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January 1, 2015
Only 364 more days left in this year so do your very best to make the best of every single one of them. Treat yourself with respect and treat others as you would like to be treated. But all in all take time to be happy, you are in charge of your attitude toward your life. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 23, 2014
If you don’t like it, fix it. It is the very nature of tools all tools that they serve their user and there seems to be no limit to the resourcefulness of end users be they farmers or computer jockeys. Everyone needs things to work the way they want them to. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 18, 2014
Cheap gas and the temptation is to get out on the highway and do some winter driving. Enjoy your travel but every moment you are behind the wheel make it a conscious effort to consider those you share the road with. Give a little and expect dangerous mistakes to be made so be ready to avoid becoming a statistic.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 12, 2014
Can anyone married or single afford to stay at home and raise their children. Daycare is a fact of Canadian life and has been for decades. Isn't time we as a society realised that daycare is something we as a society must support with taxation so that everyone can have a prosperous and fulfilled life, A good issue for a federal election year. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 5, 2014
Of course penguins are at come in the antarctic and poar bears are only found in the high arctic. so it seems pretty inclusive that these two animals species make an interesting display that shows that Christmas is a whole world event. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 27, 2014
All matter living or otherwise has a life span. It is created exists , often beyond its usefulness and then is recycled or becomes something else. So it is and so it always shall be. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 20, 2014
No longer just military spying and assassination vehicles the drone is now a standard feature of the world we live in. They are complex technological devices with a host of capabilities. The one in this picture replaces one more than four years old, they are here to stay. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 16, 2014
Though there are still a few modestly priced houses for sale in Tisdale the market is quickly drying up and though only about five new house were built this year Farber Construction has a new one on the go on the far northwest of Tisdale. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 10, 2014
With the clouds of approaching winter being with us every day, don't let it get you down. Make the best of these gloomy days the sky is not responsible for you being happy, you are!t. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 7, 2014
Within a few days the snow of the winter of 2014-15 will arrive and stay. Time to change to winter tires and put the snovel back in the trunk with the sleeping bag and candles. Remeber if you get her stuck stay with it until hel arrives. A stroll in a storm may be your last. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 22, 2014
Financial crisis seemed to be a part of October. 1929 was one of the worst but 2008 was serious enough that we still have not recovered from it. But corrections in the stock market and corporate wealth is a major threat with the fine line between "okay" and "oh - oh" Don't worry about the loonie be more concerned about a stock market crash.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 8, 2014
If you don't live in Tisdale but you are considering visiting the place, this is the campground you have been looking for. Tisdale;s new campground is all but completed and will be run and maintained by Riverside Golf Course. Water, sewer, electricity, drive through sites with grass and trees. Best in this part of Saskatchewan. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 30, 2014
The Doghide is looking a bit empty but from Watson to Raymore the ditches and sloughs are full. With such high water table and the winter's snow to be average much of Saskatchewan is going to have a very ugly wet spring. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 22, 2014
Though it may seem obvious to must of us that we live in Canada many merchants seem bent on changing geography by flying a foreign flag on their businesses. I would suggest that you do your business with a company proud to be Canadian. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 12, 2014
Saskatchewan needs to be proud of its more than 45 Regional parks. If you are looking for a nice spot to go camping nearby check out Hudson's Bay Regional. Nice campgrounds free firewood and all the mosquitoes you can swat. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 5, 2014
That is a funnel cloud as seen through the back window of our vehicle on August 30. That's the only place you want to see one of these things otherwise take cover. Thyios one did not touch the ground but lifted itself back into the clouds east of Naicam. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 15, 2014
Another motorhome tip, suspension is everything, beef up the shocks with the best available and if you do not have a steering stabiliser have one installed. Safer, better handling and dealing with bumps dramatically improved. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 4, 2014
Our motorhome is a 2004 and when we bought it there were only 16,000 miles on its tires so I thought they would be great but in its first season two tires blew while in motion so I removed all of the original tires except the spare. On sunny Wednesday afternoon the 10 year old General Tire ended its life in a suicidal blast. The lesson is clear just like vegetables fresh is best.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 28, 2014
We are in serious need as a society and civilisation to attain a new age of reason. At the end of the dark ages rulers were making decisions based on assumptions and religious beliefs, such is the case today. The time for a new enlightened age must come when science, facts and actual conditions are the basis for reality. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 20, 2014
If you want to make things better you can do your part by offering encouragement and reward good efforts with compliments. We in Tisdale have a fine grade that will last a long time because of lack of use but we also have a beautiful pleasant community provided you miss the washboard and pot holes. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 12, 2014
No matter what it costs the best way to hey the bet on producing a successful future for a town, province or country is to put the emphasis on education. Elementary through post graduate it all contributes to a successful positive society capable of growth and adaptability. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 6, 2014
Of Saskatchewan's cities Moose Jaw has some of the best campground right in the city. River Park is scenic and only blocks from downtown. Best to call ahead for a reservation. Sites have power and water. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 28, 2014
These Montana political signs were seen many places, just like the abandoned closed motel in the background. Make no mistake about it the 2008 "recession" was in fact a depression because most of the United States is still in a sorry state. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 21, 2014
If the glass on your motorhome driver's side mirror falls off do not attempt changing lanes (two or more) on an interstate if a police car or other vehicles are near by. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 14, 2014
A full 360º view of a scene can be pretty remarkable putting you in the centre of the image. I have been creating these about one a day and you can take the tour. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 8, 2014
"They don't make them like they used to," No they don't and there are both good and bad things about the relentless advancement of time and technology. Civilisation moves on not necessarily for the better but we can no more live in the past than live in a future not yet arrived. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 1, 2014
Only once or twice a year Heritage Road gets the attention of a grader. Today was the day so it will be smooth until tomorrow, after that save your vehicle and avoid this vehicle torture test. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 24, 2014
We all know that there are bad guys who might steal from you on the internet but now we know that the most dangerous guy out there is the government and its agencies. Take a minute and read a short message I have prepared about this issue. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 16, 2014
It is a well known fact that most things break but rarely is it this spectacular. Moral of the story remove those batteries from your RV when you store it for winter . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 11, 2014
Like almost everything else keeping your vehicle clean and well maintained saves you money in the long run and the pride you take in your vehicle will reflect in the way you drive it . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 3, 2014
Tisdale's housing market is extremely active this spring with many homes on the market and many already sold. Three new houses under construction. Only a few upscale late model homes are on the market at this time . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 27, 2014
Adaptable, resourceful and self reliant adults are people who as children had the opportunity to discover and take chances. Parents today have become to fearful that their children are kept in parental cocoons making them totally dependent . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 21, 2014
Water is beginning to collect in the river and creeks as this year's sonw melts. Check out your yard and see what needs to be done to reduce your own risks. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 14, 2014
Every parent wants to give their child a good start in life and this is one of the most successful things you can do as a parent. Read to your child. The involvement in the story and you established a profound link that produces a thirst for knowledge and preparedness for reading. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 8, 2014
It's warming up this week and this is the first of many snowmen to appear in Tisdale. In the mean time it would be a good idea to consider preparing your house and yard for the run off. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 28, 2014
If you enjoy you coffee and cupcakes you have to go to "The Sweet Cup" downtown Tisdale across from "Martins". Outstanding decor and remarkable coffees and desserts. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 19, 2014
Most of each year's annual snowfall occurs in late February and early March. The town has alr3eady begun preparing for the run off and its time for home owners to consider the extreme amounts of snow in their yards. If it turns to water quickly you have a problem. Last year it took its time but there is no way of knowing how it will go this year. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 13, 2014
Across the street from Memorial Park and A&W Calista's restaurant is now open from 8:00 AM each day. Outstanding breakfast this morning, pleasant surroundings and great coffee . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 7, 2014
Fields store in the Tisdale Mall is definitely worth a serious visit. The store is fully stocked and has been reorganised to give the customer a full range of household products, toys, canned goods and clothing. If like me you need some large size clothes this is the place to go shopping . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 31, 2014
The menu at Tim Horton's is not a amen at all but a guide as their clerks turn all orders into a' la carte orders. A sandwich soup combo and a soup donut combo added up to $22 instead of the advertised $12.78 resulting in ten minutes of haggling and the order came without the donut. Order what's on the menu and pay not a penny more no matter how they try to get you to deviate so they can up the price. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 23, 2014
