The Big Question for Saskatchewan Health Care:

Underfunding or Mismanagement?

Nipawin - March 5, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis
an established record of breaking the law Saskatchewan health districts have been operating as puppets of both the government and the
Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO). Therefore, the incompetence and
corruption of these two organizations has extended to the districts as well. And as the
government and SAHO have an established record of breaking the law, so the districts
developed their own brand for breaking the law: going into the red(1).
deficit of $22.5 million should be revised to be $30 million Last October, Saskatoon was experiencing a $9 million deficit(2), while Regina tabled a deficit
of $22.5 million(3). Last week, in the midst of a provincial social unrest for rampant racism, the
Yorkton's district, unable to meet its financial obligations, was taken over by an appointed public
administrator(4). Today, we have a consultant's review of the operations of the Regina Health
District stating that the previously expected operating deficit of $22.5 million should be revised
to be $30 million(5). This review conducted by consultant Bert Boyd includes the following
  • Measures to strengthen leadership in the board and Senior Management;
  • A contract between the district and government outlining expectations for achieving financial sustainability;
  • Development of a three-year financial recovery plan;
  • The reduction of various hospital support services;
  • A special advisor to assist in implementation of the plan.
strong business skills Minister of Health Pat Atkinson and Board Chair Anita Bergman agreed on the above mentioned
recommendations and the Minister announced that she will fill three board vacancies with
individuals having strong business skills and that Bert Boyd will be appointed as Special Advisor
reporting to the minister.
plan assumes the cooperation of the staff So, this is the way to fix the health care system in Regina: call for an outside consultant's review,
accept the consultant's recommendations, increase the leadership of Senior Management, use the
'written word(6)' in the form of a contract, cut services and staff, stick with the strategic financial
plan, appoint a special advisor. Isn't it nice? Everything is on paper, there is only one small problem
though, the strategic plan assumes the cooperation of the staff facing layoffs, and of the doctors.
I don't think they like the policing attitude of this government Do you know Minister Pat Atkinson what happens when you assume too much? "You make an ass
of u and me(7)" The President of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, Rosalee Longmoore, has
stated that cutting staff is not a good idea(8). As doctors are concerned, they have been excluded in
being active participants of health reform, they have been accused of being partially responsible for
the death of some patients, they have opposed the grandiose project of the Saskatchewan Health
Information Network (SHIN), and I don't think they like the policing attitude of this government
Regina Health District is not an assembly factory In conclusion, Boyd's strategic plan lacks the most important ingredient to connect the plan to the
people who do the real day to day work, and these people are not either the bureaucrats or Senior
Management, they are just the people who do their work by using common sense rather than using
numbers and who connect to each other by telling their stories. Minister Pat Atkinson, you are not
wearing clean underwear(9) yet, and I remind you that the Regina Health District is not an assembly
factory, it should be a healthy community.
  Saskatchewan health care, as well as Canada health care(10), is not underfunded, it is grossly
mismanaged by our political and bureaucratic Big Brains(11) who are continuing to write off
people and down size this province to greatness.
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