire is unknown even though a thorough investigation took place the fire was so intense that little evidence remained.

Recovered from the ashes was the church safe and the valuable church records that it contained survived as did the contents of two file cabinets. However current records such as those on the church's computer were lost forever.

The building and its contents were insured so that at this time efforts are being made to sort out the claim and plan for the future. Until then the parish has accepted the offer of Carrot River's United Church for services until work can begin on a new church to replace the one lost Christmas Day.

There were a few artifacts that did survive but it is not known exactly which ones. As you can see in the image below the
church was beautifully done making the best use of wood throughout the interior. The picture above is in early July when the church was the scene of a wedding .

Though members of the parish are saddened by the loss they are trying to put the future before them and look on the brighter side as they have found the crisis is bring they and the community closer together.