Government Mistrust in Saskatchewan:

The Continuous Saga

Nipawin - June 5, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis and reviewed by James deSantis (illustration by TWS)

inept and nepotistic leaders

We have reached the stage where we have a government led by the unconstitutional Premier Roy
Romanow, where we have institutions behaving outside the law such as the health care system,
Workmens Compensation, SGI, our universities, and a number of Crown corporations. I
mentioned some time ago that this government was behaving worse than the previous
conservative government when a bunch of MLA were charged and convicted of frauds for
mostly cheating with their MLA's expense allowances. This government has done nothing to
create an atmosphere of integrity where people could increase their capacity to learn, create,
and build a knowledgeable and democratic social system. Instead, they cut spending all over the
board to balance the budget and have finally a good credit rating to appease our out of province
creditors. In the meantime, this government broke further down the social fabric by running an
administration composed of Tin Pot dictators who unable to serve the public have been serving
themselves(1), the last serving materializing with the potential criminal charges against the
Uranium City Hospital(2). We have an administration of inept and nepotistic leaders.

in the

I remember when former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau stated that the government has no
business to enter the bedrooms of the nation, well today, in Saskatchewan we have a government
which makes decisions in the bedrooms and this is why our health care system is in crisis(3)
,and this is why our universities are in crisis(4). Our Tin Pot dictators play their dirty games at
the expense of our injured and sick people. Finally, these dirty games are catching up with these
Tin Pot dictators and this is why they are taking cover(5).

biased governmental review

Dr. Stewart McMillan has recently resigned from the no-fault panel review stating that he was
too busy, however he was not too busy when he chaired the biased governmental review about
the circumstances of the death of a patient at the Battleford Hospital's(6)(7), or when he chaired
the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission (HSURC) of Saskatchewan. I want
you to know how this HSURC commission has been reduced to a reductionist redundant
research outfit to cover up the misdemeanours of our supreme assets such as Dr. Steven Lewis(8),
former CEO of HSURC, and Brian Rourke(9), Chair of the Saskatchewan Association of Health
Organizations (SAHO). In a recent outside of province review of the researches conducted by
HSURC, the commission was told not to continue to carry researches per se, but to link their
researches within their social context(10). Also, I want you to evaluate or correlate the researches
conducted by the HSURC commission as they may transpire from the verbal crap of their Big

the study had several limitations

..."Providing seniors with preventive care services may have unintended, negative effects by isolating them from important contact with others... It is possible that it may also lead to an observation effect..." Hunt said. Maber acknowledged the study had several limitations... As well, the health records used did not contain information on measures other than death and admission to nursing home... However, Maber defended the finding, noting they were consistent with other major Canadian and international studies. "More research is needed to confirm and shine further light on our results..." he said(11)...

evidence based health care supported by this government is a flop,

So these incompetent Big Brains want to make additional health researches(12), panel reviews "
and fool the people ad infinitum while our patients die and their causes are covered up(13). The
so called evidence based health care supported by this government is a flop, and we must stop
our mercenary researchers(14) to do fake researches on behalf of this government, the
international community, and further corrupt our own health care system along with any other.
There is no trust left over for this government and Lorie Terry(15) was right when in response to
Crown Investments Corporation Minister John Nilson's appointment of five new members to the
failing No-Fault review panel(16) she stated "They have a serious credential problem. We have
serious mistrust issues(17).
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
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