Sobeys' McEwan Explains Reason
to Quit Buying From Software Giant

Nipawin - January 28, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


Bill McEwan, Sobeys' president and CEO, has stated that the company is dropping its SAP(1)
software after two years of problems that culminated this December with a massive five-day
crash(2). As a consequence, Sobeys(3), which is the second largest grocery's chain in Canada,
will take an after-tax charge of $49.9 million. The market reacted immediately to the news and
Sobeys' stock fell 16.53 per cent to $19.70 on Thursday, January 25, 2001.



systemic problems

Referring to SAP software, McEwan has confirmed that
"we have come to the conclusion that what appeared to be growing pains with the implementation of enterprise-wide system are in fact systemic problems of a more serious nature... The bottom line is that SAP was not going to create a sustainable system solution for this organization."




So it took two years for McEwan to realize that SAP software was a complete disaster for its
organization. He had no choice but write off all the assets related to SAP information
technology initiative so that further losses would be minimized. But in Saskatchewan things
are different; our leaders cannot recognize an asset from a hole in the ground(4) and therefore
they keep writing off our poor children(5) and our Native people(6).




We have the Big Brains looking after the shareholders of this province; and instead to be
truthful to our shareholders, the Big Brains continue to to them. And you know why?
Because of our leadership's philosophy "Common problem, no problem."



Delta project

Therefore, we continue to dig holes in the ground(7) in the name of globalization and
advances in information technology. Saskatchewan Power has stated some years ago that
SAP software used for its Delta project would cost $55.6 million and would produce
$131.7 million in benefits.



Land Titles

Some years ago, the Land Titles office was experiencing a ballooning cost for its SAP
software, from $20 million to $47.5 million, with the benefit of displacing some 140




Some years ago, Brian Rourke, fixed chair of the Saskatchewan Association of Health
Organizations (SAHO), after lying to its membership, purchased SAP payroll software
at a cost of $4 million with the benefit of saving $38 million over a ten year period along
with an immediate increase of processing fees for its membership.




In the meantime, we have come to know that SAP payroll was having problems in processing
pay cheques for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and for the Saskatchewan




I have a small question which is worth millions of dollars for our stepping down Premier
Romanow(8) and Brian Rourke: How much shareholders money are you wasting into SAP
and how far down are you going to dig into the ground?
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