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        Low-fat diets no help for weight loss in long run review shows       Let's give Margaret Trudeau the respect she deserves       The evil banality of guns in America       Cabinet ministers met publicly with KPMG while firm's tax 'sham' under CRA probe  
        October 30, 2015, CBC News       October 23, 2015, Neil MacDonald, CBC News       October 6, 2015, Neil MacDonald, CBC News       September 22, 2015, Harvey Cashone and Frederic Zalac, CBC News  
        A really big study on dieting using 68,000 people discovered that there was no benefit from following a no fat or low fat diet. Apparently portion size is the best guide and works a bit, though most diets fail.       In talking about his days reporting on Margaret Trudeau CBC reporter Neil MacDonald gives us a rare and personal view of the background and nature of our new prime minister.       Senior CBC corespondent Neil MacDonald attempts to the assess the wild west attitudes of Americans and how deeply the stupidity is entrenched in their culture making them one of the world's least civilised cultures.       Huge accounting firm KPMG is under investigation and in court for assisting clients hide massive amounts of money in off shore tax havens. Yet the Prime Minister and his cabinet ministers continue to associate in public with these potential crooks.  
        How cebsrs are jeeoubg Cguibese citizens in the dark aboiut "Black Monday"       Margaret Atwppd: Hair is in the election-air, but is it crucial to the question of your vote?       Ottawa closes sale of Canadian Wheat Board, name changes to G3 Canada Ltd       iOil prices are down, gasoline prices are not. What gives?  
        August 28, 2015, CBC News       August 22, 2015, Atwood, Margaret, The National Post       July 31, 2015, CBC News, Associated Press       July 26, 2015, CBC News  
                Margaret is the prize winning and renowned author and on Friday she wrote an outstanding opt-ed for the National Post targeting Conservative attack ads on Justin Trudeau. The paper know to be a right wing paper pulled the story when it was realised how strong the argument and pointed the comments were damaging to the Prime Minister who actually has a hair dresser travel on his campaign. The article referenced here is the censored version altered by the Editor of the National Post without consent from the author.       The Conservative government with the religious conviction in the free market system have given half the Canadian Wheat Board away for $250 million. Looks like a bargain when you consider the number of railway cars and assets involved. But its a done deal and economists maintain it is costing farmers $000 million each year.       The summer demand is high and the refineries are running at full capacity but the problem is there are to few refineries and the price of gas is artificially inflated. In addition there is the speculation factor while oil companies dive into your pockets to make up for the shortfall in revenue from the fall in oil prices. Doesn't make sense but that's the point.  
        Information that might harm the government's position is very tightly controlled in China. The serious melt down in its stock exchange has been masked and blamed on outside or criminal efforts rather than allow the information out about the country's weakening economy. Of course this is the model followed by Canada's government seeking reelection.                    
        Oilpatch could lose $100B without new pipelines researchers warn'       Tatiana Maslany, multitasking star with many faces on sci-fi thriller 'Orphan Black'       Regina dad upset over daughter's school dress code       Fixed election date eroding campaign rules, ex-elections chief says  
        June 22, 2015, Kyle Bakx CBC News       June 11, 2015, Frazier Moore, Associated Press, Regina Leader Post       June 1, 2015, CBC News          
        hanks to Mr. Harpers ignorance of the environment opposition to the various pipelines has been successful but the cost to both the people of Canada and business is a staggering $100B.       A leader Post article featuring the amazing talent and huge popularity of Regina actress Tatiana Maslany. The story gives some insight into the complex nature of doing a show where the lead character plays seven different people and can be interacting with up to four versions in a single scene.       People make rules because the can, not because the rules are needed or appropriate. Dress codes for school are a nation wide concern as they almost entirely are focus or girls. Now is the time for some serious rational discussion about the part clothing plays in keeping women in their place.       With a fixed election it all becomes a matter of money, spending rules do not apply as the campaign goes on from the day after the election until the next one. The arty in power calls the shots and as we are seeing with the debate discussions they are pretty much stomping on all rules and any thoughts of fairness.  
        Scientists: Earth endangered by new strain of fact-resistant humans       Alberta election could break climate change logjam in Canada       Royalty miscalculation cost Alberta billions expert says       Quebec girl told to stop reading book by school bus driver  
        May 17, 2015, ByAndy Borowitz, The New Yorker Magazine       May 8, 2015,       May 2, 2015, By Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee       April 26, 2015,By Kate McKenna, CBC News  
        New Yorker Magazine reporter Andy Borowitz points out the uncomfortable phenomena of so many North Americans who are unable and unwilling to accept facts. Confounded by their beliefs they have become an actual threat to the human race. Though this is a humorous we need to realise the danger of such behaviour in politics and business.       The dramatic upset of the Conservative government of Alberta by Motley's NDP is sending hope that the black eye Canada has gained with regard to environmental project will be reversed and the new premier elected talked about it in her acceptance speech. Big change!       Reforming the royalty system in Alberta in 2008 has resulted in the loss of billions. If they had the same system now as before the reform they would not have such a financial crisis right now. Alberta collects about half what Newfoundland does ad the election this coming week looks like things are login to change.       Back up by his company and the school board a Quebec bus driver has banned reading on his school bus because someone may get poked in the eye or other students might want to see what the student is reading. If this makes sense to you brain death has already occurred.  
