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        Low-fat diets no help for weight loss in long run review shows       Let's give Margaret Trudeau the respect she deserves       The evil banality of guns in America       Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm's tax 'sham' under CRA probe  
        October 30, 2015, CBC News       October 23, 2015, Neil MacDonald, CBC News       October 6, 2015, Neil MacDonald, CBC News       September 22, 2015, Harvey Cashone and Frederic Zalac, CBC News  
        A really big study on dieting using 68,000 people discovered that there was no benefit from following a no fat or low fat diet. Apparently portion size is the best guide and works a bit, though most diets fail.       In talking about his days reporting on Margaret Trudeau CBC reporter Neil MacDonald gives us a rare and personal view of the background and nature of our new prime minister.       Senior CBC corespondent Neil MacDonald attempts to the assess the wild west attitudes of Americans and how deeply the stupidity is entrenched in their culture making them one of the world's least civilised cultures.       Huge accounting firm KPMG is under investigation and in court for assisting clients hide massive amounts of money in off shore tax havens. Yet the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers continue to associate in public with these potential crooks.