John William Head Memorial Education Centre

Red Earth

FTLComm - Red Earth - November 18, 1999
While visiting Red Earth Wednesday I dropped in on several classes and thought perhaps you might enjoy visiting those classes with me. John William Head Memorial Education Centre has its own web site now so you might like to drop that as well and take a look around.

The picture above is of a hallway poster celebrating multiculturalism. In a Cree speaking community this is an important theme for everyone to appreciate their own language and see how it fits into the mosiac of human culture.

Home Economics 9
Let's visit with the grade nine class as they work on their basic stitching skills.
Art Grade Eleven
Click on the picture to visit this art class and share in some of the products these folks are turning out.

Grade Twelve Chemistry
Here is your chance to take a minute and visit with the grade twelve chemistry class on Wednesday afternoon.

Computer Lab
Visit the nearly complete computer lab with only the internet system to come on line next week this is one of the most modern computer facilities in any school in this part of the province.