Everyone knows a ghost story or two but here is a chance to go with a team of explorers here in Saskatchewan to investigate "the other side". This great 30 minute TV show is on APTN 9:30 Wednesday nights featuring Regina's Jeff Richards. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 17, 2014
We all really need to improve our listening skills. When someone is talking to you don't use the time to prepare what you are going to say listen to them then ask a question to help clarify in your mind what they have just said.. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 10, 2014
Save your time and energy we could find no bargains or even unique products that can not be found elsewhere in Target, Prices were high, even boxing day discounts were more than double regular prices at the SuperStore. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 28, 2013
Though the remarkable freedom and fun of the snow machine has increased with its price and sophistication so have the dangers. Booze and snow machines are a deadly combination. Enjoy the ride but leave the drinking until your ride is over.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 21, 2013
If you have trouble on the road, don't break this rule. Stay with your vehicle until rescued. Do not walk off in the cold to your death. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 12, 2013
The Great Wall restaurant in downtown Tisdale serves a buffet lunch Wednesday and Friday and Sunday Buffets at noon and supper. Outstanding quality each and every time. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 6, 2013
Things change and it sometimes takes a while to notice the glass roof that used to be on these three posts has been gone for close to two years. But the now useless poles remain with no apparent use. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 29, 2013
There is no need for us all to be overly polite. Enough already with the "seasons Greetings" and "happy holidays". The consumer feeding frenzy began in earnest today as shoppers buy "Christmas Presents". (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 23, 2013
Cars and vans are improved the most by the installation of snow and winter tires improving stopping distance by up to 20% when temperatures dip below 5ªC. Required in Quebec but in Manitoba and Saskatchewan less than 60% of vehicles make the winter switch. Get your wheels and tires now. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 15, 2013
Though we usually think of cities as home to large numbers of people a surprising number of those people have one or two dogs and many have cats. But most Canadian cities are home to squirrels, bush rabbits, white tailed deer, some coyotes and the occasional moose. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 8, 2013
Everyone who drivers, sooner or later, gets themselves and their vehicle stuck. When it happens accept your humiliation and get help. When you are stuck the best solution is always, get it towed. Good reason to have road side assistance; CAA or whatever. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 1, 2013
Though the ponds and dug outs are covered with a glassy cover ice and in a few days that ice will be covered with snow it is going to be quite a while before that ice will carry the weight of a person or a snow machine. Stay off the ice! (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 25, 2013
We're changing over on Monday, what about you? If you don't have a set of winter tires you shouldn't be driving. It's that simple, they make such a difference that your safety and your family's safety is drastically improved. Wheels, tires, sensors and you are set for years to come. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 17, 2013
Its been a long time since winter begrudgingly left us but there was snow on our steps this morning. It is half way through October and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Order those winter tires if you don't have any because we will all soon will need them. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 9, 2013
People are inclined to do dangerous things, it would be nice if we could wave a magic wand and stupidity would go away but we all know how many folks keep on smoking knowing its dangers. Laws and regulations can only go so far, at some point we have to count on education and common sense making a difference. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 2, 2013
Throughout all of our time we humans have found ways to muddle our way through the challenges we have faced. We have not always made progress and have seen setbacks many times but no matter how bad things may appear you have no choice but to make the best of it. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 24, 2013
In 2008 about this time of the year the American Capitalist system banks and industry collapsed. The experts actually contributed to the event. Disregard financial advise from me or anyone else. There are causes for transformers to explode and for the economy to go sour but accurate prediction of such events is non-existent. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 19, 2013
Each year my wife buys six little tomato plants at the greenhouse and each year we have the most delicious tomatoes, more than we can eat. They require little tending and they really are rewarding. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 10, 2013
There was a demonstration and a large crowd on the Beeland Co-op parking lot today at noon with hot dogs and hamburgers promoting suicide prevention. Check out the outstanding pamphlet handed out. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 3, 2013
There is a time in our lives where we occasionally need to rest a spell and Grenfell's Regional Park campground is just right. Only 9 power, water sewer sites but all have power and all are in this outstanding treed park with a brand new pool. Right on highway #1 and with all services available. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 27, 2013
If your vehicle is in need of repairs and you are in the eastern part of Saskatchewan the best choice is Melville Chevrolet. (Former Ochs) knowledgeable people and ability to the job done at an affordable price. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 20, 2013
This summer theatres have been wallowing in a deluge of barely watchable cartoon features. With DVDs, Neftlix, and downloads a parent can find the really great one for their kids and pass one some of these very forgettable time consumers. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 13, 2013
When it comes to reading instructions I have to admit I fail time after time. LIke many I look for the important element and skip the rest. In this case I wanted to know the amount of air to put into a bicycle tire. I saw 40, good enough. No not quite it said "maximum 40 psi." (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 6, 2013
Just where did the idea come from that employers and governments always aim to pay their people the lowest amount of money in wages they can get away with while at the same time lowering corporate taxes. What we need are lots of tax payers, people who can afford to pay their taxes and have a vested interest in where thoses taxes are spent. The rich do not pay enough in taxes to cover their cost to society. The middle class and the working class carry the load and its time they were paid more. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 2, 2013
It has been cool lately and the mosquitoes have not been as active as they were but it will warm up and when it does do everything you can to protect you and your family from them because this year the treat of West Nile is serious and if you have a compromise immune system there is no known cure or treatment for the disease. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 26, 2013
Shakespeare is at the heart of our language but this year's production of Macbeth in Saskatoon is so severely cut back and edited it really makes little sense. Recommend you pass on this year's show. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 10, 2013
Our plans next week had been to join the Wheatland Good Sam group and spend time at Back to Batoche Days. When we discovered the usual 2,500 attendees of most years is expected to be close to 30,000 we have all decided to pass on this year's event. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 5, 2013
When it comes to taking a picture from your bicycle, always come to a full stop before you grab your camera. Such are the lessons we learn and the sacrifices we make o bring you Ensign each week. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 27, 2013
Ever since May of 2011 I have cursed the step ladder leaning against the motorhome in this picture. Ignoring advice I bought the two step version only to realise time after time I was one step short. The wrong tool is worst than no tool at all. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 20, 2013
Of  course you can go camping and not have a campfire just like having a chocolate sundae without the ice cream or the chocolate, but to savour you time sitting by a fire swatting bugs is one of life's sweet pleasures. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 13, 2013
One of the responsibilities of living in a democracy is keeping yourself informed. You need not be an expert, but you can not make informed choices, or decisions, without being aware of what is happening. Relying on some leader to tell you what things should be like leads to chaos, as Mr. Harper is demonstrating. Democracy is up to you. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 6, 2013
We all talk about there being no place like home but the reality is that mobility, being able to travel and transport things is one of the most important aspects of life. Perhaps its why we worship cars. Mobility is both freedom and power. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 30, 2013
An outstanding mobile app created for drivers in the UK is worth checking out. Imaging how useful this information would be for a commuter. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 23, 2013
These two antique cars are in super shape and a familiar sight to Tisdale people. They are for sale; 1950 Chrysler Royale and 1947 Pontiac two door. 306 873-2001 (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 16, 2013
Lots of people have covered their yards in rocks and other trash but green grass still is a solid winner. Though costly the grass absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Besides after white, green is a great colour. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 10, 2013
A photographer from New Zealand, Mark Gee produced this amazing video clip. Not with magic, high tech tools but with time tested try try and try again effort. If you put in the effort and raise your expectations you just may be able to do some really important things. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 3, 2013
A reasonably reliable source tells us that the new commercial development to go at the junction of highways #3 and #35 is a new Beeland Co-op market including a food store, gasoline and convenience store. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 26, 2013
No question this winter of 2013 is one we will remember unless it is the start of a trend. Last night it didn't freeze, first time in 2013. Ken Jones was on his lawn 18 inches above it actually on April 16. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 18, 2013
Not all things today are more advanced than they were in the past. Ordering online is no big deal when you consider this Tisdale house was ordered from an Eatons catalogue in 1928.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 11, 2013
Two new businesses have opened side by side in downtown Tisdale. Cowgirl Chaos and Stingers beside Bliss and Lucas Embroidery. Meanwhile speculation abound about what will take place at the former tourist booth location. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 4, 2013
"When March goes on forever and April's twice as long
Who gives a damn if spring has come as long as winter's gone."
