Saskatchewan Health Information Network:

Gord Nystuen leaves his post to cover his assets

By Mario deSantis, October 25, 1999

  The StarPhoenix reports that Gord Nystuen, president of the Saskatchewan Health Information

SHIN has nothing to show about this network project

Network (SHIN), is leaving his post before getting a chance to see the computerized health
system in action(1). When the SHIN project got the green light from cabinet in the Summer
of 1997, officials hoped to have the system up and running by the end of 1999. Instead, after
some $40 Million have been spent, SHIN has nothing to show about this network project; in
fact its business expertise, if any, along with the mentioned $40 Million have been redirected
  to assist the health districts in the usage of e-mail messaging(2) and Y2K preparation.
  Nystuen has justified the redirection of the mandate of the crown corporation by saying "...Yeah,

campaign to cover up the financial disaster of this SHIN

we know your house is burning with regards to year 2000, but we'd like you do some new stuff
with us..." Nystuen knows very well he didn't do the job he was hired for and therefore in an
effort to cover his assets he has joined Paradigm Consulting Group, a management consulting
firm. The departure of Nystuen from SHIN is further evidence of the short-term management
by confusion of this government(3) and the beginning of a campaign to cover up the financial
  disaster of this SHIN project(4).


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