Our leaders can't recognize an
asset from a hole in the ground

By Mario deSantis, December 2, 1999

  I read the article "Info-tech questionable investment(1)" where Murray Mandryk questions the
SHIN project has not fallen behind expectation, it has been a complete disaster effectiveness of the recent implementation of Information Technologies by the Saskatchewan
Government. In particular, Mandryk makes reference to the Saskatchewan Health Information
Network (SHIN) project, the SaskPower's Delta project and the new Land Titles' software system.
Mandryk is very timid in his intimation that these projects have fallen short of expectations. The
SHIN project has not fallen behind expectation, it has been a complete disaster which we have
depicted as a hole in the ground(2). But there is more to this Information Technology flop: when
Gord Nystuen resigned as CEO of SHIN he admitted that funds were diverted to cover the Y2K
nightmares of the health districts(3). These big brains not only dig holes into the grounds but in
bypassing the mandate of their corporation they break the law. And as this is not enough
punishment for the public these same big brains are rewarded with new positions within businesses
  close to the present political leadership(4).
  As the Delta project is concerned, SaskPower anticipates that the implementation of the SAP AG's
bureaucrats are anticipating savings by displacing close to 140 employees software will cost $55.6 million and produce $131.7 million in benefits. The cost for the new Land
Titles software system has ballooned to $47.5 million from $20 million, however our reductionist
bureaucrats are anticipating savings by displacing close to 140 employees and extracting the marginal
resources from the leftover 80 employees. I can just imagine the eagerness of the surviving employees
to go to work for an organization which pays more attention to machines than to the care of its people.
In the meantime, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers claims that its members are being
either overpaid or underpaid since the new SAP payroll system went on stream last August. This
problem seems to be analogous to the one experienced by the Saskatchewan Association of Health
  Organizations (SAHO) in the processing of retroactive pay for the Saskatchewan Nurses(5).
  The bean counters have claimed benefits of at least $58 million per year for the SHIN project(6),

$58 /year

Delta $131.7

SAHO $3.8/year

Land Tiles $27.5 over run
$131.7 million for the Delta project and $38 million over ten years for SAHO's payroll(7). The
benefits in the implementation of the Land Titles software system include $27.5 million overspending
to grease the global high technological businesses. Premier Romanow has stated prior to election
time that the opposition party can't add up numbers(8), but now that I hear these figures I have the
impression that our leaders have shifted their tactic from playing magic(9) to tossing fat numbers and
playing the lottery. These bean counters have been shown to be professional liars(10) and unable to
understand how to create wealth in the Knowledge Economy(11). New push button computer systems
per se don't create new wealth, it is the accumulated knowledge of the employees, the sharing of their
innovative ideas and their continuous learning which provide wealth to our organizations. Therefore,
the alliance of our bureaucracy with the gigantic SAP AG software business could be interpreted as
another orchestrated design of our leaders to dilute and minimize all the internal shortcomings of our
organizations within the maze of international relationships with global businesses(12). Again, our
leaders shift the blame of their shortcomings to outside entities and in doing so they perpetuate a
management philosophy of "break and conquer" and utter confusion for the benefit of the few and
privileged. I have already mentioned in previous articles, that our present leaders "...can't recognize an
asset from a hole in the ground(13)..."; as a consequence, it is time that we have a change of political
leadership and the opportunity to create wealth through the talents of our own people, rather than
  through push button computers or mausoleums(14).


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