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Windows 2001. The needs of the future appear to be in the direction of networking and connectivity, so Microsoft is putting its development money into Windows NTdevelopment and it is likely that Windows 98is the last of the personal computer developed operating systems. This trend is seen throughout the industry, as Appledid the same thing a full year ago when it began its migration toward the universal network software interface called Rhapsody,due for release this fall and by this time next year the regular Mac user will be sliding into Rhapsodywithout realising he/she is there.

Microsoft and its struggle with the US government
Though there are various explanations for the present situation, essentially the
United States Justice Departmenthas decided that Microsoftis acting as
a monopoly and needs to be sorted out so that real competition can return to the
marketplace. Though it is using the bundling or inclusion of Microsoft
Exploreras a part of the Windows 98operating system, as the sticking
point, the issue is broader, as Microsoftthrough its licensing and software
integration, has pretty much forced all users of Intelbased machines to use
both DOSand a version of Windows. Mr. Gatesand his company used that
leverage to further their other software projects and the Justice Department sees
this as monopolistic behaviour.

The conflict will drag through the legal system for years and ultimately the expected outcome will be what happened to the American giant telephone company AT&T,which was finally forced into segmentation. Bill Gatesis completely aware that this is what will eventually happen to Microsoftand will have already set in motion plans to protect himself and parts of his operation, when this eventually takes place, but that could be between five and seven years from now. For you who use Microsoft software and the rest of us who suffer because you do, we will all just go along about our merry way, doing the best we can, because with a monopoly, we have no choice.

Microsofthas time after time structured its software so that it dictates the standards and conditions confounding all other technical developments and in many cases actually retarding technological development. It is for this reason that the US Justice Departmenthas no other course of action open to it but to put a heavy boot on Microsoftand grind in its heel, until the thing comes apart.

$1,000 computers
They are on their way, it looks like Gatewaywill be one of the first developing
hardware companies to get their low priced product to market. Intel gave the
PC industry a boost by developing a processor that can do the work of the
Pentiumyet still be less money. Hewlett PackardandCompacare both
hard at work with similar developments.

Apple, which uses Motorola PowerPCchips had a small advantage because the Motorolachip is less money to start with, but its less then $1,000 machine is going to hit the marketplace in August and will cost $1,299 US.

The goal for the computer industry is to have a productive comprehensive tool in individual's, businesses and institutions, hands that will make the computer an appliance. Several companies launched projects called Network Computers (NCs) about two years ago, aimed at making computers that would become as common as televisions, but that development has not progressed, so the interim