        Thorium the nuclear solution       Kitsilano Coast Guard would've responded to English Bay fuel spill within minutes: former commander       Bell Media president Kevin Crull apologizes for "intrusion" tnto CTV's CRTC coverage       Heath: Stephen Harper, warmonder  
        April 18m 2015 - YouTube       April 12, 2015, Hayley Cooper, Vancouver News 11:30 (Rogers Digital Media)       March 25, 2015,CBC News       March 20, 2015, Joseph Heath, Ottawa Citizen, Oistmedia  
        You may have heard that thorium is a safe form of nuclear evergy. This is s four minute YouTube video that explains why this is so and is certainly worth the time it takes to view the video as it helps to explain a very serious matter.       t took six hours for Canada's Coast Guard to respond to a spill in English Bay in Vancouver's harbour this weekend had the Kitsilano station not been closed they would have been on the spill in about six minutes.. On wonders what the cost for the country and its future will be for balancing a budget to win an election.       The concentration of ownership of Canada's ,media was seriously illustrated by the owner of CTV attempting to influence CTV coverage of the CRTC ruling on Cable TV regulations. His apology rings a bit hollow mainly because he was caught doing exactly what we all fear is going on.       Both in action and words our prime minister seems bent on glorifying war and more dangerously, getting Canada involved in a shooting war which he considered and honourable and proper thing to do.  
        Indigenous fashion designers prove authenticity can be elegan, edgy       Mandryk: Wall right about lack of leadership       The girl who gets gifts from birds       Floor plans for TV show settings  
        March 14, 2015, CBC News       March 7, 2015, Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post       February 27, 2015, Katy Sewall, BBC News          
        Canadian indigenous fashion designers are making a reputation for themselves as they were positively seen at the Milan Fashion show. The designs are contemporary but maintain a link with traditional designs and include clothing, accessories and handbags.       Reservation fires and deaths spark disagreements between the Saskatchewan Chiefs and the premier. This insightful editorial by Regina's Murray Mandryk helps to clarify the issue somewhat but one way or another the reserves need fire fighting services and who pays should not cost lives.       A little girl from Seattle started feed crows in her yard and now they bring her things. We all know they are smart but they also are very observant appear to know this little girl and her family. Peanuts and dog food in exchange for shiny objects.       Kevin found this interesting page that has floor plans for many TV show residences. This one is Sex & The City, Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in New York.  
        Falling loonie part of a new race to the bottom       That time badass feminist Queen Elizabeth II gave Saudi Arabia's King a lesson in power       Four easons why Nigeria's military can't contain Boko Haram       Man spends over $500 on surgery for constipated pet goldfish  
        January 30, 2015, Don Pittis, CBC News       January 24, 2015, Sam Broday, Mother Jones       January 17 2015, CBC News       January 8 2015, Polly Lauren O'Neil, CBC News  
        Brazil called it a currency war but whatever it is called the competition between countries to use currency values as a weapon in the struggle to preserve its wealth or further its ends is a serious and dangerous process. The present situation using oil as a strategic bomb is devastating not just to Alberta and the rest of Canada but to many other countries around the world. Ultimately, the economic damage could knock the world’s economy off kilter.                          
              The King of Saudi Arabia died this week and oddly enough is being mourned despite the barbarity of his kingdom with beheadings and spreading terrorism around the world. This story is how he was taught a lesson.       Though having the largest defence budget in Africa Nigeria is totally failing in protecting its people from the marauding Boko Haram terrorists in the north east of the country. This CBC story explains why they are failing.       Did you know that a goldfish can live to be 30 years old? A man from Norfolk in the UK had a vet carry out a complicated surgery on his goldfish so if the goldfish lives to its full life his expense will seem reasonable.  
        Idaho woman shot dead by two-year-old son was nuclear scientist       What if Downton Abbey told the truth about Britain?       TSX closes up 352 points in strongest day this year       CIA torture made Latin America safe for China  
        January 1 2015, Polly Jessica Glenza, The Guardian       Dece,ber 23, 2014, Polly Toynbee, The Guardian       December 18, 2014, CBC News       December 12, 2014, James Gibney, Bloomberg  
        A 29 year old nuclear scientist had a passion for guns and was carrying a small calibre pistol in a concseaked oicjet in her purse, a Christmas give. Her son fished out the gun while riding in a Walmart shopping cart and killed his mother. He is two years old.       Though pictorially and costume perfect the world of Downton Abbey is pure fiction. Class barriers, political dogmatism and racism all were important features of the age and they are glossed over in the honey sweet TV show Downton Abbey.       The American fed says it is going to hold the interest rate down a little longer and sparked a quick rise in the stock market, even oil prices showed gains. Most expert believe interest rates will stay as they are until June.       The Senate report about the CIA and torture after 9/11 is old news in Lation America where American torture of various dissidents in various countries has been common place for decades. No wonder they view China as good guys.  
