Mario deSantis

Simplicity, common sense and the unreasonable behaviour of Greg Trew
July 29, 2000
Today Mairo deSantis discusses the issue of reasonable behaviour and how allies need to support each other if progress is to be obtained.
Evidence is developing against the two huge hog projects
July 28, 2000
Mario deSantis links the bad planning for water on the Rama project and the results of a hearing into the deaths of workers in a hog barn as evidence of what we can expect from the government and the developer.
The system is not more worth than one person's rights
July 27, 2000
The good of the system must not ever subvert the rights of the individual as that will in fact destroy the system.
The common sense of University professors Richard Gray and Michael Freeman
July 27, 2000
Two professors reply to governmental statistical propoganda, with a simply comment , the other with a new study to really get to the bottom of a problem.
Diversification of Rural Saskatchewan: A dumping ground for huge hog producers
July 24, 2000
Suspicion and concern continues to be voiced by those wondering what is prompting the Government of Saskatchewan to subsidise Big Sky of Humboldt.
Studies Conclude That Natives are Vulnerable to Gambling Addiction
July 24, 2000
Common sense and the realisation that poverty and disadvantage play such a major role in producing the conditions that lead to gambling and substance abuse.
Doug Elliot's indicators of economic reality are not validated
July 22, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the unusual error of a Saskatchewan statistician who says the public have it wrong, things are good.
Alternate Universe News: Public Service Announcement
July 21, 2000
Our intrepid reporter dispells myths about what is good and bad as we all have to deal with miss-information since the arrival of aliens and now the threat of cranial implants.
Government of Saskatchewan' Hog Venture: relaxing pollution and labour standatrds in the name of agricultural diversification
July 20, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the lack of logic and common sense in the provincial government's decision to subsidise the commerical hog industry.
Premier Romanow's Government: Skewing Information and Keeping from Learning
July 19, 2000
Looks bad for Regina as the number one crime centre in Canada but the minister of Justice sees it differently.
A Governmental Jungle in Saskatchewan
July 16, 2000
Mario deSantis discusses the importance and appropriateness for our quest for freedom and self determination.
Pandemonium and no principles in health care
July 15, 2000
Deficits, lay-offs and secret principles confuse the operations of the health districts as Mario deSantis attempts to explain why things simply can't work.
Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter: Love for money stronger than love for politics
July 15, 2000
Mario deSantis reports the confirmation of the former deputy premier's new job.
Premier Roy Romanow: a Magician? a Saviour? a Cheater?
July 14, 2000
Mario deSantis takes a thorough look at some of the claimed successes of the premier and things are not looking good.
The First Economic Priority is for Ourselves to look in the mirror
July 12, 2000
Mario walks us through the need for us to examine the basics as he points out the strength in democracy is an informed and educated public.
Saskatchewan Economic Priorities: Education, then lower taxes and not more Phoney Research
Juy 11, 2000
Mario deSantis discusses the key elements needed to boost the Canadian economy.
Who cares of being left or right
July 6, 2000
Mario deSantis laments the loss of freedom and wonders why the historical labels continue to be used.
We Don't need more researches on SGI's no-fault insurance
July 3, 2000
Mario deSantis considers the remarks by U of S head of medical research, Barry McLennan and refutes his plea for more research as Mario points out this now a political matter.
A Case for Legal Class Actions and Contingency Fees against Saskatchewan's No-Fault Government
June 29, 2000
Mario deSantis declares its time to change things with the legal alternatives for SGI victims sewn up it looks like political action is the only action available.
The Rubbish of the WHO's Ranking of Saskatchewan Health
June 26, 2000
Mario deSantis urges our politicians to start here at home to improve things as he specifically identifies some structural problems that continue to add nothing.
Our Phoney Government: preaching Human Rights While Breaking the Law
June 23, 2000
Mario deSantis takes exception with the posturing of the provincial government in the light of the concern over no-fault insurance and other government action with regard to the rights of individuals
Asserting Human Rights by Changing Attitudes in a land for the Few and Privileged
June 20, 2000
Mario deSantis takes us to the Prince Albert No-Fault meeting and helps us with some insight into the troubled times in which we live.
The Commission on Medicare: Another expert, another vision, and another number
June 15, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the series of recent Government studies/reviews and has little regard for the government's failure to get public consensus to create a collective vision.
SGI President Larry Fogg: No-Fault Insurance is a proxy for No-Fault Incompetence
June 14, 2000
Mario deSantis attacks the recent remarks by SGI president about the worthlessness of senior citizens.
No-Fault is not an administrative matter, it is a politcal matter, it affects all of us
June 11, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the ramifications of the government and SGI's stance taken insupport of this widely criticised system of dealing with accident victims.
Honourable Judy Junor: a skewed government and her skewed statistics
June 8, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the glaring and overwhelming fact that the death rate of infants is rising in this province reaching an appalling 0.89%
Government Mistrust in Saskatchewan: The Continuous Saga
June 5, 2000
Today Mario deSantis explains his concern about the way in which trust in government and government officials continues to disappear.