by: Dr. Bob Ruzicka ( p.43, Spring Tonic by Peter Gzowski)(Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 28, 2013
In most cases the clouds in the sky give us some clue to expected weather. These clouds do not predict anything but they do have a very cool name. Altocumulus Castellanus are a motley layer of broken cloud usually above 6,000 feet. With some heat they can develop into cumulonimbus but with our low temperatures of late not much chance of that happening.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 13, 2013
Canada's "do not call list" is a joke so if you want to put an end to telemarketers Don't Answer. Put caller ID on your phone and when it rings look at the name of who is calling. If the number isn't an area code you might get a call from don't answer. Write down the number and start your own "do not answer list." Some of the worst offenders are your bank, Sears, Canadian Tire note their number when they call to sell you something and put them on your list. . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 6, 2013
You may think that getting your vehicle serviced is mainly to change the oil but that is only part of the important process of maintaining your vehicle. Most importantly it is getting it thoroughly checked over. During my vehicles service the front tires were low and in checking it was noted they were worn and new ones were installed only to discover one was completely damaged and was terminal. Get your vehicle serviced by a competent shop that checks over everything, maintenance is cheap compared to a brake down or worse. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 28, 2013
This web site came under considerable amount of public criticism for taking pictures in downtown Tisdale, well settle down folks you are being watched. We are used to cameras in stores but street cakes are a new thing in Tisdale and they are here to stay and part of modern life. Privacy is pretty much a thing of the past because cameras like this record to hard drive all they see with a time stamp and are always available to law enforcement when ever want. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 23, 2013
If you have an old furnace you can't afford not to replace it with an energy efficient one that will use a fraction of the fuel you are currently using. Borrow the cost of the furnace and installation using the government program that ends at the end of March 2013 and pay off the loan with the savings in fuel. There is no PST and you get $15.00 off on the thermostat. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 21, 2013
Typewriters were pretty much a business machine before the 1960s. Up until then the straight pen or fountain pen was the word processor for most people. Ball point pens were available in the mid 50s but most teachers would not accept them until about 1959. It is entirely possible that cursive handwriting may almost disappear with the children of today being those last to learn the skill.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 12, 2013
We have an original iPad bought in October 2010 and it has worked flawlessly ever since wifi or using SaskTel. But today I accidentally turned it off and thought it was broken. There was panic both my wife and I use it every single day and depend on it far more than a computer. If you want to read news, watch a movie, chat face to face with a friend or family member get yourself a durable value priced iPad. Better than any computer and so easy to use. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 6, 2013
They are a real and present danger in bad weather on the highway but our economy has come to rely completely on the heavy highway hauler. Remember they can not stop and in poor visibility conditions they tend run over slower traffic as yesterday near Carlyle where one hit a stopped car driving it into the path of an oncoming semi, two women killed outright. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 2, 2013
What is the cost of being politically correct? A serious problem for CBC and CTV to deal with the Idle No More movement with the band leaders being one of the major problems facing aboriginal people. By not pointing out that the Spencer hunger strike was a hoax they have become co-conspirators in the graft and corruption of First Nations leaders. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 31, 2013
The last few winters have tricked us into thinking winter is a thing of the past. This year we have had snow, modest temperatures with this present -30ºC cold snap soon to end. This is Canada and tough this seems harsh it is well within the normal range we can experience. "If wither comes, can spring be far behind?" (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 25, 2013
We have a lot of snow in Saskatchewan and most of Canada this year and it has to be cleared away. Though it seems like the manly thing to do, surviving is better. Take it easy. Shovelling this stuff for middle aged men and old guys is really dangerous. If you don't have a blower put out the cash to have someone do it or bloody well wait for spring. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 17, 2013
Before vehicles came equipped with day time running lights most Saskatchewan drivers had the good sense to turn on their headlights in poor driving conditions. That still makes sense, day time running lights do no give you tail lights and in snow and blowing snow conditions you are just in as much danger from being run over as hitting some thing so turn on the headlights with a ground drift or when it is snowing. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 13, 2013
This past week there was some fairly normal winter weather in Southern and Central Saskatchewan. Tuesday saw three people die in vehicle mishaps near Estevan, Belle Plain and the third in another part of the province. All three where killed by semi trailer pulling trucks. All unable to stop because of driving in storm conditions exceeding their ability to be controlled. In bad weather they are the killing enemy just don't go because there is no defence. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 4, 2013
Logic is not part of the everyday operation of things operated by humans. The Tisdale outdoor skating rink was resurfaced and ready for use today but the change building was locked up making the use of the ice difficult for parents with children. Why bother to ready the ice when it was not available for use? (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 30, 2012
From the moment of birth until a person's lifetime runs out we all continue to add knowledge and skills so that we all need very much to understand that learning is an ongoing event. But here is the cool thing about the process, we all do it in our own unique way. Some by observation, some by trial and error, some by repetitive experiences. Instruction is only a small part of the act of learning. The most important component is making mistakes and learning from them. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 21, 2012

An emergency warning system is right there on your key chain. Put your car keys on your night table next to your bed. If an emergency of some kind arises grab the keys and hit the horn button. It will alert your neighbours and they will want to stop the racket and check out the problem. Similarly if you have your keys with you and suffer a dangerous fall hit the button to summons help.

Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 6, 2012
Development in Saskatchewan is relentless. Oil rigs and producing pumps can be seen scattered across the province south of highway #1 from Alberta to Manitoba. But the exploration continues. The old oil fields in the south and south east are being redeveloped and there seems to be no limit to where more natural resources will be found. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 30, 2012
The key to the successful future in this province depends on a mix of agriculture, resource development, industry and technological advancement. But to make these things work we need a highly educated and adaptable workforce who can get the job done. Ultimately, Saskatchewan's success is to come from its classrooms, elementary, high school, trade schools and university. Taxpayers, happily make the investment in tomorrow in today's schools. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 21, 2012
IFor mostly geographical reasons we in Saskatchewan depend upon individual motor vehicles for transportation and accessing goods services and the necessities of life. Since we depend so heavily upon our vehicles and highways we really need to rethink the whole process. Driver training, vehicle maintenance, laws and regulations. Ultimately this part of our lives must be a safe activity and that above all else should be our primary concern when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. Keep down the speed, don't drink and never ever use the cell phone while driving. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 17, 2012
I thought fake plastic Christmas trees were a departure from tradition, I was shocked to see white, tinsel and red trees, my son had a fake tree that rotated at one time but this snowing tree goes just another step to far. Sone time in December go buy a real tree at a fraction of the price of a fake one then the week before Christmas get into the spirit of things, set it up and decorate it. Much better then . . . well these other things. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 9, 2012
If you are a Mac user and a regular visitor to Ensign you can download the Ensign app by clicking here, that will run on your computer without a browser. Put the app in your dock or anywhere you want and when you want to visit Ensign just click on the app. This app was produced using "Fluid" created by Todd Ditchendorf. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 4, 2012
All year around no matter what the driving conditions you have the responsibility to protect yourself, your passengers from injury and damage. That means driving defensively. Assess your vehicle and your driving skills and consider if the conditions are safe to operate your vehicle. When you determine your chance of making a safe trip is not a favourable option just don't go. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 2, 2012
Wednesday and Friday luch buffet at Tisdale's Great Wall restaurant is definitely an outstanding value with extraordinary high quality food. Today the place was full of happy luncheon guests. The Great Wall also has a Sunday buffet from 5:00 until 8:00.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 27, 2012
It troubled me some years ago when I discovered there was diet pet food for dogs and cats. But now you can buy halloween costumes for your pet. This past weekend in New York there was a Dog Halloween park. Pets full fill an important role in the lives of people but somehow I think the whole business as got a little carried away. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 12, 2012
This story of the fifteen year old British Columbia girl who took her own life is just plain tragic. But alas dear friends there is a deep and important lesson to be learned from this sad story and we each need to consider how it affects our lives. Things like FaceBook and Twitter are not therapy, it may seem that telling your friends and acquaintances how you are feeling is the thing to do but it is not enough. If you need counselling, do something about it. Go to a counsellor, a psychologist, or your clergyman, and get help. Depression is a killer and so are a number of other conditions that can sneak up on a person and just whining about it is not going to make it go away. If you are constantly thinking about drugs and alcohol, if you discover that you feel very very sad when there is no real reason to feel that way you need help. We are not alone in this life, we share our lives with each other, but staying alive sometimes means that you need professional help, so if you do, get the help you need. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 4, 2012
Manners are important, behaving with consideration and respect for others makes life for everyone more pleasant. This applies when you are operating your vehicle score major manners points by taking a big parking space like this an putting your vehicle not in the middle but at one end so that you leave room for other drivers. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 28, 2012