        Andrew Coyne: Until we enact democratic reforms, provinces will continue to run wild using powers they don't have       Seven reasons to explain Vladimir Putin's popularity cult       25 years after Ottawa's pleadge to end child poverty, it's time to hit 'reset'       11 bad-for-you foods that aren't so bad for you  
        December 6, 2014, Andrew Coynet, The Nationaal Post       November 27, 2014, Tom Parfitt, The Telegram       November 20, 2014, Marco Chown Oved, The Toronto Star       November 15, 2014, Mary Hartley, DietsinReview, Shape magazine  
        The federal government's failures with governing the environment and many other issues has resulted in the provincial governments stepping in to fill the vacuum created by the impotent federal overnment.       For most non-Russians the remarkable popularity of their president, which is at about 83% right now, is a mystery. This excellent article in the London Telegram explorers the topic and explains what is going on.       For a wealthy country Canada needs to reaffirm its commitment to its children with 1.3 million going to school each day hungry. In 1989 Parliament voted unanimously to en child poverty but it has failed miserably and with some serious changes there is no hope in sight.       Over the years the list of food that are supposed to be bad for you has grown, now we are finding out that many of those food are excellent and need to be part of everyone's diet. Dairy products, red meat and eggs top the list.  
        No job for a boy: WWI through eyes of a Canadian Teen soldier       Not all Hill interactions are on a level playing field: Hebert       Jian Ghomeshi: 8 women accuse former CBC host of violence sexual abuse or harassment       How the law follows the wealth gap in modern-day America  
        November 10, 2014, Amber Hildebrandt, CBC News       November 7, 2014, Chantel Hebert, Toronto Star       October 30, 2014, Kevin Donovan and Jesse Brown, The Toronto Star       October 22, 2014, Neil McDonalde, CBC News  
        Amber Hildebrandt has assembled a closeup view of a seventeen year old from Saltcoats who died fighting in World War I. This is a remarkable story and sheds great light on what it was like then.      

Accusations of sexual harassment with people working in Canada's House of Commons resulted in two Liberal MPs being suspended from caucus. Chantal Hebert provides us with some excellent insight into the situation

      The very talented and skilled interviewer of the CBC radio program "Q" was fired Sunday and since countless stories of sexual and violent behaviour have emerged. He has pushed the scandal forward by posting a very long excuse on FaceBook. This story is not going away but growing bigger each day.       Like it or not our country so often follows the patterns of our neighbours to the south especially with our present government which is intent upon make Canada into yet another USA. This story is particularly unsettling. Remember the home of the free and the land of the brave.  
        What really are your political views?       Canada sets lowest standard at World Conference on Indigenous Peoples       Importing air pollution from China       North Regina subdivision poses unique challenges  
        October 8, 2014,       September 30, 2014, Matthew Coon Come, CBC News       September 22, 2014, Andrew Lee, CBC News       September 12, 2014, Eric Anderson, CBC News  
        This a neat survey that let's you compare your opinion on things with the federal political parties in Canada. It may surprise you as to how you compare with the various parties stance on things. The results are private so you need not worry about anyone else knowing your views.       Cree Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come was displeased with Canada's performance at the UN Indigenous Conference when it was the only country in the world to object to the wording of the concluding document. Since 2006 Canada does not consult with First Nations People and does not accept the UN Charter of Humand Rights.       China is ever increasing its production of electricity with coal and the waste is pouring into the atmosphere, not just at home but it is blowing it all around the world. To make matters worst India is increasing its production of electricity with coal. Stopping a pipeline seems like a pretty futile move.       Saskatchewan's two major cities are both growing at amazing rates. But growth can be expensive. Regina is feeling the pinch in providing the infrastructure services to the new areas being developed. This story describes an interesting urban development but getting the roads, water and sewer may delay the development.  
        Indigenous woimen as ;Am I next' to raise awareness about missing and murdered       StatsCan employee detected error after job numbers released       Fat camps for obese pets are a thing now       Pakistan family sliuts throats of young couple over love marriage  
        September 5, 2014, CBC News       August 15, 2014, Vanessa Lu, Toronto Star       July 4, 2014, Lauren O'Neil, CBC News       June 28, 2014, Thomsonj Reuters, CBC News  
        The ongoing campaign to move the federal government into launching an inquiring into the missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada continues with this latest twist as women post pictures of them \selves asking if they are next?       It might have been amusing were it not such a monumental error. How can you explain claiming that Canada had increased employment by 200 then withdraw the report and reissue it stating the correct number was 42,000. Though there are excuses the buck stops with the folks in elected office who are suppose to be responsible.       I was pretty shocked the first time I saw diet pet food but this is way over the top. In New Jersey there is just one of many such pet camps to gelp an obese cat or dog lose weight. The fee for a week's stay is $249. The odd thing is that 50% of family pets are obese and such a place would not exist unless there were customers.       This outrage that goes on in many countries besides Pakistan is a total affront to civilisation and should result in serious sanctions if not expulsion from world organisation until the practice is condemned to history.  
