Our Governments and Justice System in Canada

By Mario deSantis, February 16, 2000

grossly misspent willfully and yet nobody is responsible In reading the article "The questions of the HRDC scandal. How can we trust a government
that is not responsible?(1)" I was astonished to realize how the feeling of helplessness of the
author, Marie-Josee Kravis, is close to mine. Marie-Josee Kravis is not able to rationalize the
irresponsibility of the federal government in dealing with the $1 billion dollar jobs program at
the Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). One billion dollars of taxpayers money
is grossly misspent willfully and yet nobody is responsible for this scandal.
there is no quick fix for this problem Denis Desautels, the Auditor General, has stated that this mismanagement problem needs
"...to be fixed right away...(2)" Desautels' comment raises another question "how can you
fix right away a billion dollar scandal which has implicated so many politicians, so many
bureaucrats, so many businesses, and so many lawyers?" No, there is no quick fix for this
problem, this is a textured social problem and its fixing requires deep transformational
changes(3) of our political, bureaucratic, business and justice leadership.
they break these regulations Marie-Josee Kravis has stated that "...in an era of supposedly more sophisticated and
technologically advanced management systems and controls, the government is unfazed
and unapologetic about mismanaging and misappropriating public funds..." Our own
majority governments make regulations and laws and yet they break these regulations and
  When will the Police and Justice System come to the rescue of our democracy(7)? Unable to
Trust therefore implied strict accountability explain how to find a remedy to the current corrupted governmental leadership, Marie-Josee
Kravis has stated "...Political philosophers, notably John Locke, have claimed that citizens
entrust governments with the coercive power to act on their behalf, for their benefit and for
the protection of their rights. Failure to fulfill this trust would, Locke suggested, lead to the
loss of legitimate authority. Trust therefore implied strict accountability. To be responsible
meant to be answerable..." We have governments which break the same regulations and laws
they make(8) and yet they demand "...private corporations and citizens to be responsible for
events they could but did not prevent..." Is this the social contract citizens have with our


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