Grain burner 2.0

Brendaren Farms - Wednesday, February 7, 2007- by: Edwin Wallace

A very fun winter project creating a safe and reliable grain burning furnace to heat our shop.

Building on the concept of our first model, our idea was to construct a self contained unit - one motor for the auger and the compressor.

The duct fan could have been rigged up to run off that motor too but the linkage would require considerable modification.
So, we have a working unit that is performing very well and doesn't require shutdown for burner maintenance.

The compressor doesn't build any pressure but we thought damping the pulses would be better for the flame. This little chamber works pretty well.

The duct fan only takes about .3 amps and delivers a very nice amount of air - 250 cfm. This shows the copper pipe (1 1/2 DVW) heat exchanger through the running fan.

air compressor chamber to dampen the pulse
ducted fan for the heat exchanger
And the other side of the heat exchanger.
Everybody got involved.


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