The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan No-Fault Insurance
Part 4
June 3, 2000
Mario deSantis wraps up his four part series on the way a piece of research and its nature subverts the concepts and concerns that need to be addressed.
The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan No-Fault Insurance
Part 3
June 2, 2000
This is the third part of Mario deSantis four part discussion about the misuse of research by SGI and other supporters of No-fault insurance.
The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan No-Fault Insurance
Part 2
June 1, 2000
Today Mario deSantis shows us other researchers concerns about the lack of common sense in government supported research to support policy.
The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan No-Fault Insurance
Part 1
May 31, 2000
Today we begin a four part discussion on the use of research as a political tool and the manipulation of research findings to advance a political agenda.
Minister of Health Pat Atkinson says "We need a provincial plan"
May 18, 2000
Despite the apparent attonomy given district boards the Department of health continues to confuse planning and operations so that priorities can not be set and ad hoc decisions hamper effective operations.
Saskatchewan health plans/budgets: an ever changing methodology
May 17, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the confusion being created by the abandoment of traditional accounting methods as "needs-based funding allocation" exacts resource waste and the inability to identify problems.
District Health Plans: Breaking the Law Again and Again
May 11, 2000
Mario deSantis explains that only one health district has revealed their pending health plans, the others have followed government guidelines and remain secret.
The fight against No-Fault Insurance is a fight for our Freedom
May 10, 2000
Mario deSantis expresses his concern about the issue of no-fault insurance as it relates to government use of "so-called" research.
Honourable Janice MacKinnon and her rolling economy in Phonyland
May 9, 2000
Conflicting data indicates some confusion about Saskatchewan's job creation as Mario deSantis looks critically at the minister's claims.
Saskatchewan Health Care Researches: A campaign to assist the Romanow's government and cheat the people
May 8, 2000
The remarkable lack of respect for Saskatchewan people and their intelligence is illustrated by yet another research project that is misleading and based on questionable data. Mario deSantis takes issue with this dishonest practice.
Rosalee Longmoore is Missing the Boat: advocating fewer health boards to save money!
May 6, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the shortcomings of trying to save money without a clear view of what should be accomplished.
Dr. Cassidy's study on no-fault insurance: supporting another shock absorber
April 21, 2000
Mario deSantis takes us to the wonderworld of no-fault research. Be sure to look over the endnotes and references as this is a good source of a wider view of this topic.
Observations on the racist mentality of Professor Tom Flanagan
April 19, 2000
Calgary professor and ultra-conservative, Tom Flanagan recommends assimilation or "whatever". Mario deSantis is disturbed at the direction of this kind of thinking. The references for this article include exerpts from the man's books and writings.
An alienated government is balancing the budget and forgetting the foster children
April 19, 2000
Mario deSantis explains his displeasure with the cavalier attitude of the provincial government to a recent report condemning Saskatchewan's foster care.
Bad Faith and paper legislation to cover the assets of SaskWater
April 18, 2000
Mario deSantis is definitely not pleased with the government legislation to prevent those who lost money in the potato deal from sueing to recover their losses caused by misadventures by SaskWater.
Associate Minister of Health Judy Junor: defending the SHIN flop at the Legislature
April 14, 2000
Mario deSantis takes issue with the Associate Minister's unflagging support of costly and outdated technology that wastes valuable healthcare resources and offering no return.
A dangerous turn in the history of SAHO: from Hewitt Helmsing to Louise Simard
April 12, 2000
Mario deSantis warns of his concern about the ominous negative direction being taken by health care administration in this province.
Ken Hutchinson: Assessing the last asset of the Regina District Health Board
April 10, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the possible effects of the appointments the minister of health has made to the Regina District Health Board.
The two primary needs of health reform: independence of the districts & booting out the hoodlums
April 7, 2000
Mario explains the real issues and points to the appropriate direction health reform should be taking. This is a complex issue because so much emotion and political debris is strewn about making it difficult to keep the important stuff at the top of the list.
The New PST: more corruption, more division, and more work for lawyers
April 6, 2000
Mario deSantis is less then happy with the direction and intent of this year's budget as he can see its only net result to be more work for lawyers.
Honourable Eric Cline has not balanced the budget yet, he forgot our school-children
April 3, 2000
Mario deSantis points to a serious threat for all people of this province and indicates the remarkable lack of consideration of this problem in this year's budget.
The new provincial sales tax is a reflection of a regressive and racist mentality
April 2, 2000
Mario deSantis takes a look at the provincial budgets sales tax provisions and is displeased.
The Synchrotron and higher taxes, closing court houses and saving fictitious money
April 1, 2000
Mario deSantis points out some concerns he has about the recent budget.
Good Work by Justice Robert Laing: Charging Saskatoon Police with Rambo style investigation
March 31, 2000
Saskatoon City Police are identified by Judge for improper conduct and treatment of an accused.
And Expression of Democracy: "are you in favour of forced municipal amalgamation?"
