Honourable Janice MacKinnon and her rolling economy in Phonyland

Nipawin - May 9, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis

showing her confident

The business section of last Saturday's edition of The StarPhoenix(1) includes the picture of
Economic and Co-operative Development Minister Janice MacKinnon showing her confident
and aggressive smile while she had been murmuring either "sex" or "cheese" to the photographer.

Saskatchewan economy is very much on a roll

We are living in Phonyland(2) and our leaders must carry their commitment to be phony in their
appearances as well as in their words. Therefore, after Dr. Cassidy's researches have exposed the
clothes of our emperors to the entire research world(3)(4), we have Honourable Janice MacKinnon
rejoicing to the critical thinking news that Saskatchewan's jobs have jumped 10,000 in a year.
So, last January, Honourable MacKinnon rejoiced to the supposed news that Saskatchewan's
jobs jumped 12,400 in a year(5), and today she astutely smiles as she cons the public and says
"I think we're doing extremely well and the job numbers this month reinforce the fact the
Saskatchewan economy is very much on a roll." I don't trust the number of jobs jumping by
12,400 last January(6), and therefore I don't trust the number of jobs jumping by 10,000 last
April. Trust aside, maybe Honourable MacKinnon could tell us what happened to the job
numbers between January and April of this year.
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day" ftp://sysdyn.mit.edu/ftp/sdep/Roadmaps/RM1/D-4143-1.pdf   http://iisd1.iisd.ca/pcdf/meadows/default.htm
  General reference: Articles by Mario deSantis published by North Central Internet News http://www.ftlcomm.com/ensign/authors/desantis.html


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