The Hopeful Signs of Bin Assembly

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 10, 2000
Ten new bins are on their way to being assembled as the crew who began their work on Monday bolt things together. The temperature dropped to below freezing last night and this morning as work began in the CO-OP assembly yard it was just around +1 with the sky as dull and moody as week-old coffee. The wind is from the North East and though little rain is expected there is a chance of some drizzle during the afternoon, weather people are even talking about some snow in the Hudson Bay area.

There is something hopeful and positive about assembly storage bins, the prospect of the coming crop, the hope that wheat prices will continue to work their way up and as all Saskatchewan people cherish, just the hope that comes with the beginning of a new crop year.

Seeding is still the number one priority in the fields around Tisdale this morning with tractors and farm equipment dashing about on all quadrants.