March 30, 2000
Mario deSantis gives his view of the SARM / provincial conflict over rural govenment. Mario is highly critical of provincial government policies in the light of the past performance and positions taken on issues affecting the non-urban areas of the province.
Few Words on the WCB Rebates
March 29, 2000
Year after year the Workers compensation board refuses to pay injury claims while injured workers receive medical treatment that is paid from medicare then the board refunds the surplus to employers.
Saskatchewan Health Care: the most corrupted system in Canada
March 28, 2000
Mario deSantis reports on the balancing act that is going on between reality and the reporting of reality as seen through the eyes of government officials.
Saskatchewan Health Care: our politicians and bureaucrats have no vision and no leadership
March 26, 2000
With the apparent reversal or partical reversal with Carrot River Mario deSantis questions the underlying philosophy of the government and its impending "ultimate" solution legislation.
Minister of Health Pat Atkinson and Health Indicators:"there are lies, damned lies, and statistics"
March 25, 2000
Mario helps us to see through the clutter and realise that the use of statistics in an evolving and changing society will bear little help toward solving problems of any kind.
Honourable Pat Atkinson: Spending More Money and Running for the Laurel of "Saviour of Medicare"
March 24, 2000
Mario deSantis has repeated his concern about healthcare mis-management for some time but today with the Provincial Health ministers meeting with their federal counter-part, Mario's comments are particularly appropriate as the same arguments repeat and the tax payer has no choice but to keep forking over money to be squandered.
Dr. Steven Lewis: Preaching the Gospel of Statistics at SAHA Convention
March 23, 2000
The man most responsible for the decline in Canadian health care says everythings better than people think, according to his figures!
Regina Health District Closes One Surgical Theatre: Shortage of Leaership, Shortage of Nurses and Shortage of Democracy
March 23, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the situation that sees nurses over worked while the District has difficulties recruiting additional staff.
Premier Romanow's Government: The Obsession of Saving Money Versus Building Healthier Communitiies
March 22, 2000
Mario gives us some insight into the processes that seem to be distorting both reality and the future through deliberate government policy.
Premier Romanow: Militarizing Health Care and Killing Rural Saskatchewan
March 20, 2000
Mario deSantis identifies major US military contractors as the companies benefitting from health care technical projects.
Farewell to our Provincial Auditor: Wayne Strelioff
March 16, 2000
Provincial Auditor heads to BC after years of outstanding service here in Saskatchewan.
A Question for Minister of Health Pat Atkinson: How Much money is Telehealth costing?
March 16, 2000
"Telehealth" turns out to be two pilot projects assisted by SHIN, phase two project one cost 1.5 million.
A Saskatchewan Way of Justice: leading by the nose till we are stabbed in the back
March 15, 2000
Mario deSantis gives us some needed insight into the convolutions in the Saskatoon police inquiry.
Louise Simard is the New CEO for SAHO
March 14, 2000
Provincial organisation that administers health care has hired the deputy premier's wife to run things. Five years ago she was minister of health in charge of closing many health services down in rural Saskatchewan, now after practicing law since then she is back.
Dr. Steven Lewis and HSURC Commission of Saskatchewan: Contributing sources to the decline of health care
March 13, 2000
Mario deSantis has found the smoking gun that points toward the culprits who began the process of wrecking the whole system of health care in this province.
North East Health District: the closure of Carrot River Hospital and Telehealth
March 11, 2000
Ironic situation of the district's support of the high cost remote technology project telehealth while closing the Carrot River hospital even with the closing the district is expecting to go in the hole three quarters of a million this year.
A Partial Diagnosis of Health Care Corruption: The Quality Circle of the Big Brains Includes our Renown Health Economists
March 10, 2000
Mario deSantis points out that he is not the only one to identify the economists and healthcare advisors as the culprits in causing the destruction of the Medicare system.
The highest priority to cure health care: stop mismanaging it!
March 8, 2000
Mario deSantis has complained extensively about the condition of the Saskatchewan and Canadian health care situation, this morning's article draws some important conclusions and underlines the basic principles that we all need to be reminded of, but he also tells us the solution.
Minister of Health Pat Atkinson: "Wellness Model" is outside the Canada Health Act
March 7, 2000
Get patients out of hospital and into home care and the cost is shifted from medicare to the patient.
The greatest challenge for Saskatchewan: Education and learning for our troubled children
March 6, 2000
The way to equality in a democratic society is education and Mario deSantis discusses the importance of this concept and foreshadows the horrific consequences if this challenge is not
taken up.
Minister of Health Pat Atkinson: breaking the law and becoming a Magician
March 5, 2000
Mario deSantis explains how the minister approves eleven budgets after they occured making the District Health Act a sham.
The Big Question for Saskatchewan Health Care: Underfunding or Mismanagement?
March 5, 2000
Mario deSantis helps understand some of the confusion with so many health districts in the red and unrealistic manner used to administer the districts and the whole system.
On Mismanagement of Health Care
March 4, 2000
While provincial health ministers are cranky with the federal government Mario deSantis points out that cut backs and closures in Saskatchewan cost more then they save, are common in other parts of the country.