In Saskatoon's Market Mall there is a corner store that sells various flavours of yogurt by weight. It is self serve, you put your frozen treat in a dish from a dispenser and take it to the waiter to weigh. Very cool and great surroundings. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 19, 2012
This is for Mac users with a laptop and a mini or iMac. This works with Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard systems. Install a app called "teleport" on both machines and you once set up with one keyboard and mouse you can work on both machines. Run applications, copy and transfer files it works flawlessly. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 14, 2012
For all of September Apple is webcasting live and replays of concerts. Go to the iTunes store using iTunes then just click on the picture iTunes Festival logo and find out the schedule and access already aired concerts. It is all free. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 7, 2012
Kevin MacIntyre passed along this amazing video of the Miniatur Wunderland in Hambourg Germany. The airport portion of the eleven scenes was opened to the public this May.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 31, 2012
If you want a quick look at the technological stories of the day the web site Extreme Tech is the place to go. Stories gleaned from various technological publications are presented in a smart easy to read manner on this site.(Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 16, 2012
Good gardens have vegetables but great gardens also have flowers. If you have the room set off your vegetables with a row or wall of flowers. Not only do the flowers look great they will attract bees to your garden and can make a place where you will want to spend some time. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 11, 2012
Perhaps the most commonly used item we add to food (other than salt) is ketchup. I recommend President's Choice Low Sodium Ketchup. It has 60% less salt than the regular stuff and this ketchup tastes better. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 5, 2012
More than just a subculture the Harley Davidson motorcycle cult is more of a country unto itself. Its loud, motorcycles are louder than any other vehicle including railway locomotives, and seemingly unaware of the world around them. In all five states we travelled in this summer helmets are not required. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 9, 2012
It's almost a right of passage that at some point in every child's life it's time to set up a lemonade stand. In this case, an Iced Tea stand. It asserts oneself as a viablee entity and every customer confers respect and credibility to the child. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 15, 2012
Most gardens are up and with the rain are looking pretty good. Planting and tending a garden is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Accomplishment, recreation, exercise and keeping you in touch with the real world are all apart of gardening. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 1, 2012
The United States war in Vietnam ended thirty-seven years ago. A limited war fought by proxies as the Soviet Union and China chose IndoChina as the theatre to engage the Americans but avoiding an all out war. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 24, 2012
Is it a butterfly or a moth? This is a moth. Antenna of butterflies have nobs on the end. Moths have hairy bodies. This a daytime moth but unable to identify. If you know tell us what it is. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 18, 2012
We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what makes a great breakfast? Interestingly enough a growing number of people are successfully having an all fruit breakfast. The benefits of a fruit breakfast are quite remarkable providing you with needed fibre, flavour and pretty much what you need most to start the day. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 11, 2012
It was several years ago that Tisdale's admitting desk was closed off with a window making communications all but impossible. This month the hospital's lab has blocked off its window and the doctor's office downtown has a similar communications barrier.They have excuses but no sensible reasons for this process of institutionalizing the public. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 1, 2012
The status quo is what failure is all about. A progressive community, business or individual must at all times be working toward an ever growing and expanding future. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 25, 2012
Our lives often take some unexpected pathways and much of the time its not fair. But the successful person does what he or she can do with the circumstances in which they find themselves. My mom called it "making due" and that pretty much covers it. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 20, 2012
The truck you see in this picture is by far not as extreme as some but raised vehicles pose an enormous threat to other vehicles on the road. Notice that this one does not have a back bumper at all, let alone one at the same height as your car or SUV. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 10, 2012
Though we need to deal with grain hauling "B" trains on almost all of Saskatchewan's highways and roads. The long haul units are concentrated on #1, #16 and #11 highways. The full laws of physics apply. Forget about who has the right of way. Vehicles that heavy and travelling the speed limit need a long distance to stop so drive defensively and watch out for these thing. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 5, 2012
Come spring we all pretty much assume the deadly storms of winter are behind us. That is not the case the wild storms of the spring can be the worst of the year. When planning a trip make sure your vehicle has survival equipment and the driver is informed about possible conditions. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 31, 2012
Flags and logos are symbols. A kind of shorthand for expressing ideas. The swastika symbolizes the extermination of Jewish people and the confederate flag is a bold symbol advocating slavery of black people and intolerance. Flying or displaying symbols like these are hate mongering and definitely repugunent in a free and open multicultural society like that of Canada. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 23, 2012
First day of spring this is the flag at the Tisdale town office. It was sorted out later that day but at the intersection of highways #3 and #35 less than half of the Canadian and American flags are flying. There is no point in flying a flag if it is going to be treated with such disrespect. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 17, 2012
One of the good things about fall, winter and early spring in Canada is the absence of mosquitoes. Last summer was an excellent year but this early spring of 2012 might be another whack and scratch time. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 8, 2012
Even though now in his 90s our neighbour thrives on getting out and being active all year round. He replaced his bigger tractor with this smaller one as he does not have as much need for the front end loader. Being able to drive his tractor is what made him successful as a Carrot River farmer. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 2, 2012
Farmers retire from the business and career that has absorbed their whole lives. Most find it something that they can get over but parting with a beloved tractor is something that just can not happen. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 23, 2012
We all think we understand what a light year is or a nanometre but in between the most tiny particle and the universe there is a lot of range. This web site gives you a chance to explore really big and really small. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 16, 2012
The history and more importantly the pictures of Saskatchewan are now available online at the Saskatchewan Archives outstanding web site. Terry Bilash stopped the story about the site in today's Leader Post. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 9, 2012
It has been 81 years since the Ford Motor Company made a new Model "A" yet almost every person can recognize one and they are still amazingly common. Cropper Motors have a beauty and Canadian Tire in Regina have one on display. Most common are models from the mid 20s. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 2, 2012
We have routinely been using Macintosh computers to talk with one another in our family since 2004 using Apple's iChat software. But with the updated iPhone and iPad2 we get even better results with Apple's FaceTime. WiFi is needed for the iPhone or iPad2. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 26, 2012
Be it the changes in the skyline or pot holes in the street one of the most challenging aspects of life is dealing with change. Nothing stays the same, we grow older,we are confronted with technological and social innovations on a daily basis. There is no getting used to it, each of us has to learn to continuously adapt. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 19, 2012
Each winter drivers and passengers get into trouble, it is the very nature of travel, but when it happens the cardinal rule is very simple; stay with your vehicle until you are rescued. In the last few days exposed skin will freeze solid in less then five minutes. Stay with your vehicle. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 12, 2012
So far we in Saskatchewan are experiencing an extremely mild winter. The Pacific current flowing up the west coast is causing the stationary low in the Alaskan Gulf to be further South than usual and has been puffing warm air over the mountains at us and the stationary Arctic high is further north this year and weak. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 4, 2012
If you happen to go shoping in Wiinpeg, Manitoba you might decide to visit the big Polo Park Mall, not a bad choice but the whole shopping experience is better at the St. Vital Mall on the city's south east side. It is bigger, the prices are better and there are more shops to choose from. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 21, 2011
Pace yourself. No matter how hectic things get make time to recharge your batteries at regular intervals. Studies have shown that those people who stop work and take a break get more done and are away more efficient with the added benefit of superior work being achieved. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 15, 2011
The key to a civil society is quite simply "good manners". Manners apply not to just "please" and "thankyou" but it also involves the way you operate your vehicle. Bad manners in parking are really objectionable and some thing that if you are aware of you will make your place a nicer place to be. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 7, 2011
Throughout the winter temperatures and driving conditions can vary considerably and salt is used extensively. Keep your vehicle clean during the winter to prevent damage to paint. Chips can quickly corrode so keep it clean . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 30, 2011
Vehicles with flashing emergency lights require that you slow to 60kph when you meet or pass them. Since snow ploughs travel at 60kph it is not legal to pass a working snowplough. The operator will periodically slow and pull over to let you pass otherwise wait. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 25, 2011
Excellent food, great service and open when you need a good meal, that's what you will find if you are travelling to Regina on highway #6. Watson's hotel is the best stop between Melfort and Regina. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 16, 2011
What's all this talk about this going to be a long cold nasty winter? Check out the jack rabbit who visits our yard. For the most part he is still wearing his summer brown coat with only a hint of his normal winter white. Maybe things are going to be quite so unpleasent. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 11, 2011
Making government efficient is a laudable goal but providing services to the citizens of a society is the role of government and that role can only be accomplished with the payment of taxes. There is no free ride in a democratic society where it is our duty to provide for everyone/s needs. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 8, 2011
You don't need to be warned about the icy road conditions throughout Saskatchewan but there is something you can do about it. If you don't have winter tires on your vehicle you will increase your safety considerably by installing them. Our's go on tomorrow. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 2, 2011
