Sidewalk Overhaul Continues

FTLComm - Tisdale - August 17, 1999

For the past two months town crews and contractors have been conducting a major over haul of the town's sidewalks and curbs. Today that work moved right downtown as an old section of sidewalk is ripped up to install a new section.

This renewal project has seen extensive work up and down main street and is really upgrading the look of the town. Surprisingly little disruption of business or traffic is resulting from the methodical work that is seeing sections large and small repaired or replaced.
This picture shows the extent of the rebuilding as almost the whole block running from the SGI building South is being completely replaced. Because this project is so extensive the work crew are doing this section in three widths. Two narrow strips of sidewalk and the curb area.

We at Ensign are particularly pleased to see the construction of a new sidewalk segment from Fast Gas across the railway line toward the intersection of highways #3 and #35. May 11 we did an article on this issue and passed our concerns on to town council they in turn passed it on to the traffic committee and as you can see below work is underway to install the recommended extension.