        Gas price hikle: Brace for 3 more months of pain at the pumps       Canada starved aboriginal people into submission: Goar       Obesity research confirms long-term weight loss almost impossible       Privacy under attack: the NSAfiles revealed new threats to democracy  
        June 20, 2014, Matt Kwong, CBC news       June 12, 2014, Carol Goar, Tolronto Star       June 6, 2014, Kelly Crowe, CBC News       May 28, 2014, Eben Molgen, The Guardian  
                This Toronto Star story discusses the seriously documented new book by Saskatchewan professor James Daschok. With the documents it is clear that Canada conducted both ethnic cleansing and genocide into to gain control of Western Canada. Should this work prompt further legal action nationally and internationally many of Canada's treaties with first nations people may in fact be null and void.                  
        There is always an excuse real or imagined, despite crude oil reserves at an all time high the oil industry is panicking over fighting in Iraq and the price of gas is expect to zoom up to $150 and not descend until after labour day. We in Canada are paying about 50¢ more a litre than Americans. But get set folks the price is rising.             This comes as no surprise to anyh of us who are fat but it hurts to know that for all those attempts to reduce the doctors and so-called experts all know it is impossible with the exceptn of as few as 5%. However, they continue to lie and we fat folk are constantly shamed for being what we are and will always be.       All of us involved in technology have long been aware of the potential for government abuse of the system that we call the internet. But now it is clear we grossly under estimated the extent and the danger that comes from activities that threaten our so-called democratic system.  
        Trapped behind fire       What happens when you drop a magnet through a copper tube?       Farley Mowat dead at 92       Report of 1,000 murdered or missing aboriginal women spurs calls for inquiry  
        May 21, 2014 Jordan MacDonald, Nipawin Journal       May 14, 2014 Justine Alford, IFLscience!       May 8, 2014 CBC News       May 1, 2014, Canadian Press, CBC News  
        Two men and their children from Arborfield were out enjoying a camping trip with their ATVs when they discovered they were in the midst of a forest fire. Despite calls to 911 they had to dely on their own resources and cool heads to get safely out of the area.       This is very cool stuff. Motion, magnets and materials that are excellent conductors produce some gravity defying behaviours. Japan is seriously planning a netsork of railroads based on this principle.       One of Canada's truly amazing authors who book after book both fiction and non fiction that told stories we all need to know. A World War II veteran and remarkable environmentalist he was one of Canada's great ones.       RCMP report not released by government reports more that 1,000 victims which is more than double originally part of the public's concern. The UN recommended an inquiry and the government says "no". Clearly, attempts to cover up this tragedy indicates either complicity or guilty.  
        Grain, trains and autocrats: Farmers pay fthe price of dismantling the Wheat Board       Lawrence Solomon: The untold story of measles       Punography       This police chase didn't break any speed limits  
        April 24, 2014,Dean Harder,       April 16, 2014,Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post       April 11, 2014,Source unkown       April 3, 2014, Mary MacArthur, Western Producer  
        Last year's crop was big but not big enough to choke the system. To do that you had to have the Federal government destroy7 the system that shepherded each year's crops from farm to port. That system was destroyed and it has cost farmers $5.5 billion this year alone. From now on each year similar loses will occur.                          
              All senior citizens have had the measles at least once but the struggle with the disease has been long and difficult. It definitely not over. problems with the vaccine and then with the number of injections are only part of the issue as the disease also is really hard on pregnant mothers and new borns. This well researched stories gives you the details..       The pun is often considered the simplest form of humour but they still can make us chuckle. Kevin McIntyre came across these today and we thought we should share them with you.       On Wednesday RCMP in Red Deer responded to a report of a break and enter and this lead to a chase as the suspect fled in a stolen tractor. Police pursued even using a snow machine and eventually the suspect rolled the tractor.  
        Transport solution could take years       Jim Flaherty's legacy of failure       The verdict on Thatcherism is clear       Andrew Coyne: The Tories were right to be nervous. Marc Mayrand shredded their 'Fair Elections Act' almost line by line  
        March 27, 2014,Scott Larson, Star Phoenix       March 21, 2014, Scott clark and Peter DeVries, iPolitics Insight       March 14, 2014, Mitchell Anderson, The Tyee       March 8, 2014,Andrew Coyne, National Post  
        Expert reports that failure to transport the crop of 2013 could cost farmers $4 billion and could take years to clear the backlog. Makes you wonder if the government's destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board was pretty pig headed. Much of the trouble stems from low capacity on the West Coast.       There has been plenty of praise for the outgoing finance minister but the reality is that his policies and work has been a dramatic demonstration of the lack of success. He squandered the 16 billion surplus when he came into power added 160 billion in debt and misused the budget with massive misleading omnibus bills. He has left the economy in a serious state with high unemployment and negative economic growth.      

Though adopted by most of the world's countries the policies and government principles set forth by Margaret Thatcher have proved to be a complete and total failure. Oddly enough that fact is not changing its proponents attitudes that feel that just more of the same will work. They are wrong.

