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product is the low cost machine.

What is deceptive about the computer industry is that if you market an older product, developed several years ago, you can sell it for low prices, but the performance will be that of the technology of the past. When you see advertisements for low cost computers today, you are simply seeing old equipment. The real low cost computer that manufacturers are aiming for now, is a state of the art computer with present day and beyond capability, but at a price of around that $1,000 US. Apple, has achieved this, as its newiMacto be released in August is state of the art, all in one box computer, but alas they missed the mark by $300. However, Appleis betting that because of its reputation and the quality of their machines, their costumers will pay the extra money. But in the PC market place, Compac, HP, GatewayandDellwill be duking it out.

flat LCD screens
These things have been around now for two years, mostly as a spin off from the
development of screens for laptop computers. Their price is beginning to move
downward to the point that we see them now on television programs almost
every night. Right now, a LCD panel monitor of 14" is going to cost you about
the same amount as a high end 21" display, for the least expensive on the
market. But the effects for the consumer are remarkable. This is putting the
pressure on conventional CRT monitor prices and they are descending very
nicely. 15" monitors are now under $300 Canadian and 17" displays can be had
for just a little more then $500. So if you are squinting at a dim old monitor you
can afford to upgrade, in fact buy Windows 98June 25, slam in another video
card and buy yourself two 15" monitors, that will set you back about half the
price of a single LCD screen.

Timothy W. Shire
Faster Than Light Communications