An improved democracy by voting for good people
and not for the party

Nipawin - November 9, 2000 - by: Mari deSantis and reviewed by James deSantis

man of determination

On the weekend, Timothy Shire told us that he was going to vote for David Orchard even though
he was with the progressive conservatives(1). He rationalized his choice saying that he couldn't
support political pork barreling and that he couldn't support the law and order Brian Fitzpatrick
of the Canadian Alliance. Shire stated that David Orchard is a man of determination and that he
might make a difference. Sometime ago, I expressed my political opinion for voting for any
candidate but not for Chretien's libertine brand of democracy. Democracy is the opportunity
to speak out and express ourselves, but within today's political and civil arena our freedom
of expression has been usurped by political parties, politicians, big businesses and autocratic




Chretien says that this is an election about values, and he has none. The country is divided,
and all the political parties are peddling their phony psychological values and platforms to
draw more voters for themselves. We have been saying for a long time that democracy is
not to vote for a party, but the opportunity to express our voices, and today more than ever
is the time to vote for good people and not for the party. Murray Dobbin of the National Post
says that both the Liberals and the Alliance are funded by the same self-serving
corporations(2) .



Anne McLellan

However, my specific interest for not voting Liberals is that they are in power and that they
have a corrupted administration. And therefore, I am satisfied to realize that a recent poll
suggests that justice minister Anne McLellan is trailing badly behind Canadian Alliance
candidate Betty Unger(3). And I am happy that there is a campaign to dump Chretien(4) , and
I am happy to realize that voting for good people rather than for the party could improve the
chances to have a minority government which could kickstart "exciting" reform in Canada's
Parliament and make backbench MPs the big winners of power(5).


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