A sky like this one pretty much tells us that we are pretty insignificant life forms. The forces of nature are awesome but so are economic ones. The world economic crisis facing Europe and the rest of the world is about to get overwhelming. The Greeks do not have a finger in the dike, dam of collapsing economies is about to burst. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 26, 2011
In North America we call these plants "cattails" there are eleven species of them formally known as "typha" and grow all over the world. In England they are called "bullrush" as they are also called that in Australia but are known as "raupo" in New Zealand. They are edible and perform the role of converting wet land to dry land. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 20, 2011
Remarkably the temperature has been hold up quite nicely. Chance of showers on Saturday and a chance of snow flurries on Monday. The high on Tuesday is expected to be +2ºC. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 14, 2011
There is just so much to learn, walking, talking, playing well with others, dealing with upgrades to software on the iPad and perhaps most of all figuring out how to get people to do what you want. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 7, 2011
In our abundant society it is so easy to forget the respect and reverence that we need to retain for food. Let us hope these pumpkins will not be wasted as mere decorations. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 29, 2011
If you are in Naicam on a Wednesday or a Friday the place to go for lunch is Chan's Diner. A full buffet of wholesome food. But be warned you will not be alone, this luncheon spot is not a secret and the house will be full . (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 23, 2011
This highway rule is not something you can safely cheat on. Emergency vehicles and highway workers can only be passed at 60 KPH no exceptions. In Alberta same rule but the fine is doubled. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 14, 2011
Just as we are surprised to see the sun setting earlier each day so many feel a certain regret as the leaves start to turn colour and fall from the trees. Some use the term inevitable to describe the relentless process of time but it just goes to show how we live in the here and now and that is as it should be. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 6, 2011
We recently spotted an oil drilling rig just north of the city of Regina and potash mines across the province are expanding or going flat out with production while still others are being developed. Saskatchewan's resource development is on an amazing upswing even while the forest industry is coming back to life. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
September 1, 2011
For much of my life it was rare to go to a beach in the summer and there not be a lifeguard on hand. This summer in Saskatchewan Provincial and Regional parks we saw no lifeguards at all. The same goes for Manitoba and Ontario. Why? People are drowneding and not only is there no help but there is no sign of throwing rings or other devises. This situation is uncivilised. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 17, 2011
Though all suspect that cell phones, particularly so-called smart phones are changing the world. It has already happened and the power of these devices is far more reaching than just teenagers sending notes to one another. 3G has put power into the hands of everyone with a device. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 12, 2011
Whatever the tool is, it is only usable when it is properly used and properly maintained. Machines that a not kept clean and serviced regularly break down and productivity is dramatically reduced. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 5, 2011
Debris hurled from the blade of a rotary lawn mower can reach amazing speed and do serious damage to a foot or leg. When mowing wear sturdy shoes and long pants to reduce possible injury and children should not be on a lawn that is being mowed. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
August 2, 2011
Though it is still a while until it is officially autumn, summer in Saskatchewan is a fleeting thing and once you get to August summer weather can go downhill pretty fast. Therefore folks enjoy what is left of the summer of 2011 there are many predicting a long cold hostile winter. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 29, 2011
Breakfast at Tisdale's newest restaurant, Melrose place is $5.99 not including coffee. Service is outstanding and they had decaf coffee but my potatoes were partly cooked, the bacon burnt and the toast came piled on the breakfast instead of on a plate of its own. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 27, 2011
More than 30 outlets in Alberta, two in Regina, one in Kelowna and another in Chicago. Quality hamburgers and in Regina excellent ice cream at a low price. Outstanding fast food place. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 14, 2011
For decades it has been said that Saskatchewan has to small a population to support a professional football team. Adversity to prairie people is an enormous incentive and the Riders are the most successful team in the league. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
July 6, 2011
The iPad tablet has become a very popular device because it is so easy to use. For getting information quickly and being able to listen to the facts try the app "Qwiki" just type in a word and the pictures and description are immediately presented. No need to read. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 30, 2011
A vegetable garden can be both a triumph or a tragedy but mostly they are a recreational make work project. Ours was a little late but is coming along but just like last year no sign of any corn growing.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 29, 2011
When a plant grows on its own where it wants it is considered a weed. But I have to admire the courage and determination of these daisies. They may be part of the daisy liberation movement. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 28, 2011
Saskatchewan's floral emblem is the Western Red Lily. If you see one in the wild take a picture but don't pick the flower they are protected and for a good reason, they are far less common then one would think. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 21, 2011
Since late fall work has progressed on spiffing up Tisdale's Bow Mar building and sales lot and now the work is finished. Congratulations Bow Mar looking good. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 17, 2011
The children of Smeaton and its surrounding area ride the bus twelve miles to Choiceland every day. Choiceland and its large school have always been 12 miles from Smeaton why did we the taxpayers of Saskatchewan built this outstanding new school in Smeaton only for it to be boarded up? The sad answer is the creation of very large school divisions jammed bordering communities into the same division. Questionable efficiency! (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 10, 2011
Tisdale home owners more and more are landscaping with more than grass, trees and petunias. Feature stone and planter designs are happening all around the community.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 9, 2011
It always is impressive to see the wonders of duct tape but making that insurance claim and getting the body work done might seem like a much better idea. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
June 1, 2011
I once asked a successful parent what was the most important thing for a family to do to give their kids the best start in life. He said "keep them busy, the more active and involved a child is the wider their interests and their experiences on which they can build a life." (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 27, 2011
A member of the RCMP with a patrol car and another on motorcycle were monitoring the traffic in downtown Tisdale this morning. Keep in mind the primary task is not to catch you making a mistake its to improve safety and save lives and property. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 19, 2011
This springs flow of water into Manitoba may not have occurred in the past 500 years yet only a small number of people had to leave their homes as the province's extensive planning and major floodways have drastically reduced property damage. This is a lesson governments everywhere need to pay attention to being prepared for a disaster. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
May 4, 2011
Citizens of the United States of America are very big on Christianity. They slogans on the money and pray a lot. Yet as a country cold blooded murder outside of the rule of law is celebrated in the streets. Is it okay for a country to kill people even bad people? (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 27, 2011
Monday, May 2 is election day. You may not be that highly motivated to exercise your right to vote but here is a good reason to do so. Do it for Ella, for Ella and all the other kids who are depending upon us to think things through and celebrate democracy by voting. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 20, 2011
Most people think of using sunscreen when they go to the beach. That's great but you can do damage any time you are exposed to sunlight especially on a cloudy day. Ozone over Canada is thin and you need to put the stuff on if you are going outside. Children are most endangered. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 17, 2011
The real danger in attempting to cross a flooded roadway is that your vehicle may float. Avoid crossing but if you must roll down your window, undo your seatbelt and pop open your door because you may have to swim. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 13, 2011
Bruce Schapansky Auctions are having their big agricultural machinery sale on Tuesday, April 19. Outstanding selection of equipment and everything else a farmer needs. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
April 6, 2011
This sign is the sort of thing we have come to expect from the Harper Conservatives as they emulate the radical right in the United States. Such attitudes are dangerous as was seen in the attack on the Arizona Congresswoman and the people killed at the time of her attack.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 30, 2011
With the very heavy snow cover in most yards many home owners are clearing the snow away from their homes to improve the melting and drainage. Taking this step might reduce the danger of basement seepage. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 24, 2011
Below freezing temperature and water and slush on the street make a dangerous combination. You may find your vehicle unsteerable because of ice in the wheel wells. This can occur and will not be discovered until you attempt to turn. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 23, 2011
When you go out to eat what is included in the price of the meal. Certainly the food is important, the service is a big part of it but so is the embience, the setting, the comfort the colours the place itself is part of the dining experience. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 14, 2011
Though we received more than four inches of snow this past weekend today there were puddles and as sure the sky is blue spring is on its way. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 8, 2011
This set of large stones may just seem like big rocks but they are known geologically as "eratics" material moved by glaciation and dropped off away from their origin. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
March 2, 2011
If the road ahead looks even a bit like this it is time to stay home or if you are already enroute find a place to stay. Road travel under these conditions is not an acceptable risk to take. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 25, 2011
This has been a long cold spell and there is a considerable build up of snow and ice on dwellings. Time to check to see that all vents are still functioning and that the burden on your roof is within limits. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 23, 2011
If your engine quits or you run off the road on a day like this. Stay put and wait for someone to come by. The wind chill is around -30º C and you would survive only 30 minutes walking in these conditions. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 19, 2011
