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Star Trek : Insurrection

FTLComm - Prince Albert - December 14, 1998

For a company called Faster Than Light Communications to do a review of a Star Trek movie suggests a certain bias, so you are warned that this review is meant for the already dedicated fan.

The blurring of television to movies and movies to television is a phenomena of the 1990s and this film typifies the process. Producer Rick Berman is the same fellow who produces Deep Space Nine and Voyageur and together with fellow television producer Michael Pillar they wrote the story line for Insurrection the movie and Pillar wrote the screen play. This means that the addicted television viewer of these series knows pretty much what to expect and isn't disappointed in the finely crafted movie released on Friday night.

Jonathan Frakes who also plays the part of Rikker, has long been an accomplished director of the television episodes and was responsible for the last movie First Contact. He brings to the big screen his great sense of for dramatic lighting and giving the viewer angles that have a habit of sticking with you so that the scene is memorable. Watch for two , almost signature shots that make Frakes the clever and creative director that he is, in a village
scene, Picard and a female leader of the local folks are alone in an open space and Frakes sends us once and a half around them, as they walk, while the bath tub scene is luxurious and catches the moment perfectly.
The elements that make Star Trek what it is and has been are all in Insurrection, a touch of literature with a trio of Picard, Worf and Data singing together a bit of Gilbert and Sullivan while in a spiral dive toward a planet, the heinous monster villain, the subverted, Star Fleet commanding officer, Data's exploration of humanity, personal relationships and yes Trek fans, this movie has hidden in it, just as all the others, a message that transcends the story and adventure, watch for the "moment."

The he uniforms from Deep Space Nine are standard issue as it takes place in that time sequence with Worf arriving from the outpost to assist in this mission but