FTLComm - Tisdale - August 9, 1999

This morning it is wet, though we did not experience the nasty storms that crushed some of the area between White City and Estevan, we still had a lot of rain and this morning we continue to receive a small amount of drizzle

I took a look around this morning and thought it would be instructive for you to see some of this morning's scenes between 8:00 and 8:30.

The picture at the top of the page is looking out across the plain at the Harvest Valley Pool elevator and you can see that at about a mile away it is visible but little beyond. The picture of the elevator was taken at the same spot as this lush green view of the elderly bridge on the North side of town with a huge puddle at its centre.
The effects of last night's rain are immediately apparent at Northern Steel Industries yard which is mired in mud today. The wet weather has really accelerated the rusting process on new products awaiting sand blasting and painting.

By eight-thirty traffic has picked up on Tisdale's wet main street but the light rain has not deterred this pair of workers off for the day as they hustle right along.

Agricultural workers who would normally be out swathing and hauling alfalfa were having an extra cup of coffee this morning and the dehydration plant was silent having used up its fresh alfalfa and the rain preventing the delivery of material from the fields.

Work crews were out at the new division in the town's North end as they have finished the gravel base for the new streets but there was
little for them to do this morning

The town digging crew have decided to attack this block as they are about to remove some curbing along the length of the street. I am not sure if this is a line break or if they are setting to work on the replacement of the tired curb.

Last year Mr. Crochaine's garden was in Ensign because of its monstrous sun
flowers. This year he like so
many other folks in Tisdale the feature of the garden are the crab apples. Both crab apple and regular apple trees have done well this year and carry a heavy load of fruit. The crab apple tree is in the centre of the picture and looks to have a lot of pies hanging there.

Our last picture this morning of someone who has figured out a positive thing to do on a raining morning. Go fishin'. He had been out there in the fog for some time this morning and at the time this picture was taken at about 8:15 it looks like he is about to pack it in for the morning.