Seeing is not always believing

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, February 16, 2007

One of Ensign's readers spotted the mistake we made with perception in our Wednesday story "Combines replace alfalfa swathers". After being burned a couple of times by reporting stories based on what I was told, I decided some time ago to rely upon what I see as something worth reporting, and in this case, looks can be most deceiving.

As our reader pointed out, the combines in the picture belong to Kramer Tractor who is currently renting the shop facility at the dehydration plant for servicing their combines and other agricultural equipment.

The whole of the Tisdale community and the surrounding area is waiting to see what will happen with this plant and the expected development of a plant to produce ethanol and/or other bio-fuels. A project like this would mean a huge boost to the local economy and have an effect on the whole financial outlook, not just for agriculture, but all parts of society.

If you can bring us all up to date on developments, rumours of developments, possible or probable direction of things to come, send it along so we can share the information. This topic is to important not to openly discuss how it is moving along.



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