Mayor Dayday's GNP Accounting: and write offs
March 2, 2000
Mario deSantis points out that March is race relations month in Saskatoon.
Stop Managing By the Numbers Game and Begin Managing by Your Stories
March 1, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the favoured argument of political leaders to use numbers rather then understanding and common sense to resolve situations that appear to worsen on an almost daily basis.
Premier Romanow flip-flops on Farm Aid
February 29, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the Premier's change of attitude and policy as it relates to the farm crisis.
Saskatchewan Health Care: Mississippi Burning
Februrary 26, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the circle of blame and the need to break the circle and sort out the administrative problems.
Deomcracy and Human Rights in Saskatchewan
February 24, 2000
Mario deSantis is taking issue with the underlying attitudes portrayed by the governments provincially and federally as he explains their increasing tendancy to ignore basic human rights.
Honourable Janice MacKinnon and the NDP Government: Spin-doctoring the Truth
February 22, 2000
Trying to make the very negative reality into something palitable is stretching the margins of believeability as crime, poverty and deteriating social conditions can no longer be hidden from the rest of the country. Mario deSantis let's us consider and question the methods uses to explain away our really bad situation.
Our Saskatchewan Justice System Is Rotten to the Core
February 19, 2000
The evidence is mounting that a chronic situation is present with the possibility of death quads operating in Saskatoon. Mario deSantis explains how this may be a part of a systemic and pervasive condition.
A World For the Few and Privileged In Saskatchewan
February 19, 2000
Here is some straight talk that you can not ignore, Mario deSantis is advocating our dire need to embrace democracy to its fullest. This is a remarkable article, read it carefully.
Simplicity and Clarity: A Way Out of Confusion
February 19, 2000
Things seem to spin around us as we try to cope with the overload of information and extreme concerns. Mario deSantis reports to us a way out of this confusion.
Another Magic of Premier Romanow: balancing the books, downsizing people and increasing the GNP
February 16, 2000
Mario deSantis comments on the unusual difficulties within Saskatchewan while the provincial finances improve.
Our Government and Justice System In Canada
February 16, 2000
Pointing out the concept of the Social Contract from John Locke Mario deSantis expresses his extreme disappointment with the Federal governments lack of accountability.
Is Honourable Jane Stewart Lying over the bungled $1-billion jobs program?
February 15, 2000
Mario deSantis points his finger at the glaring evidence that the Minister of the federal govenment has been less then candid about a number of things.
A summary of the review of the 459 grants at HRDC
February 14, 2000
Here is a quick to understand the details of this brewing Ottawa scandal as Mario deSantis has sorted through the issues making them understandable.
Human Resources Development Canada: Deomcracy for sale to the highest bidder
February 14, 2000
In this article Mario deSantis explains what the Federal government has been doing with job creation grants and points out that the process is not only wrong but illegal.
Governments must stop serving themselves and their friends
February 13, 2000
Mario deSantis takes a thoughtful look at the Ottawa scandal and considers how the underlying problem is so widespread and affects our on provincial politics. Mario sites some excellent sources on this subject.
Minister Jane Stewart and Minister Pat Atkinson insulting public responsibility
February 12, 2000
Both ministers claim that no one stole the money but Mario deSantis makes the point that squandering public funds has the same affect on the public. Tax money is going were it was never intended to go.
Don't trust statistics, don't trust Honourable MacKinnon, trust yourself
February 11, 2000
This morning Mario deSantis takes us one step further into the mind set of Janice MacKinnon.
Honourable Janice MacKinnon: debating the economic underdevelopment of Saskatchewan
February 10, 2000
The minister defends Saskatchewan from the criticism in the National Post and Mario deSantis points out that they are right.
A Message for Health Minister Pat Atkinson: Wear Clean Underwear
February 9, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the glaring problems with in our health care system and suggests that some serious effort be put into improving the management.
Making Money is not creating wealth Mr. Premier Romanow
February 8, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the need for major changes in this province and the way it does things but he also explains how those changes might take place.
Pat Atkinson: Raising the finger and turning healthcare to a gambling casino
February 4, 2000
Check to see which way the wind is blowing then see what happens with health care in Saskatchewan.
The Farm Crisis and the Globalization of Our Economy
February 3, 2000
Mario deSantis takes the Premier to task for his remarks and his government which refused to financially support farmers in their economic depression.
The Synchrotron and our children: Trading life for science
February 2, 2000
Mario deSantis explains that with 25% of Saskatchewan's children living in poverty the U of S Synchrotron seems mindless.
Healthcare crisis is a crisis of participatory democracy
January 31, 2000
Not cost cutting or underfunding, Mario deSantis puts the blame on the bosses for mismanagement. This little editorial holds the key to solving healthcare woes and high taxes.
Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter Has Been Caught Lying
January 30, 2000
Mario deSantis reports that it is not unusual for the Minister of Agriculture to say something that did not happen.
Intimidation: Management Style at Saskatoon District Health
January 28, 2000
Mario deSantis points out the serious problems created by government intimidation of those we depend upon to deliver health services.