      The head of Elections Canada in a Commons hearing refuted with facts each of the provisions of the partisan "Fair Elections Act". Clearly demonstrating the lbad planning and plainly dumb legislation about elections.  
        Loretta Saunders slaying should open Canada's eyes: native group       Keystone XL access through Nebraska shut down by judge       New U.S. farm bill coddles farmers, ignores Canada's Plea       Subway agrees to end use of controversial chemical after food blogger Vani Hari's protest  
        February 28, 2014, CBC News       February 19, 2014, Canadian Press, CBC News       February 14, 2014, Macdonald, Neil, CBC News       February 7, 2014, Da Silva, Chantal, CBC News  
        A First Nations woman is five times more likely to be violently attacked than other Canadian woman. Deep seated in Canadian culture and especially police culture is an attitude that makes this grisly fact a reality. The Pickton case was so badly handled by police that one wonders at their culpability just as on the Prince George highway of tears one wonders is this a police failure?       Canada's hope of seeing profit from the oilsandsdevelopment continues to be very elusive.The US government is dragging its heels and at every turn there seems more and more opposition. The oil will get to market but the profits will go to the railroads and American companies. This is not a conservation issue it is a matter of bad faith and failure of the free trade agreement. We Canadians are being screwed.                  
                    U.S. agriculture is hardly the example of free enterprise. All facets are heavily subsidised and yet the people in the industry are staunch Republicans. We are upset over meat labelling but we are not alone. Argentina has repeatedly taken their case to the World Trade organisation and won while the Americans have just bribed Argentine to keep quiet.       Something called azodicarbonamide is used in making rubber shoes and mats and Subway uses it in their bread. It is banned in Europe but not in North America but after a protest by Vani Hari's petition the company has agreed to end the use in its food products.  
        Pete Seeger dead: folk singer and activist dies at 94       Global Terrorism and Saudi Arabia: Bandar's Terror Network       First Nation teen told not to wear 'Got Land?' shirt at school      

Chris Christie apologizes, fires staffer over traffic jam scandal

        January31, 2014, CBC News       January23, 2014, Al-Manar News of Lebanon       January 17, 2014, CBC News       January 10, 2014, CBC News  
        This world is a better place because of the American folk singer Pete Seeger who for 70 spread the message of hope and the determination to improve society. His influence was not confined to America for his music and the infectious love of sing was celebrated throughout the English speaking world. If I had a hammer, Where have all the flowers gone, We shall overcome and This land is my land are only a few of the singable songs of this great man.                       Politics may never have been an honourable profession but the American Republicans have set a new low standard with the New Jersey Governor's staff having created a miserable three week long traffic jam in a city to punish its major who refused to endorse the Governor. Our Canadian Conservatives have been striving to be just like these folks only no apologies for Robocalls and campaign overspending.  
              Many think that Al-Qaeda is old news, its been more than twelve years since the 9/11 attack but they are back as a huge presence in Syria, Lybia, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The explanation is simple the Saudi Bandar bin Sultan on behalf of the kingdom is funding this fundamentalist Sunni terrorist group so that they are well armed and can afford to spread their message worldwide.       Belcarres not onoy made it onto the CBC National but almost every other new outlet in the country. Check out the stories in the Leader Post, Metro, Toronto Star, National Post, CTV and MSN. Hardly a radical statement and one all Canadians need to know. Star Blanket reserve made their deal signed on Treaty #6.        
        China 1-child policy officially eased       Lorde shrugs off the hype       Ex-PM John Diefenbaker sired t boys, families believe       An Obituary for the Letter E  
        December 28, 2013, CBC News, Associated Press       December 21, 2013, Nekesa Mumbi Moody, Toronto Star, Associated Press       December 12, 2013, Canadian Press, CBC News       December 6, 2013, Joshua David Stein, Wired  
                                Wired Magazine has pointed out that the letter "e" which one of the most popular letters on our keyboards is about to disappear. As with so many things the Internet has a powerful influence and in this case more and more companies are removing the "e" from names ending "er". In language and common usage things sometimes change and though this is meant to be humorous it does explain why we some things that we do.  
        Scientists and economists alike have long warned that China's one child policy could lead to catastrophe and now China's leadership has decided to make some gradual and modest changes to the policy that was almost certain to produce civil unrest as the dwindling number of worker and women would ultimately destroy their society.       A seventeen year old high schooler from News Zealand nails second best best pop song of the year by Rolling Stone and garnered four Grammy nominations and sold 4,000,000 copies of her hit "Royals". In the pop world of outrageous costumes or lack of them, this is a smart, edgy song writer and some one to watch in the coming year.       One a son of a house keeper and the other an Ontario politician's wife, looks like the chief left a biological legacy and DNA tests authenticate their relationship to him. Families in Ontario and Saskatchewan can now with certainty proclaim themselves and their children as direct descendants of Canada's 13th prime minister.        