The recent warm weather brought the yard sculptors out to create a whole population of snow persons. We are very social beings and these creations seem to symbolise our desire to see ourselves in our world. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 16, 2011
The idea with a poster is to inform by passing on information to the reader. Oddly enough some poster makers are distracted with fonts. Fonts can be decorative but they must above be readable.. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 8, 2011
With so few remaining Canadian Forces bases in the country Canadians rarely see the men and women who serve our country other then when they are shown in battle or as casualties. Our small hard working military deserves our respect and more bases to lighten the load. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 4, 2011
The power of the late winter sun is something to behold as even tiny specks in the white snow heat up as the snow rapidly settles and melts with bits of dark speeding the process. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 2, 2011
Through all four seasons and every possible weather condition the willie Raven is able to make the best of things. It uses what it can find with its own extensive intelligence and survives. This is what we share with the Raven. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
February 1, 2011
The modern automotive mechanic has impressive tools to work with including computers, high tech wrenches and a host of other impressive technological miracles but the hammer remains the most indespensible tool he has available. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 27, 2011
$50 million looks great but remember you are far more likely to be struck by lightning in the winter time then the chances of your numbers being selected to win. The worst thing that can happen is to win a small prize that will get you hooked on buying and buying. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 26, 2011
If you are only given lemons then make lemonade. The pool was cool so this little girl made the best of it. Put on her mask flippers and floatation device and made a lap around the pool. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 10, 2011
Today it was announced that tourism spending in Canada is now back to the level it was prior to the recession and Canadian spending on tourism in Canada is up significantly. The fact is taking a holiday now and then is really good for you and in terms of a society holidays tend to increase productivity. In France holdiays are required even for the unemployed. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 6, 2011
The plastic material in headlight assemblies gradually cloud over with age and oxidation. If your driving a vehicle more than ten years old there is a good chance your headlights put out about 50% of the light they used to. Next oil change get your service man to buff the lights with toothpaste or hand cleaner. It will make a huge difference. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
January 5, 2011
When it comes to computers both hardware and software the most difficult component is the learning curve of the operator. If you are upgrading software do it one item at a time with some time in between to get used to the new stuff before you have to learn yet another. Just upgrades all software and changed the hard drive all at once. Moan! (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 30, 2010
After 12:00 noon each day your coffee refill is 99¢ plus tax at the 7/11. 24 hours a day the 7/11 and it cheeryful and helpful staff will provide you with your basic needs and then some. Remember to use your Petro-Points card on gasoline and other purchases in the store. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 27, 2010
Small doesn't come close to describing the way computer components have shrunk during the past decade. It is beyond our imagination what the next ten years will bring. Though we often marvel at the advances in software, the progress of hardware development is relentless and exponential. With reduced size comes lower operating temperatures and improved performance. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 23, 2010
The Model "T" was probably the world's best car ever but number two would have to be the adaptable and durable Madel "A". I can remember that in the late 50s there were still all kinds of them on the road and doing the job for which they were intended long after they all should have worn out. But they were not only durable but they were "cool". They could work and look good doing the job. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 21, 2010
Though the moon wanders across the sky each and every day it plays little more than a clock in the affairs of humans. Astrology is pretty much a parlour game and the position of the moon and the stars has no baring on the affairs of each of us. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 15, 2010
Of all the military fortifications I know of the most important one is the snow fort. Every kid with access to snow and space to develop fortification becomes an architect working on one of the wonders of the world. Every Canadian kid considers with pride the snow forts he or she has built and the ones that might have been. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 13, 2010
Some homes like this one were decorated in November and many are just now turning on their lights each night. The whole idea of decorating for Christmas it part of the mystery of the Christmas season. There are no regulations about getting into the Christmas spirit is just something that each person or family does in their own way. Christmas lights seem to be one off the ways. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 11, 2010
If you are watching your diet the low fat, low calorie subs at Subway are an excellent choice. If you load up your sub with lots of the trimmings you are basically eating a salade on a light bun with a little meat and cheese. If you are checking your sugar levels you will discover that a sub is one of the best things you can eat. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 9, 2010
.This is the time of the year with Christmas and New Years a lot of people take to the highways with the pressing need to go no matter what the weather conditions. Before you pull out onto the highway with your family aboard ask yourself is the weather safe enough to make this trip and ask yourself is it worth your family's lives. The "go / no go" decision depends on visibility, traction and the pressure to get to the destination (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 8, 2010 late eddition
Suspended disbelief is one of those things we most often associate with fiction, movies, the theatre and TV but it has a place in all of life. The concept of Santa Claus is an idea not a reality and as such is a valid part of not just a child's life but is part of a culture that so badly wants to have some part of it tht is linked to generousity, acceeptance of all and perhaps most of all the hope that things will all turn out good some time in the future. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 8, 2010
Wind, ice, lightning and trees all get involved with over head cables. Telephone Cable TV and electrical power are being buried in the newly developed parts of town but with the cost of maintenance it would seem that we would be doing ourselves a favour to bury all lines urban and rural. Just the loss of service alone should be reason enough to get rid of the unsightly overhead lines. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
December 2, 2010
Outstanding idea! Lots of study has gone into this issue and it has been concluded that you would need to start and stop a diesel pickup 30 time in order to use as much fuel as is used by letting one sit and idle. Modern gasoline fuel injected cars are far better shut off then left idling. Evem for just a minute or so shut if off and save fuel. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 30, 2010
Its time for this year's Christmas movie at the Tisdale Falkon Theatre. Matinees on Saturday, December 4th at 10:00 and 2:00 then on Sunday at 2:00. The movies are sponsored by the Tisdale Chamber of Commerce, the Beeland Co-op, Tech Water Supplies and Tisdale's Kinsmen and Kinettes. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 25, 2010
The Co-operative movement became popular as a result of the depression of the 1930s. It remains a stabilising and positive part of the Western Canadian market place. Oddly enough, despite its wide based and controlled ownership the food retail focus is not on healthy low sugar, low salt nutritional foods. The Co-op house brands are very much just the opposite. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 24, 2010
A smile needs no translation it works on everyone and is even infectious. Those who are smiled at will pass it on and smile at others. The best thing is it cost nothing and benefits both the smiler and the smiley. Babies are actually born hard wired to smile just as dogs wag their tails people smile. The great thing is that you have a choice you can mope or you can smile. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 22, 2010
The film rating system can be pretty misleading. Due Date showing in Melfort now and Tisdale this coming weekend, is rated PG-13 but for some reason, bad language no longer figures in the rating system. Some anglo-saxon terms have become so much a part of modern speech that they no longer affect the rating of aa motion picture. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 19, 2010
If you don't have winter tires on your vehicle you should have. They increase your margin of safety considerably not just on snow and ice but temperatures below +5ºC the winter tires give you more control and better breaking. Fairburn Tire still has stock available and can get the size you might need. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 18, 2010
Though this is long past the time of wood stoves and splitting big blocks of firewood, some folks still heat their homes with the inexpensive and comfortable heat from burning wood. Wood fires do product polution problems but compared to trucks and cars not a serious problem. Frugality has its merits. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 16, 2010
Since winter is here and it is not going to be gone soon we had all better make the best of it. It is hard to embrace the hostile nature of a Canadian winter but we have no other choice. It is either love it or leave it and since all of us here choose to live in our part of the world we need to accept winter and find how we can have fun no matter what the temperature. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 10, 2010
Normal operating speed of the highway snow ploughs is 60 kph which poses a serious problem for traffic. As an emergency vehicle you can not pass or meet this vehicle legally when travelling above 60 kpm. So if you are behind one slow down back off and wait for it to slow to let you by safely. When meeting one as with other emergency vehicles the Saskatchewan speed limit is 60. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 8, 2010
Surprisingly the snow cleared up in the first week of November but we are looking at 60% chance of rain misxed with snow tonight and 90% chance of the same tomorrow. There is nothing to say but get used to it. Consider winter tires for your vehicle and drive with extreme caution on the ice in the next few days. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 3, 2010
Enviromentalist and politicians give huge credibility to alternative energy sources but they are in a dream world. Transportation and industry like agriculture are dependent upon petroleum and will continue this dependency for more than half of this century. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
November 1, 2010
It probably is best that we don't understand all of the mysteries of our society. Halloween is quite beyond this writer's comprehension but the custom continues from generation to generation now with more adults seeming to dress up then children. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 27, 2010
On Sunday it was fall today it is winter, that's life. Things change and sometime quite suddenly. The challenge for us all is to adapt to changes over which we have absolutely not control. Those people who are able to adapt to any situation have success and achievement. (Click thumbnail for full size.)