Pat Atkinson, The Shortage of Nurses and the Rule of Law
January 27, 2000
Minister of health is forced to back down on her reduction of years in training programme by the nurses in training. Mario deSantis points out the way dysfunction grows out of quick fixes.
Health Minister Pat Atkinson & Saskatchewan Nurses: Out of Touch, Out of Law
January 25, 2000
The list is growing with the equally growing concern about the whole structural problem with Saskatchewan Health care. Mario deSantis expresses his concern about the minister overstepping her authority and changing things over which she has no official control.
Minister of Health Pat Atkinson: Making Immediate & Band Aid Decisions in Healthcare
January 23, 2000
Mario deSantis explains the follie in recruiting for nurses abroad and changing the nursing training programme to deal with nursing shortages.
Saskatchewan Healthcare: Breaking the Law & Mismanagement
January 21, 2000
Mario deSantis makes a convincing argument that gravely undermines the credibility of politicians and health care officials as he points out their squandering of tax dollars on mamoth proportions.
The misuse of Statistics as a scientific tool
January 20, 2000
Mario deSantis points directly at the use of miss-information as a means to political power and control.
Pat Atkinson: Blaming the doctors for the deaths of patients
January 18, 2000
Mario deSantis gives a chilling look at the Provincial Minister's attitude toward health care and you better pray you don't get sick.
Saskatchewan's Troubled Children: 40% of our School Children
January 16, 2000
Mario deSantis questions the logic behind the present governmental attitudes and policies towards children involved in crime.
The Hypocritical Behaviour of Peter Federko, CEO of the WCB
January 8, 2000
Mario deSantis takes a hard look at the recent statement by this powerful individual who claims the critics of the Workers Compensation Board are "off-base".
Revisiting Maturana's Genius At Christmas 1999: Being human means languaging and emotioning
December 24, 1999
Mario deSantis brings us a message of hope as he points the way to a simpler and much easier way of handling our personal growth as we plod through each of life's experiences.
The Closure of the Plains Health Centre: The $50 million overrun and the gimmick of saving money in health care
December 19, 1999
Mario gives us his take on the Minister of Health's comments about the huge over run on the closure of the Plains Hospital.
Banking is Changing: electronic cheques on their way
December 15, 1999
Mario tells us about the things we can expect from our banks in the future.
It is the system's fault: an incident with banking transactions
December 10, 1999
Post date a cheque, used to work but not anymore. Mario tells us about his real life experience with the service charge kings of the marketplace.
A governmental responsibility is to clean up our house first
December 7, 1999
Mario deSantis gives us some thoughtful comment on the recent conference on the World Trade.
Our Leaders Can't Recognize An Asset From A Hole In The Ground
December 3, 1999
Mario deSantis explains to us some facts about government spending that will shock you as millions and millions are used to purchase poorly functioning software.
Saskatchewan Nursing Shortage: Our Leaders Must Walk Their Talk
November 30, 1999
Mario deSantis comments on the practice of signing bonus practices for nurses and how the same folks complaining of nursing shortages created the problem.
Saskatchewan Healthcare: Using Research to Blatantly Lie to the Public
November 28, 1999
Things don't look good and Mario deSantis worries about the use of research to cover up the real picture.
Saskatchewan Nursing Shortage: Shifting the blame for our own Incompetence
November 27, 1999
The idea to close hospitals and reduce hospital beds was a deliberate effort by hospital administrators to cut back on the labour component in health care costs. Mario deSantis explains how this procedure crippled health care and increase over all expenditures.
Learning & Creativity: Basic Ingredients of the new Economy
November 23, 1999
Mario deSantis gives us a hint about what would make things, all things better. This three paragraph message is well worth your serious consideration.
Healthcare Payroll and SAHO's Big Brains
November 20, 1999
Saskatchewan's nurses have still not received their back pay and salary increases because of payroll problems.
The U of S Synchrotron: A Mausoleum for a Museum Mentality
November 17, 1999
Mario deSantis is less than impressed with the major University of Saskatchewan research project.
Brian Rourke Wants more healthcare money: 40% of public expenditures are not enough
November 14, 1999
The head of SAHO is complaining about insufficient government funding as he notices that reserves are declining yet the amount of spending continues to rise.
U of S Ranks 14 out of 15: Why not being the best of yourself!
November 12, 1999
Mario deSantis offers us some reflections and explanations for the apparent drop in academic standing of the University in Saskatoon.
A Museum Mentality is Cheating Our Economy: Healthcare, SHIN and the Synchrotron
November 9, 1999
Mario deSantis, in an extremely well documented article describes the waste and disfunctional confusion with in the department that controls 40% or the budget of the provincial government.
Ignoring its mandate and diverting money for Y2K Nightmare
November 4, 1999
Mario deSantis clues us in on how SHIN money is turned from its intended purpose to supporting Y2K problems in the health system
A message for our insulting Barb Byers: Solidarity is not for ever!
November 3, 1999
Mario deSantis lacks enthusiasm for continued support of the present government given its abuse of democratic processes.
