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FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, January 22, 2004
Let's first go over the reasons Garry McPeak's breakfast that was the standard fare at Hannigan's for nine years was a tough act to follow.

What a person wants in a breakfast perhaps above all other things is consistency. When you order the most important meal you eat in a day you do not want surprises. Nor do you want to haggle with someone over what will be served. Since almost all of Garry's customers were regular and routinely came at the same time each day he remembered your order and all you did was hand him the $4.00 and shuffled off with your coffee to sit and wait a few minutes for your perfect breakfast.

Now the second thing you need in a breakfast is some appropriate nutrition and that means there are some things you definitely do not want. You do not want a plate wet with grease when you are finished as that would mean you got more than your share of the bad stuff, "fat". I want my eggs to be smiling and consistent the same way every time and I want my bacon crisp which means it will have flavour and a fraction of the fat otherwise.

The last element to the perfect breakfast is the coffee. It should smell like coffee, it should be safe to drink and not result in your heart jumping around in your chest. This automatically eliminates A&W and what it is that they serve at the Co-op.

Now one rather minor issue is that of potatoes. Garry had sliced potatoes, with just a hint of gold on each of the usual twelve pieces. Just the right amount, little excess fat, some flavour and that was that. No one in town is currently serving potatoes the right way. A&W has a deep fried potato cake which would likely weighs in at about 400 calories and is just plain evil. Chicken Delight has cubed potatoes deep fried, though they have a lot of fat on them, they are tasty but, and this is a big but, there are to many. Now of course you can just not eat all that are served, but that would be bad manners and in my world immoral.

I have had breakfast at Chicken Delight many times since October and consider the breakfast excellent and it comes with great service but the decision has been made Wolfer's $4.50 (including tax) breakfast is the clear winner. It, like Chicken Delight meets the consistent criteria, Chicken Delight has better "Texas" sized toast, the coffee's about the same, service balances but the potatoes at Wolfers win. Though they too are deep fried, the volume is correct, enough but not to many and the plate afterward shows little grease. The other edge to Wolfers is the $2.00 price advantage.

Nibblers advertises the biggest breakfast in town but is not in this competition because of the smoke. Air quality in their establishment is unacceptable, so that even with a super breakfast, it would be unsafe to enter.

Timothy W. Shire


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