No-fault researches
and why Saskatchewan is a nice province

Nipawin - November 5, 2000 - by: Mari deSantis

reductionist big brains

We have been discussing for sometime how our reductionist big brains have been entertaining
research after research in a recursive and non stop fashion for the sake of research, Crown
corporate welfare, and above all the saving of Medicare. In Saskatchewan, our evidence based
researches have become more sophisticated and now instead of dumping researches in the toilette
we dump them against front line health workers(1).



irrelevant researches

We don't know yet how patient our workers are going to be, but it is certain that they are
beginning to speak out in the face of the continuous dumping by our big brains(2). But don't
think that irrelevant researches are occurring only in Saskatchewan, they are spread all over the



planned confusion

See, with the globalization promoted by the World Trade Organization we are supporting
no-fault governments and as a consequence we are supporting no-fault researches, and as
a consequence we are supporting the commercialization of researches. Therefore, all over
the world we find that researches are conducted in a state of planned confusion, that is we
conduct research after research for eventually coming up with a breakthrough, the invention
of a service or of a product for which all mankind is going to be addicted for the benefit of
our corporate welfare.



wearing of a bra

So, today, I read a study concluding that the wearing of a bra is correlated to breast pains
and cysts(3). Our reductionist researchers are smart, they put themselves on a higher pedestal
than ours and say: A hundred women who regularly suffered from breast pain or cysts were
asked to go without a bra for three months and then return to wearing one for three months to
see if there was any difference. The researchers found that pre-menopausal women not wearing
a bra experienced a 7% reduction in the number of days they suffered breast pain. However, little
benefit was found for post-menopausal women.



industrialized researches

This research reminds me of the industrialized researches we covered in a previous article(4)
and I would not be surprised that as a spin off of this "bras research" we are going to have
another research related to the wearing of a specific commercial bras and purporting the claim
that this commercial bras reduces the development of breast pains and cysts.



personal financial relationships

We are reaching the stage where our scientific researches are becoming pure frauds. In this
respect we can refer to Dr. David Cassidy's study on no-fault insurance(5) and to the ongoing
concerns of an increasing number of researchers having personal financial relationships
with their sponsors(6) and the lack of stringent policies by major research institutions to cope
with conflict of interests(7).



nice province

Now you know why Dr. P. Cote, a collaborator of Dr. Cassidy, has stated that Saskatchewan is a
nice province to do research(8).
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