        Written proof Harper doesn't care about aboriginal education       RCMP reissue call for help finding woman missing for nearly 2 weeks       'See you in court': an expensive time-consuming wrongneaded strategy       Australia's nasty Utopia  
        November 29, 2013, Carolyn Bennett, Huffington Post       November 23, 2013, Prince Albert Now       November 15, 2013, Carolyn Bennett, The Huffington Post       November 8, 2013, John Pilger, The Asia Times  
        Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett in a Huffington Post story explains that the emails from the prime minister's office not only shed light on the Duffy story but clearly indicate that the Prime Minister considers aboriginal people as "adversaries" and though he talks big on doing something about impoverished reserve schools he does not intend to increase funding so that those schools have the same amount to spend as provincially funded schools.       Missing woman from Northern Saskatchewan. 24 year old Jodi Roberts, a mother of two young children, was last seen on October 31 or November 2. Roberts is from Sucker River, part of the Lac La Ronge First Nation near La Ronge. If you have information that could help locate Roberts, you are asked to contact Jerilee Roberts-Collins at (306)425-3689 or Stephanie Roberts at (306)425-8006. (Body Found Wednesday November 27 2013)                  
                    This is just one of several stories this week on how the federal government has spent $106 million dollars in legal fees fighting with Canada's first nations people. A total waste of money since the government loses every case because they are wrong.       Australia has throughout it's history been a "for white only" society. A new film documenting the chronic genocide of the Australian aborigine people is being release in the UK and soon in North America. Amazingly Australian aborigine people have a life expectancy of age 35.  
        In Senate spending scandal honest lies have been rechristened "spin"       Stephen Hume: Canada's skills, labour shortages a myth       Quebect to contest selection of new Supreme Court judge       Ignore the fear-mongering, life is good and getting better  
        November 1, 2013, Andrew Coyne, Ottawa Citizen       October 25, 2013, Stephen Hume. Vancouver Sun       October 17, 2013, Canadian Press       October 9, 2013, Macleans  
        Andrew Coyne former Macleans editor and member of CBC's "At Issue" panel points out all the things the prime minister claims not to be responsible for and how he has dismantled parliament, the parliamentary process and even how legislation is drafted and implemented.       Business and government both condemn Canada's universities for not generating employable graduates. They are dead wrong. The problem lies with Canada's business which spends so little on R&D and do not devote enough attention to developing Canada's bright young people.       In keeping with his inability to make sound judgement appointments Canada's prime minister has selected a man who does not meet the qualification for a Supreme Court judge to represent Quebec. No real experience in criminal law, a maritime lawyer partially retired and not a member of the Quebec bar association.       This story from Macleans magazine discusses the recent Statistics Canada report that shows a constant increase in Canadian life expectancy. It also sheds light on the apparent high infant mortality rate in Canada which also is changing steadily.  
        SCAN used bully tactics, lawyer says       The Myth of Harper's Economic Competence       A touch of socialism might tame America's killer psyche       International space station visible during the day  
        October 2, 2013, Betty Ann Adam, The Star Phoenix       September 24, 2013, Sean Casey, Huffington Post       September 19, 2013, William Maarden, Vancouver Sum       September 10, 2013, Astro Voewer  
        This story illustrates the dynamics of a programme called SCAN that can kick tenants out of their dwelling based on the feelings of their neighbours. Oddly enough it is fast and does not require reliance on evidence and actual situations.       This bias story was written by Liberal MP Sean Casey and appeared in the Huffington Post today. It definitely needs to be considered as we have been told about the "action Plan" quite enough while the government runs up deficit budgets for seven years straight.       Though the murder rate in the United States is declining the number of mass killings is dramatically increasing to something like 3 to 4 big ones a year. This is not the case in other countries but most other countries have better unemployment programmes and more social support for troubled people.       As the space station has grown larger it is now visible during daylight hours. The chart referenced is for the next nine days and if you go to the web page you can change the location to where ever you are. Here is a list of other satellites when they pass over us.  
