Minister of Health Pat Atkinson:

Making Immediate & Band Aid Decisions in Healthcare

By Mario deSantis, January 23, 2000

grandiose effort to rightsize healthcare The Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA) has repeatedly warned the government
of impending nursing shortages(1), however our bureaucrats and politicians were too busy to listen
to the SRNA and they continued with their grandiose effort to rightsize healthcare(2). The
rightsizing efforts didn't work out as strategically planned and now, besides the many problems
in health care, we are experiencing a shortage of nurses(3).
save money since we are not going to pay for the training Our affable Health Minister Pat Atkinson has just reviewed a governmental commissioned
report(4) on the shortage of nurses and as a consequence, she has immediately designed a
three-pronged strategy to find solutions to this problem. She has stated that "we need to keep
the nurses who are graduating, we need to retain the nurses we have and we need to recruit
nurses from other jurisdictions". Also, she stated that a provincial Web site has been established
for facilitating the recruitment of nurses from countries such as Britain, Australia and New Zealand.
Pat Atkinson should be very proud of this international recruitment strategy, not only we are going
to rightsize the number of nurses but we are going to save money since we are not going to pay for
the training of our international nurses.
The saga of our incompetent healthcare leaders continues Tonight, I have been watching the news on TV and I just came to know that Pat Atkinson,
without consulting with the SRNA professional body, has made the tough decision to reduce
the university nursing program to three years from four. Congratulations to Pat Atkinson for
putting Saskatchewan healthcare on the map of the world, for saving money, and for taking the
immediate decisions to rightsize again and again the university nursing program. The saga of our
incompetent healthcare leaders continues.


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