Getting Ready For Re-Reengineering and Shifting the Blame
November 2, 1999
The minister of health has commissioned an inquiry into the Regina health boards budget problems, Mario deSantis is suggesting the minister need not look any further then in her own department.
Saskatchewan Bureaucracy: The Need of Better Decision Making Processes
October 28, 1999
Mario deSantis is dissatisfied with the way decisions are being made and condemns the Premier for his methods.
University of Saskatchewan: A Vision Built on Privileged Education and on the Synchrotron
October 26, 1999
Mario deSantis takes an uncomplimentary look at the current trends at the University of Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan Health Information Network: Gord Nystuenleaves his post to cover his assets
October 25, 1999
Money wasting project loses its boss, or is there some house cleaning taking place?
Health Reform:Digging Holes in the Ground
October 22, 1999
Only in Ensign will you see such remarkable and insightful criticism and in-depth explanation of issues in Saskatchewan health care. Today's article by Mario deSantis reveals the foolishness of "short-term management confusion.
The Saga of Health Reform:Pat Atkinson Wants Fewer Health Boards and Fully Appointed Boards
October 17, 1999
Mario deSantis presents a compelling argument for us to reevaluate government thinking as it relates to health care reform.
Saskatoon Mayor Dayday : A professional politician with no cause beyond being in politics
October 5, 1999
Mario deSantis lacks enthusiasm for the Saskatoon Mayor's desire to become a member of parliament.
Governmental coalition in Saskatchewan: A private contractual deal at the expense of the electorate?
October 4, 1999
Mario deSantis takes a critical look at the coalition deal between Liberal leader and Premier.
Fragmented Research Come To The Help Of Sasktchewan Reform
September 30, 1999
No doubt you were confused about he recent research that indicates that health care is better since 1993, Mario deSantis helps us to understand the odd information and sheds some light on what we have been hearing.
A Good Samaritan and Premier Roy Romanow's Third Way
September 14, 1999
Mario deSantis tells us of his adventures and how hollow is the sound of the Premier's advocacy of the Third Way.
Balancing the Budgets & Downsizing Education
September 12, 1999
Mario deSantis condemns the Premier for his electoral promises and his government's record in education.
Downsizing and the City of Saskatoon
August 21, 1999
City Manager hired as a hatch man is himself axed. No justice involved, just confusion.
Milgaard's $10 million compensation : covering up the personal assests of our policing Saskatchewan Government
June 25, 1999
Mario deSantis helps us sort out some of the issues that seem a puzzle over this case now over twenty seven years.
The WCB Is Defrauding The People of Saskatchewan
June 21, 1999
Mario has done some investigation and has discovered that more than the provincial auditor are worried about the possible fraudulent practices of the Workers Compensation Board.
Premier Romanow Is Breaking Down Saskatchewan's Rule Of Law
June 19, 1999
Mario deSantis explains and gives evidence of the continuous encroachments on the rights of the citizen and of the society in general as a result of government actions.
On Milgaard's Compensation of $10 Million
June 14, 1999
Mario deSantis reacts unfavourably to some comments published in the Nipawin Journal about the settlement between government and David Milgaard.
What Happened To The Saskatchewan Health Information Network?
June 11, 1999
The puzzle of why we as tax payers spend so much on health care and it is not enough, is demonstrated in this insightful article about wasting money by Mario deSantis.
The Constitutionality of Bill 23 : BackTo Work Legislation Against Saskatchewan Nurses
June 9, 1999
Strong evidence exists that Bill 23 is illegal and the government will get rid of it to avoid embarassment as soon as there is a settlement with nurses.
Technological Changes In Saskatchewan Health Care:
An Abysmal Disaster
May 27, 1999
The health care budget for Saskatchewan is high but far to much of that money is being spent in a regressive non-productive manner. Mario deSantis explains the ways of waste.
Do We Need Further Specialised Research In Saskatchewan Health Care?
May 21, 1999
Richard Plains study of Saskatchewan Health Care is discussed by Mario deSantis and common sense is applied.
An Education Inquiry Sought: A Bravo For Mr. Ted Merriman!
May 18, 1999
Mario deSantis comments about the state of affairs in Saskatoon Board of Education.
Premier Romanow's Latest Magics: Shuffling Numbers & Mysterious Bank Accounts
May 16, 1999
Mario deSantis points out some odd behaviour by the premier that poses some troubling questions.
The Saskatchewan Government and SAHO: Mismanaging Health Care and Blackmailing SUN Nurses.
May 9, 1999
Mario deSantis levels a serious attack on the government and its leader for the bungling of the Plains closure and Regina hospital renovations and the underhanded dealings with Saskatchewan nurses with whom negotiations resume tomorrow.
Romanow's Legacy: Mortgaging the Future of Saskatchewan
May 3, 1999
The stifling of descent in government, within government agencies and even within the University of Saskatchewan disturb Mario deSantis in today's editorial.
