Mayor Dayday's GNP Accounting:

writing off our children, dumping people outside city limits, and building the Synchrotron

By Mario deSantis, March 2, 2000

March Race Relations Month Journalist MacPherson has expressed the political skills of Mayor Dayday(1) by stating that
he has mastered the art of speaking without saying anything and that he could be stepping into
excremental dealings(2). So, when Senator Thelma Chalifoux was in Saskatoon on February 29,
2000, Mayor Dayday was doing something he does every year, that is declaring March Race
, speaking without saying anything, and being engulfed in the excremental
mess of the racial behaviour of the Saskatoon Police force. Referring to the current RCMP
investigation over allegations that Saskatoon police would drop people at the outskirt of the
city and let them walk back without clothes or shoes in the freezing cold, Senator Chalifoux
has commented "Isn't it sad that for 10 years they've been announcing race relations month, and
nothing has changed... The issue that happened here was bigotry and torture on another human
  beings. "
it's up to them to report it. It wasn't just racism(3)." Mayor Dayday tried to defend his leadership by saying "if aboriginal
people have a problem with police it's up to them to report it... So you can't deal with something
you're not aware of."
Mayor Dayday has been blinded by the visionary light Bravo, Senator Chalifoux, you can see the true light of our human conditions, it was more than
racism, it is bigotry and torture on another human being. Instead, our Mayor Dayday has been
blinded by the visionary light of the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron(4) and has contributed
to the downsizing of our most important resource: our children(5) and our people(6). We have
leaders who don't listen to people(7), who prefer to close their eyes rather than see the apparent
indigent conditions of a large segment of our children and people, and we have leaders who
prefer to play the GNP number game(8), and therefore economically write off our desperate
children(9), dump people outside city limits in the freezing cold and build the $173.5 Million
Synchrotron for the benefit of the few and privileged(10).
  Our most important resource are our children and our people and we must not tolerate our
heartless leaders who play the Gross National Product (GNP) number game at the expense of
our children and our people.
  General reference: Articles by Mario deSantis published by North Central Internet News


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