        French no longer offered to most tisdale students       Malala Yousafzai to receive children's peace prize       European forests head towards carbon saturation point: study       Kremlin's potash war picks its prisoners  
        September 3, 2013, CBC News       August 27, 2013, BBC News       August 20, 2013, Alister Doyle, Reuters       August 13, 2013, John Helmer, Asia Times  
        Essentially Tisdale's TMSS is really no longer a credible high school. Canada, a bi-cultural and bilingual country should not tolerate a large community like Tisdale to refuse to offer French in its high school. Though a student might think they can graduate from high school without French, their chances of being accepted in a college becomes very slim to not possible.       The remarkable Pakistani teenager who survived an attempted Taliban assassination attempt will be officially recognised for her work to promote the education of girls and women around the world. She will be given the prize September 6 in Haque, Holland.       European countries are counting on their forests to absorb sufficient carbon emissions so they can meet environmental objectives. The reforestation after the war has added trees but those forests are getting old and need to be replaced.       If you were confused about the story a week ago or so about challenges facing the potash industry this remarkable and detailed article from the Asia Times will definitely make your head spin. Complex moves by individuals, corporations, governments and banks make this situation a world, as well as a Saskatchewan problem. (You can see the article as a PDF here)  
        Surveillance questions snowball: 5 stories you may have missed       'Canoeist praised for 'changing the map of Canada' after dramatic encounter with unknown waterfalls       'Diabetes-cure' opereation explained       Meat producers sue over U.S. labelling laws  
        August 6, 2013, CBC News       August 2, 2013, Jake Edmiston, National Post       July 26, 2013, James Gallagher, BBC News       July 10, 2013, CBC News  
        Though the Americans claim it is for the good of all for them to go through phone calls and emails just as they please the extent of their software and ability to dig up information grows steadily and there is still much more to come out. Do you feel safer?       The area south of James Bay along the Ontario / Quebec border has little fur baring animals and was avoided by the Cree. Oddly enough except for post war aerial photographs it remained unexplored until this summer. Four new waterfalls have been added to the map of Canada.       While gasto-bypass surgery is intended to reduce a patient's weight it has been discovered that it is a cure fore type-2 diabetes. Now research is going toward getting the cure without the surgery.       Country of origin label in U.S. stores has been great for American producers but is choking Canadian produces and they are suing. The American law violates World Trade Organisation rules but the U.S. government is not concerned because the rules are popular with their citizens.  
        Breakthrough DNA study links B.C. woman, 5,500 year-old grandmother       Our man in Quito       Sask. to keep teaching cursive writing       Three times for Towner area: High water levels in areas downstream from Minot  
        July 5, 2013, Randy Roswell, Ottawa Citizen       June 27, 2013, Pepe Escobar, Asia Times       June 20, 2013, Canadian Press, Global TV News       June 13, 2013, Kim Fundingsland, Minot Daily News  
        First Nations people near Prince Rupert directly related to 5,500 year old remains establishing continuous settlement and ownership of the territory for one of the oldest known samples on earth. Pretty hard to question that sort of evidence in land claims.       The man who let the world know about the illegal wire taping and data collection by the United States, Edward Snowden has made his way to Hong Kong, Moscow and soon to Ecuador. The story of how he got away from the outraged government of the United states is told in the Asia Times by Pepe Escobar.       Some school systems have decided to end the laborious process of teaching chilling how to join the letters together in handwriting. Saskatchewan has checked it out and found that there is research that backs up the positive aspects of this skill development in all children and grade three students will continue to learn how to write.       First flooding caused by lower water levels behind damns prior to run off, the run-off now rain. The Souris River in North
Dakota is an ongoing problem without a reasonable solution in sight. Farmers blamed Saskatchewan water authorities and no real plan to handle issue.
        Goats detained in India for damaging car       Scandal Hamper Harper's Plans       Tisdale boy wants his bike back       Report: Canada could see indigenous uprising  
        June 6, 2013, Al Jazeera
      May 30, 2013, Mig-Den Tandt,Vancouver Sun       May 23, 2013       May 16, 2013, Chris Arsenault, Aljazeera  
        A police detachment in rural India received a new patrol car two days later they found 13 goats standing all over it, the police were not amused they put three goats in detention and funded the owner. These goats have a reputation and this was not their first car damaging offence.       Trouble on top of trouble for the "one man show" prime minister of Canada. This story attempts to sort out the scandals that are piling up on top of one another and crippling the Harper Government. Looks like there are more to come.       Bicycle thief is a disheartening thing but happens all of the time. This fellow lost his bike a week ago and in all likelihood it will have been abandoned. Check out the picture and if you spot it give his folks a call at 306 873-3198.       Despite the sincerity "idle more" is now definitely "idle". Though Canada's First Nations suffer they are doing little or nothing about their condition. The Arab news agency Aljazeera notes in this report that at some point the seething discontent will erupt in violence..  
        Most new jobs in Sask. held by temporary foreign workers       We're taking back our summer       U.S. tourists swim 14 hours to survive C aribbean shipwreck       Town dry since 1900 debating liquor laws  
        May 10, 2013, CBC News       May 2, 2013, YouTube       April 26, 2013, CBC News       April 18, 2013, CTV Saskatoon  
        Saskatchewan has the country's lowest unemployment rate but 65% created jobs since 2006 are going to foreign workers here working for 15% less than Canadians. No wonder the Conservative government gets such generous support from the business community.       Yes it's been a long winter. Corinne Newton is a singer song writer from the Swift Current area and has created a neat YouTube video expressing her frustration with the season. Check out her web site and her albums are on iTunes.       Brother and sister on fishing trip from St. Lucia jump in the Atlantic when fishing boat sinks four hours from shore. They decide to swim and 14 hours later crawl onto the beach. Captain and crewman were rescued at sea 23 hours after the boat went down.       Surprise, surprise there are places where you can't buy booze. Hepburn Saskatchewan is such a place, well for now, the Co-op has applied for a liquor licence but not everyone in town likes the idea and they will be holding a vote to decide if they will go ahead with allowing liquor sales in their town.  
