Bush's illegitimate war against Iraq:
a distraction to camouflage the connections Bush & Bin Laden & Carlyle

Nipawin - Thursday - April 3, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Either we are witnessing the most incompetent administration of all time (a strong possibility), or there is some design to this madness."

James Higdon, Contributing Editor of Online Journal




There are people who are left wing, others are right wing and I am neither and I am not in between the left and right and I am my own person. Today, there is nothing more difficult in our society than to be your own person.




Anyhow, in the course of writing in Ensign I have discovered the virtue of common sense, then if there is a term which can better describe my societal position, well, that term would naturally be 'commoner' that is the freedom to express my civility as a private citizen. I learned this understanding of mine to be a commoner just recently, some time after somebody else's recognized it for me. In fact, Sheila Steele, publisher of injusticebusters.com, wrote this prompt/link in her home web page "Daily photographs, opinions and Mario DeSantis' common sense insights at Ensign." Sheila didn't think for me, she didn't read my mind, she was just able to understand my mental model as this mental model was emerging from my writing, that is the mental model of common sense.




As a commoner, or private citizen, I believe that life is a miracle, and that we happen to be born in any societal and geographical environment. As a commoner, I equally believe that we all have the responsibility to continuously learn from our living experiences, understand our social predicament, and therefore work for both our private good and our common good.




Today, because of my living experiences and of my related understanding, I believe there is a conspiracy waged by the neo-uber-alles led currently by Bus&Co. In my article "A Free Market Conspiracy?" I introduced the concept of a possible global conspiracy behind the economics of the Free Market as we have been experiencing a wider gap between the rich and the poor at home, and between the rich countries and the poor countries all over the world. James Higdon, contributing editor of the Online Journal, describes that
"the common law definition of conspiracy is quite simple. An agreement between two or more persons to do either an unlawful act, or a lawful act by unlawful means. And frankly, early in common law, neither the act nor the means needed to be unlawful, but merely wrongful."




In writing my recent article "The bullish mentality of President Bush&Co.: The neo-uber-alles Project for the New American Century" I was able to further understand the possibility of a right wing conspiracy as I first recalled the fear of this conspiracy as publicly expressed by Hillary Rhodam Clinton, and later as I espoused the vision of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) for the United States' military and economic dominance of the world.




I am really fearful of the bellicose behavior of the neo-uber-alles led by Bush&Co. and this fear has further consolidated my understanding of a conspiracy waged by President Bush Jr.




Michael Moore is now planning a documentary, tentatively titled "Fahrenheit 911", showing the relationships between the Bush and the bin Laden families and the related connections with terrorism, the arms industry and the Carlyle Group. Yesterday, I visited the sites Zizkz Vanitysite.net, News from Reality and Stop Carlyle!. I found startling documentation of the degenerate behaviour of the Bush family, the bin Laden family, and the Carlyle Group.



is war

Sometime ago I expressed my conviction that the war against Iraq waged by President Bush Jr. was a Weapon of Mass Distraction to advance the interest of the U.S. industrial and military complex at any cost. Whenever we consider the 24 hour daily coverage of this war against Iraq then I come to the conclusion that this illegitimate war is a war of choice! An illegitimate war of choice to obfuscate the possible criminalities of the neo-uber-alles led by Bush&Co.

Mario deSantis

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