SUN's Strike and Premier Romanow's Paper Legislation
April 25, 1999
Mario deSantis takes aim at the Premier's knee jerk reaction to pass back to work legislation while espousing the "rule of Law".

The Political Mission of Premier Romanow: Divide and Conquer

April 18, 1999
Mario deSantis has identified the Premiers inclination to use what ever works to gain re-election
Premier Romanow: Playing the Number Game
April 20, 1999
Publicising the 22% salary increase and covering up the $40 million over run on the closing of the Plains.
Nurses Strike, Premier Romanow And The 22%
April 11, 1999
Mario deSantis points out the glaringly obvious errors of the government and identifies it as the real culprit in the present hospital services disruption.
Bad Faith of Honourable Romanow: Back To Work Legislation For Nurses
April 9, 1999
A short condemning editorial about the Premier's shameful disregard for collective bargaining.
Few Words On The Synchrotron,Politics and Education In Saskatchewan
April 7, 1999
Mario deSantis reflects on the connections that people would like to make between education and the University of Saskatchewan Synchrotron project.
Premier Romanow's Shining Light To The World: The Canadian Light Source Synchrotron
April 5, 1999
Mario deSantis reports the concerns many have voiced about the new project in Saskatoon and how it may negatively impact on the tasks at hand.
The Number Game
April 1, 1999
Mario deSantis suggests that there should be more then numbers on which to base re-election of the present provincial government.
Never Enough Money For SAHO
March 31, 1999
When is $50,000,000 not enough money? When SAHO wants to fix the year 2000 problem. ($50 million would buy 19,230 brand new business type Macintosh Computer systems or 33,333 Windows 98 computers 366Mhz 64Mb 6GB)
System Dynamics In Education: Commonality of Structure and Behaviour
March 29, 1999
Mario deSantis explains the way using a system could not only stream line education but how it would enrich the stutent's experience by permitting the exploration of a wider range of topics with competent techniques.
System Dynamics In Education: Failures of the Current System
March 21, 1999
Mario deSantis explains how the current approach in our school's is crippling our students and reducing their chances to be creative problem solvers.
Lack of Vision in Saskatchewan Education
March 14, 1999
Mario deSantis points out in a short editorial the failure for education leaders within government to demonstrate the skills that students most need.
Systems Dynamics In Education: Constructivism and Knowing Thyself
March 7, 1999
Mario deSantis practices what he preaches and he points out the impossiblity of separating education from its society. Keep in mind that Mario's endnotes are all dynamic and the meat of his article is in these references.
Systems Dynamics in Education: Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics
February 28, 1999
Mario deSanatis explains the need to put things together and how this educational process offers a means to that end.
Systems Dynamics in Education: Thinking Differently
February 21, 1999
This exciting approach to problem solving needs our full attention as Mario deSantis explains the pitfalls of the present system and the way to make things work.
An ominous suspicion: has SAHO corrupted the pension fund?
February 16, 1999
Mario deSantis reveals his worries about the Saskatchewan Health Care pension fund and how it might be the source of the money that SAHO seems to throw away at regular intervals.
A change of mind set is better than a change of strategy
February 15, 1999
Mario deSantis suggests a common sense approach to the most obvious political and social problem facing Saskatchewan people.
Systems Dynamics In Education: An Introduction
February 14, 1999
Mario deSantis tells us about an educational approach that will bring together the fragmented elements of the curriculum.
SAHO Payroll Policies
February 10, 1999
An article in the Leader Post evokes an indignant response from Mario deSantis as tax money is squandered by SAHO on yet another payroll computer fiasco.
Saskatchewan Tin Pot Dictatorships: Lack of Integrity Is A Lack of Leadership
February 8, 1999
Mario deSantis has some insightful comments about recent reports of reports from our provincial government.
Embedding The Internet In Our Education System: It Is Not A Matter of Money, It Is A Matter of Mind
February 7, 1999
Be sure to drop back and see Mario deSantis' excellent article on how schools can impliment the use of the internet into their curriculum.
A Personal Experience: Knowledge Is Not Transferred, It is Constructed
February 2, 1999
Mario deSantis shares with us his thoughts on the learning process, this is an article that you need to read carefully and think over. In it, he explains the key to a learning, the ability to construct one's own knowledge base.
A Personal Story: Learning and New Technologies In Education
February 1, 1999
You can't beat first hand experience to bring awareness of not only problems but how problems can and are solved. Mario deSantis tells us clearly and consisely about some problems our educational system has and points to the direction we can take to improve things drastically.
A New Approach In Learning Mathematics
January 31, 1999
Mario deSantis explains the use of software designed to teach students calculus. This practical article gives you a look at this software cuts down on the learning curve.
Thoughts on Education, Knowledge, Learning and the Internet
January 24, 1999
Ensign is proud to post articles as well researched and yet easy to understand and apply to our daily world. Mario deSantis gives us some serious food for thought about the education system today as it points out the positive and progressive means to making that system better.
The culprit of the Y2K Nightmare in Health Care is plain Corruption!
January 23, 1999
An authorative and fully documented report by Mario deSantis on squandering of funds in healthcare over the Y2K problem.