        Justin Trudeau wins Liberal leadership with 80% support       How John F. Kennedy helped Diefenbaker lose an election       Woman tells sister she killed her husband on April Fools ... her sister calls the cops       Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss  
        April 14, 2013, CBC News       April 11, 2013, J.C. Bourque and Joe Martin, Toronto Globe and Mail       April 4, 2013, Mix 96.7, Leamington, Ontario       March 28, 2013, John Vidal, The Guardian  
        Total victory for the new leader of the Liberal party was no surprise but he immediately pointed out that from now on there are no hyphenated Liberals. The Liberal party is clearly united behind its new leader after more than a decade of infighting. The conserves say he doesn't have the experience but in reality he has far more experience than did the present prime minister when he assumed leadership of his party.       At the time it seemed like a lot of things were piling up against the conservative government its attempt to be re-elected now we find out that the American government played an important part in doing a "regime change" in Canada. It is unlikely that this was the only time the US was involved in this kind of interference in Canadian political affairs.       I often wonder how a dumb thing like "April fools" ever got started much less accepted. Each year the media has fun with the morning but sometimes the joke or the jokester goes just a bit over the line. This one took place in Tennessee.       European meteorologists have discovered the cause for this year's difficult winter and extended winter into what should be spring. The loss of ice in the Arctic Ocean has altered the jet stream and cold arctic air continues to flow across the temperate part of the northern hemisphere. More trouble to come.  
        March 20, 2013, CBC News, Canadian Press       March 13, 2013, Raandy Boswell, Posmedia News       March 7, 2013, Jack Kim and Louyis Charbonneau of Reuters       March 6, 2013, Jon Swaine, The Telegram  
        The cost for justice, police jails and courts etc. has risen 23% in the last decade while the crime has declined 23%. Go figure! This is as a result of the Harper government's tough on crime campaign and the province governments have had to foot 73% of the costs. This was in Kevin Page's last report before he leaves office.       We associate slavery and fleeing from it with Eastern Canada but this remarkable story begins in the pre-state Washington Territory. A new book by historian Lorraine McConaghy tells the story of the 12 tear old boy's escape to Victoria in 1860. Clearly, slavery was not confined to the American South but blighted all of the country, explaining the importance of the story told in the Oscar winning "Lincoln" movie.       It's not unusual for some country to make threats toward the United States but to threaten a nuclear strike is worthy of notice. Bolstered with some support from China North Korea is upset with military drills it is running with South Korea and the US has upped the anti by moving new sanctions against the North for its development of nuclear weapons. Most experts believe the threats are hallow and premature but in the past North Korea has taken some dangerous action.       Eric Holder testifying before a Senate Judiciary Committee indicated that there could be circumstances where the president could authorize the use of lethal drones to kill an American within the country. Close 5,000 people have been killed in Pakistan and other parts of the world by American drones, some of them American citizens.  
        March 1, 2013, CBC News       February 28, 2013, CBC News       February 24, 2013, Tom Clark, Global News       February 23, 2013, Jaanet Davision, CBC News  
        The chances of the American president approving the building of the pipeline to ship oil from Alberta, Saskatchewan and North Dakota to the Gulf is looking bleaker and bleaker. No decision to be made until mid-summer. Meanwhile Canadian oil is being sold about $40 below market value hurting all Canadians.       Researchers have confirmed that most restaurant food includes more salt than you should consume in a whole day. !,500 milligrams is the maximm you should consume at day or about a teaspoon full yet it would be not unusual to get twice that much in a restaurant sandwich or pasta dish.       The American government's automatic freeze on spending is going hit their economy and the Canadian economy hard. This portion of the fiscal cliff is now about to become a reality and one of the first and most noticeable disruptions will be a dramatic slowdown crossing the border.       Monday will see the launch by an Indian rocket several Canadian made small size satellites. "Brite" is designed to study stars and "Sapphire" a military workhorse to scan for dangerous space debris. These and two others from Canada are low cost as satellites go and are expected to work for two years or more each.  
        February21, 2013, Joe Schlsinger, CBC News       February 12, 2013, Neil Macdonald, CBC News       February 6, 2013, Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix       February 2, 2013, Karen Pauls, CBC News  
        space207       space207       space207       space207  
        In the midst of the cold war with the USA in full war in Vietnam China was pretty much cut off from the world. But that changed quickly with the gesture of a ping pong player then Canada's diplomatic trip to China made way for US President Nixon to make the historic effort to normalize relations with the world's most populated country.       This story by CBC Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald clearly tells the story of the financial meltdown of 2008 and the US government's donations to the cause of the trouble, the banks. Now it seems the accomplice was the rating agency Standards & Poor who are going to get off with a modest fine for plugging worthless paper.       From 1922 until 1996 young Irish women were forced into a slave system run by the Catholic church. They were placed in the laundry operations by priests, courts, their parents and schools. Amazing for a seemingly civilized country.       Germany's attempt to take the oil fields of southern Russia ended with a devastating defeat at Stalingrad. Many see it as the turning point the beginning of the end for the Third Reich as its reversals piled up after that.