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Workers Compensation Board -
Aggressive, abrasive and arrogant individuals needed for positions in actuary planning and claims processing. Must be able to end all sentences with the phrase "claim denied". Prospective employees must be able to count to five unaided though the use of a hand held calculator is permitted, no other math or common sense skills needed. Experience in dealing with highway road kill and insect extermination advantageous but not essential as we offer on the job collateral damage training. Join the 200 employees who play god and take pleasure in the suffering of others. You will enjoy the unfettered work environment where you will have complete discretion over creating and changing at a whim guidelines, policies and rules. No one will ever complain about your decisions as there is an eighteen month backlog of unsettled appealled claims. Salary commensurate with lack of training and we offer a Lotto 649 severance package. Apply in crayon or primer pencil to head of personnel, Bub Sosumi.

Nipawin - March 29, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis
Editor's Note:
WCW got the
attention of CBC journalists Tuesday when they began discovering that the surplus that is being refunded is in part
being created by
injured workers
medical treatment
being covered by Medicare instead of
by the Workers Compensation board. Two out of three
cases were found
to have been
incorrectly billed.
On visiting the CBC Saskatchewan web site sometime ago, I came across the news that the WCB (Workers Compensation Board) will be paying rebates to some 32,000 employers. These rebates are coming from a surplus in the WCB's injury fund. These year's rebates are between $35 and $40 million, while last year's rebates were $23 million. The pay out of these rebates indicates that the WCB is out of its trees and that its Big Wigs are worthy to join the Big Brains of the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO).
The pay out of these rebates indicates that the setting of the employers WCB rebates is out of whack, and there could be evidence that all the WCB rate structure is out of whack as well. The pay out of these rebates indicates that the related administrative procedures are ongoing nightmares, and such nightmares could be hiding the funnelling of money to third parties for services not rendered. Also, the pay out of these rebates will further create additional administrative expenses.
Marilyn Braun, with the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, has commented positively about these rebates "We believe this rebate will certainly further stimulate job creation in the province as well of enhance economic development across this province." Marilyn Braun deserves to join the Big Brains club as well if she believes that we should use the WCB for the ongoing payouts of rebates. As I am concerned, the way the WCB is operating its business is an indication that it is providing a disservice to both employers and employees.
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  The Hypocritical Behaviour of Peter Federko, CEO of the WCB, by Mario deSantis, January 7, 2000