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There are a large number of Saskatchewan Weeklies that do not have web sites and have got together to share their features stories on a fine web site based in Meadow Lake. This site is called Sasknewsand each week it has a selection of news stories gleaned from papers throughout the province. This is a treasure trove of material and certainly gives a great perspective on the happening in a very wide range of communities.

But one of the most interesting and perhaps unpredictable sources of Saskatchewan sites is provided by SaskTel itself. Everyone who has a $24.95 Sympaticoaccount qualifies for a
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2MB web site free of charge. A huge number of Saskatchewan people and organisations have done this and the result is really excellent. Anyone browsing the web discovers immediately that some of the very best and most interesting material available on the web is not on the institutional and corporate web sites, but is to be found on the personal web sites. We all know what a diverse and interesting bunch of people make up the population of this province and their web sites reflect this diversity and creativity. SaskTel has an alphabetical directory of every web site on its server listed by the user name of the customer, so if a Bill Usher's user name is "BillU" his site will be listed under "B". The problem with this list is of course that you can not tell what the site is about by its title and there are no notes. However, there are some great things to be found out there and this is definitely a fun place to browse.

Now for the serious stuff, if you are doing research go to
WebWorksand use the list of "Core Search Engines". The two most academic and solid sources are Bubl Linkdeveloped in England and the University of Berkley's Library Online. For students, especially in the middle years the best sources is "KidClicks". For the rest of us the most modern search engines and the ones most likely to turn up what we want are Wired magazine's HotBot and the other one with lots of power and easy to use is Metafind . For Canadian specific information Canada.comis excellent developed by Southam Pressand perhaps even better is Canada Search.

Happy hunting.