Nipawin - Sunday, August 4, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




Some 17 years ago I became profoundly disturbed as out of the blue investigative inspectors of the Alberta Nursing Association came down to Brooks, Alberta, to assess the performance of the director of nursing at the local health centre. Later it was learned that the board of the health centre had requested the investigation. The nursing investigative inspectors stayed two days in Brooks, they talked to board members and other employees, and released some 50 (fifty) management recommendations for the director of nursing to address. It was upsetting to realise that the professional organization without any pre-warning would behave against one of their own members. It was suspected that those some 50 (fifty) recommendations were taken from the data base of complaints of the Alberta Hospital Association. By the way, the director of nursing was able to respond to all of those 50 (fifty) recommendations within the requested time, however the recommendations were never followed up by either the Alberta Nursing Association or the board of the Brooks Health Centre. This experience was one of the many experiences in management backstabbing and corruption in health care; and then I hear that our health care is in trouble; you just figure it out.



Anyhow, the above is just the preamble for providing the sense of integrity of the management health care gurus and of politicians. Today I read that Tory Member of Parliament Scott Brison is opposed to the thinking of Tory member David Orchard since Orchard is against the present globalization framework. Orchard is an organic farmer he promotes environmental protection and he opposes genetically modified crops.




I personally find the present globalization framework not conducive to the economic development of poor countries, especially so whenever one realizes that the repayments of their foreign loans are larger than the amount of what they spend for education or health. I wonder what is wrong in protecting the environment when you see the pollution caused by the mining industry in our own backyard of Uranium City; and I wonder what is wrong in being against genetically modified crops when a farmer such as Percy Schmeiser must protect his own land from the contamination of Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Organic seeds.




Sometime ago I wrote an article for the need to think for ourselves, so I have a message for Tory MP Scott Brison: just think for yourself.
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