October 26, 2010
Many feel that the attachment some people have to possessions, often meaningless ones is something of an obsession with materialism. Though that is a possibility is far more a part of being human and enjoying estheticly some objects which show the uniqueness of the humans who have created those objects. (Click thumbnail to see full size.)
October 20, 2010
Some wine and some cars definitely improve and are better appreciated with age. Detroits 1950s glamour saw new models every year dripping in chrome and relatively inexpensive for the quality of the machines made at the time. (Click thumbnail to see full size.)
October 14, 2010
If there is someone in your family who is a hockey player or wants to be a hocckey player it is worth your while to make a pilgrammage to the Hockey Life store. There is one in Winnipeg and it has everything in every size and at a full price range. Amazing place. (Click thumbnail to see full size.)
October 6, 2010
The Canadian dollar was expected to reach parity with the US dollar mid 2011 but it will do that in a few days as the US is printing money it does not have to prop up its economy and currency around the world are fighting to hold down their value. (Click thumbnail to see full size.)
October 5, 2010
Rail road transportation for people and products actually created this country and it is about time we realised that ecologically and economically we need more railways and rail traffic. (Click thumbnail to see full size.)
September 30, 2010
Most things break. Spark plugs should be changed about every 100,000 in your car. Though automakers say you can go 10,000 km on a oil change most service people point out 5,000 is better because of the maintenance checks that go along with the service. (Click thumbnail to see full size.)
September 28, 2010
Prince Albert now has a full medical clinic with two doctors and two nurses on hand when the SuperStore is open. Walk in clinics like this really take the pressure off the hospital's emergency room which in Prince Albert's case is seriously challenged. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 23, 2010
There will be no signifance crop this year but this is Saskatchewan and some year's farming does not work out. But the provincial and Canadian economy appear to be strong enough to keep us all going through the coming winter. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 21, 2010
It is a very difficult thing to understand but children are growing up in a world that we could not have imagined when we were kids. iPods and TV on demand are shaping children or visa versa. I know one little girl who's favourite TV programme is "Mythbusters." (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 16, 2010
Notice that these workmen are wearing safety harness as they work on this roof. There is no excuse for employers and workers not to take every precaution to prevent injury in the work place. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 14, 2010
While the town of Tisdale has been rebuilding 97th St. the potholes and street break up in the rest of the town is making travel about the town difficult especially since so many of the streets are ungraded gravel and clay roads. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 9, 2010
Healthy people do not live by bread alone nor will they survive long with just meat and potatoes. Healthy eating demands that we Canadians increase our consumption of fruits and vegetables. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 3, 2010
Though we have a first year garden and only one stock of corn survived it is surprised the quantity and quality of the food coming from this patch. Cabbage, lettuce, beets, carrots, swiss chard and tomatoes continue to arrive at our table each and every day. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 2, 2010
Though many view preditors in nature with indifference the majority view them negatively. Preditors like this fox are ultimately vital in a healthy ecosystem as they control the rodent population free of charge. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 1, 2010
Flip flops are inexpensive and great for the beach but probably not the best footwear for shovelling gravel. Accidents at work are something administrators need to be aware of so that safety boots and hard hats are needed in the industrial setting. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 31, 2010
Though most Saskatchewan wild berry patches were a bust this year, that is not the case with crab apples and apples. Trees are loaded with the various types of crab apples available and people with apple trees have more fruit then they know what to do with it. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 30, 2010
When you pick up your mail in Tisdale why not make a contribution or sign up for the September 19 Terry Fox Run with all contributions going to the Canadian Cancer Fund. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 25, 2010
It is simply not a good idea to leave pets or small children in a parked vehicle on a summer day. Even cracking the window down a few inches does not lower the temperature within the vehicle which can build to a lethal level extremely quickly. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 18, 2010
Not only are trees handy as a shelter belt and provide some shade from the sun but they do a bang up job of removing metals from the atmosphere and contributing oxygen to the environment. Trees are a good thing. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 16, 2010
Despite the trend for Canada to become ever more steadily an urban society with millions crammed into cities. The real luxury and freedom of rural and small town Canada is far better for one's life and certainly more affordable. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 11, 2010
Though many of Tisdale's streets do not have sidewalks it would seem to be common sense to use them when they are available but it is common to see people all over town strolling down the middle or busy streets trusting the drivers and the 40kph speed limit. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 9, 2010
The practical and demand for us to see the world in a realistic way is adult but it may not be ideal. Kids look at things a lot different and each generation tries to hang on to their childhood realities. There is a place in everyone's life for dreams, idealism and hope. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 8, 2010
Tisdale and most rural towns have swimming pools. Pools that are well maintained and properly supervised. A perfect place to spend a hot summer day. Today two school bus loads of people came in to Tisdale to enjoy the pool from Kinistin Reserve. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 4, 2010
My Mom called it "making do" the whole idea that rarely are conditions perfect and it is best to adapt and make the best of a situation, whatever it may be. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
August 2, 2010
Though ours turned out a bit ragged this year a back yard garden is the most popular pass time for the majority of Canadian families. The garden not only provides nutritional food but the exercise and recreational value of the activity is beyond estimation. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 29, 2010
In a year where it rains almost every day few lawn owners have being involved in watering their lawns this year. Watering is mostly only occuring with yards with new lawns attempting to get a good start. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 27, 2010
Though we all speak of a 'place' being some physical location it is not. What is a place is time dependent. The 'place' of today is different from yesterday and quite unlike what it will be tomorrow. Place without time is irrelevant. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 26, 2010
SaskPower is busy cleaning up some of the problems on its system. Problems that create poor AM radio reception on Heritage Road, along highway 3 north of the mall and at least two other areas in town. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 23, 2010
Most communities have farmers market and they are a real resource with wholesome food grown right in your own neighbourhood at a reasonable price. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 20, 2010
A few minutes before this picture was taken traffic was backed up a block each way from the four-way stop sign. Suggesting that Tisdale can be a very busy place. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 15, 2010
Thus ends our ability to make fun of Vancouver where it rains sometimes. This year in Saskatchewan is rains almost every day without fail. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 13, 2010
Environment Canada does not have any forecasting staff in Saskatchewan weather is called from Edmonton and Winnipeg. Your eyes on the sky is far more accurate than what you hear in forecasts. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 12, 2010
With only half of this year's crop planted and damage to the crop in the ground there is going to be very light demand for new combines and harvest equipment. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 8, 2010
Renewal is one of the elements of life in a Saskatchewan town. The last wood elevator is gradually being destroyed as its owner has moved to another facility. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 7, 2010
Fresh water costs a lot to process and should be conserved. The provincial government had a grant in place to encourage people to replace old high use toilets with much more efficient ones. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
July 5, 2010
The events and occasions that bring us together as a family renew our acceptance of ourselves and our awareness of our place in the world. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 30, 2010
Of course a person can accomplish a lot working on their own but team work really pays off and sometimes makes the impossible rather simple. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 29, 2010
Tisdale is an outstanding community but the condition of its streets roads and sidewalks is shameful. The people of Tisdale pay their taxes and deserve passable paved streets. More than half of the communitiy's road ways are gravel or worse. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 28, 2010
When you are not much taller than a fire hydrant it is good to know the speed limit in Tisdale is 40 kph and drivers stick to that speed limit much of the time. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 27, 2010
Because of its husk fresh corn on the cob is one of the fresh vegetables available that is safe from the affects of the many pesticides used in modern agriculture. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 25, 2010
Everyone no matter what their age needs to take time and focus on what is important in their lives and what things are distractions that obscure their progress toward their personal goals. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 24, 2010
It is entirely up to you the way you face the world. You can smile and look for the best with an optomistic attitude or you can be glum, it's up to you. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 15, 2010
Its been 79 years since the last Ford Model A rolled off a production line. It just goes to show that good things are things that last. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 14, 2010
Most of our gardens are just coming up due to the cool temperatures and rain. But one neighbour has fully grown potato plants in his garden. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 10, 2010
With gray skies and almost continuous rain one can find oneself feeling particularly blue. Well don't let it get you down Moses is working on his facebook presence and sooner or later the sun will come out. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 3, 2010
Though most birds except for loons can walk as well as fly. Pigeons and chickens are okay with walking but sparrows and robins seem to like to hop when they cross the road or are checking out the lawn. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
June 2, 2010
The first two days of June have been sunny and warm as we look at fields that resemble swamps. Showers predicted for tomorrow and the next few days. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 28, 2010
