Counterintuitive Behaviour of Social Systems
and Research on Native Housing

Nipawin - February 8, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis


This morning, I wrote a commentary on how the self reinforcing policies of native
self-governments further reinforce the establishment of a divided society(1). A few
weeks ago, I pointed out how our internationally renowned health economists were full
of themselves when they stated that there was no medical crisis in Canada(2) while it is a
fact that Saskatchewan is poaching South African doctors(3). It was three weeks ago that
I commented how incompetent were both The StarPhoenix and the University of
Saskatchewan in making conclusions out of their survey "Taking the Pulse of Saskatoon
and Saskatchewan(4)."




Today, I hear that the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
(SSHRCC) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. will pump nearly a million
dollars into research on Native housing in Saskatoon(5). It is ironic to know that the
beneficiary of this one million dollars are going to be the same researchers who
participated in the above mentioned survey. After the many failures of our past social
researches, SSHRC president March Renaud says that there is the need of more researches
to spawn additional connections between academic institutions and the communities they






In accordance to the past social researches reviewed by Ensign, we can state that many of
our researchers have no clues on how to solve our social problems. In many instances our
researchers have been predicting results of their studies in accordance to the expectations of
their funding agencies; in other instances, the results of their studies have been as linear as
their statistical tools. Therefore, we remind our researchers that our social problems are not
linear but complex, that the behaviour of social systems is counterintuitive(6), and that the
implementation of their linear conclusions might cause the reverse of desired results.
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