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The incongruity of this place is overwhelming, when asked about the church sitting in what is almost open countryside, having only seen it in passing, the answer was, "you should see the inside!" Just the exterior alone is imposing enough, made from brick, with two marvelous sculptures above the main doors with its twin belled spires, this is a really impressive building. So with business wrapped up in Humboldt, back I came to see "what's inside." Nothing can prepare a visitor for a scene like this, even seeing the pictures on these pages, only gives you a hint of the majesty of Assumption Roman Catholic Church of Marysburg.

To let you look around I have prepared a QuickTime VR that once loaded, and that takes a moment or two because it contains two panoramas. One from the centre of the nave and the second from the balcony. I was going to let you click and see various highlights with in the church from the panoramas, but this would dramatically slow down the download speed, so you will have to go through the individual pictures on the pages that follow.

Once loaded, you will see the alter at the front of the church, use your mouse to steer around the interior of the building. By pushing the control key you will zoom out and by pushing the shift key you can zoom in. When you get to the back of the church, move your cursor up toward the round stained glass window and you will notice the cursor changes to an arrow. Click, and you will find yourself up in the balcony, looking down into the building. As you move around, once again you will find the cursor turns to an arrow indicating the location where I was standing when I photographed the main section of the church, click there and you will move back down to that main level.