The Incompetence In Dealing with Y2K
January 19, 1999
Mario deSantis expresses his indignation and deep concern about the cavalier attitude toward the taxpayer and how the healthcare agencies intend to deal with this serious problem.
Some Observations on Changes Brought by new Technologies in Business and Education
Janury 17, 1999
Mario deSantis
shares with us his understanding of accounting software and how it can be used by all of us. Mario has packed into this little article a wealth of important information as well as a set of references that could really help you get your books under control.
Bureaucratic Incompetence and Talks Between CUPE and SAHO
January 10, 1999
Mario deSantis returns to Ensign today with a pointed and sharp comment about the negotiations and situation threatening health care in the province.
NEED OF TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES IN SASKATCHEWAN: Healthcare Reform and New Economic Policies, Part 6
November 29, 1998
Mario deSantis enters a plea for the inclusion of the massive money managed by Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations in the work of the provincial auditor.
NEED OF TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES IN SASKATCHEWAN: Healthcare Reform and New Economic Policies, Part 5
November 22, 1998
Mario deSantis shows us the more then $4,000,000 fiasco of squandered money on payroll processing that could have been and still could be, accomplished within health districts, for what relatively speaking, would be pocket change.
Information Technology is changing the way to study and learn.
November 15, 1998
Mario deSantis explains the tangible and positive link that is establishing between the learning process and the computer.
Need of Transformational Changes in Saskatchewan: Healthcare Reform and New Economics Policies, Part 4, Personal Experiences With Corruption.
November 8, 1998
Mario deSantis takes us through the unpleasantness of discovering corruption and being fired when it is discovered that he knows what is going on.
NEED OF TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES IN SASKATCHEWAN: Healthcare Reform and New Economic Policies, Part 3: Is the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) above the Law?
November 1, 1998
Mario deSantis points toward the corrupt beginnings of the regional healthcare system in the province.
Need of Transformational Changes in Saskatchewan
Healthcare Reform and New Economic Policies, part 2
What Happened to the Saskatchewan Vision for Health?
October 25, 1998
Mario deSantis explains the quagmire that is developing within the health care system due to deliberate provincial governmental policy.
Need of Transformational Changes in Saskatchewan
Healthcare Reform and New Economic Policies, part 1
October 18, 1998
Mario deSantis explains how the use of central authority and unquestionable direction, reduces efficiency and nullifies the effect of the district board system. This article goes considerably beyond opinion as it relies upon a large number of sources in and out of government.
Need of Transformational Changes in Saskatchewan
Fight against Racism and A new Worldview
October 11, 1998
Mario deSantis discusses the concerns of racial inequality in our province and how it affects us all.
Need of Transformational Changes in Saskatchewan: Healthcare Reform and Authoritarian Management
October 4, 1998
Mario deSantis gives us a hard look at the purpose of healthcare reform and its remarkable tax consuming shortcomings.
Need of Transformational Changes in Saskatchewan: The biological origin of cognition and implications for Education
September 27,1998
Mario deSantis reveals an exciting and more appropriate direction for modern education based on the nature of human beings.
NEED OF TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES IN SASKATCHEWAN:The Learning Organization, and Knowledge Economy
September 20, 1998
Our economy is now global and we need management and administration techniques that will get us to a competitive position Mario deSantis explores the management world through a much different perspective.
September 18, 1998
Mario deSantis introduces us to a series of articles on how Saskatchewan needs to catch up on organising itself politically and economically to meet the demands of this era.
Theory of Living Systems and Organizational Changes: Article 4-Living Systems:Principles of Organization and Building Sustainable Human Communities
September 13, 1998
Our journey into the realm of sustainable ecological human existance by Mario deSantis
Theory of Living Systems and Organizational Changes: Article 3-Living Systems:Organization/Pattern, Structure and Process/Cognition
Sunday, September 6, 1998
Mario deSantis explains that if we consider all things as they relate to one another we might more easily understand those things.
Theory of Living Systems and Organizational Changes: Article 2-A From Reductionism to a System Perception of Life
August 30, 1998
Mario deSantis gives us a peak at the fascinating combination of pure science and ecologyical humanity.
August 23, 1998
Mario deSantis begins a several part series on the remarkable connectivity between all things. This first articles features references to The Web of Life" by Fritjof Capra.
August 10/98 with Timothy (Tim) Shire.
August 16, 1998
Mario deSantis reflects on the new economy and how he sees it in practice.
Internet Commerce, Review of Internet Creator
August 9, 1998
Mario deSantis explains the features of the new software Internet Creator and the importance of this kind of software as it relates to our evolving world.
August 2, 1998
Mario deSantis tells it like it is in the world of government as it relates to the financial end of health care
Sunday, July 26, 1998
Mario deSantis raises our awareness of the growing and developing trend toward "e-commerce"
Unconventional Knowledge
Sunday, July 19, 1998
By Mario deSantis
So how is business and business managing with the new Information age. Mario examines the problem and let's us consider the thoughts of some experts on the problem.