Rain and threat of rain for the rest of May says the weatherman with 2010 being one of the wettest springs in history for Saslkatchewan. 100% chance of rain tonight. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 26, 2010
As adults we like to think that we are showing the way to our children and grand children but very often it is their curiousity and interests that are truly setting things in motion. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 25, 2010
Dire worries about low amounts of moisture have been allayed and even a few days to dry up there is still time to finish getting this year's crop in the ground. Seeding about 45% in the Tisdale area. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 21, 2010
You find something you want in a borrowed magazine. Just whip out your point and shoot digital camera hold things steady and there is a good chance you will make good readable copy. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 17, 2010
Tulips grow  wild in Turkey and Renaissance traders brought them to the Netherlands with which they have been associated since then. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 13, 2010
This design first hit the streets 32 years ago and many are still plugging along very nicely getting fuel mileage equal to vehicles their size of the present day. New stuff is not always better their just newer. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 12, 2010
No matter what you do for a living it will go better if you smile. First off it makes you feel better, those you deal with remember you, your smile will encourage collaboration, you'll improve your productivity and you will positively contaminate others. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 11, 2010
No act in human life matches the awesome responsibility, the sacrafice and dedication that each and every mother gives to her children. The debt our society owns to mothers is something far more important than one Sunday a year and brunch. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 10, 2010
If an unmarried couple decide to buy a house together they ought to consider getting a cohabitation agreement so that in case things don't work out they know what is at stake in their property. After two years together in Saskatchewan things are split 50/50 including pensions, RSPs and debt. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 4, 2010
Be it walking down the street or driving your vehicle civility, friendliness and common good manners make a huge difference in today's world. Let's face it we can all get ourselves under considerable pressure but being nice to one another makes a whole lot of difference. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
May 3, 2010
The province is criss crossed by rail lines and there are thousands of level crossings. Every single one is a deadly threat and they must never be ignored. A train across a level crossing in a total barrier and nearly invisible at night. When you see the "X" of a railway crossing look both waysd and cross with caution. People die every year failing to do so. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 29, 2010
About those treasured pictures in your album or in a shoe box somewhere. They are in danger. These school portraits taken in the late 60 are seriously faded and will soon disappear. Time to dig out the valueables go to a place that does pictures and scan them and save them to disk. Both LaCroix and Extra Foods in Tisdale do this kind of work. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 28, 2010
No portion or componet of an aircraft is unnecessary. To fly it needs everything and a malfunction with an component results in the ability to function. That's the way we are. All parts of our lives contribute to the whole neglect part of you life and you are sure to crash and burn. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 27, 2010
Housing construction in Tisdale in 2010 has definitely been lagging behind recent years but two new houses got under way this week. This one will have a cement basement and the other on the new cul de sac saw its wood basement begun today. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 22, 2010
Thinking about a flat big screen HDTV. Think again don't rely on a big box store saleman find yourself an independent expert before you put down heavy money for a product that might already be obsolete or you are unable to use its capability. This is a major purchase and the naked consumer needs expert help. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 21, 2010
Were this aircraft a person it would be eligible for old age pension in 2012. It just goes to show that quality products can be made that last and remain serviceable for more than half a century. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 19, 2010
Oh there were lots of people out and ablout wearing shorts but you will know it is definitely a nice day when you a convertible out with its top down and the driver smiling. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 15, 2010
In an agricultural society what's good for the goose is good for the farmer. The April showers of the past few days have provided a great start to this year's growing season and improved the prospects of this year's crop which is still yet to be planted. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 14, 2010
I wasn't happy with this image of a CN locomotive and train today but then there's the Internet. Storm Lake, Iowa, Newell, Iowa, Aurelia, Iowa, Durand, Michigan, Jasper, Alberta, Levis, Quebec, Georgetown, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Crest Hill, Illinois. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 12, 2010
Now this is a good idea. A local Tisdale pharmacy hs put out ten magnifiers to help customers read the fine print on medication bottles. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
April 7, 2010
The arduous and sometimes hazardous task of shopping requires that one pace themselves and if at all possible limit the expeditions to as few as possible. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 31, 2010
Though trees are a nice part of a town like Tisdale you can have to much of a good thing and many home owners are choosing to let a little light in as the spruce trees in many yards are taking up more light than is appropriate for the yard or its owner. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 30, 2010
We Europeans have occupied this countryside for only a little more than 100 years while First Nations people have been here for less than 12,000 years yet the land itself is over 4 billion years old with human life on the planet for only a couple hundred thousand years. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 29, 2010
Complex as we think we are it is humbling to see the remarkable success other species with which we share this land and environment are, despite our efforts to mess up the countryside and even kill animals like these for fun. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 26, 2010
Throughout Saskatchewan trucks of all kinds are rolling massive amounts of grain to market. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 24, 2010
Though common in Europe and many other parts of the world stone walls are extremely rare in Western Canada. In order to create one you really need a lot of stones and in many parts of the great central plains those are fairly scarce. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 19, 2010
Clearly the Bererland has confidence in the weather and continued prosperity of the community. However, bins are a definite sign of a hedge farmers will need to store their own production because of uncentain commodity prices. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 18, 2010
When you consider the huge numbers and amount of goods moved by heavy trucks the number and proportion of accidents with other vehicles is remarkable. You have more to fear from a pickup then a dozen semi's. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 17, 2010
Because travelling above the ground can be a dangerous activity regulation and safety standards ensure that aircraft of any vintage remain safe with yearly certification necessary in order to be operated. Odd that surface transportation so much more popular is pretty much left to chance. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 16, 2010
If a kid is not involved in organised sports at school or is hockey or figure skating the winter can be a long long time of inactivity. From October to February you really don't see many kids outside playing or involved in activities. This is a problem of this society and this era. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 15, 2010
Our success a society is going to be tested during the lifetime of this little baby. Techology, the structure of the economy and the environment all are challenges to us and will shape her life just as those same features have influenced out lives. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 11, 2010
Sometimes its bad planning sometimes its just bad technology, there is always an excuse but no matter what mistakes are made. Most are insignificant but but perfection is simply not one of the main features of human existence. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 10, 2010
In this spring of 2010 merchants report that business is slow as customers are putting of major purchases and repairs in a wait and see situation. Perhaps this is based on the downturn in grain prices. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 9, 2010
It would appear that time reversed Joni Mitchell's "took paradise and put up a parking lot". In Ridgedale the trees appear to have overgrown the parking area. Its nice to see that the sign has survived. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 8, 2010
Trees even young ones don't talk much and most of us don't give them much credit for the political and environmental opinions. But most assuredly they are very much alive and even non thinking nonsentient vegetative life forms can sense the coming of spring and their time of growth, summer. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 4, 2010
Most of south and central Saskatchewan has a road allowance every mile east and west and every two miles north and south. But, don't count on there being a road. Depopulation has seen roads disappear and at this time of the year many are blocked with snow and with no one there no need for the road to be plowed. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 2, 2010
As long as their has been kids and snow banks there have been snow forts. They are a perfect example of adaptation, using what you have at hand and available to shape into something that you can make and though the achievement is worth while it is the process of building a fort that is important. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
March 1, 2010
Much of Saskatchewan has 180º of sky that gives the viewer a particular overwhelming feeling of desolation and humility. The sky and its seeming limitlessness has a profound affect on the outlook of prairie dwellers and their surprising acceptance of things laced with passionate hope. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 26, 2010
Between 8:30 and 9:00 and 3:15 and 3:40 each week day all of Tisdale's school buses cross and navigate its main street twice morning and afternoon. Add to that all the other parents taking thei children to and from school the little town's main street gets choked. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 24, 2010
This area was settled by Europeans around 1904 - 1905 a mere blink of an eye in the scope of history. Then there was a farm on nearly every quarter section of land with modern farms now being from 20 to 75 quarters. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 23, 2010
The average temperatures on the planet have been rising steadily for the past 160 years with Arctic ice disappearing. But there are many who claim that what is happening is a hoax, they are wrong. It is steadily getting warmer on earth. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 22, 2010
Running is one of those activities that in moderation is enormously beneficial but because of the natural high produced can lead to access. Finding that balance is the difficult task of all of those who engage in running and they are well aware of both the benefits and dangers. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 18, 2010
Wasting energy to melt snow on the roof of your house is just not smart. The cost of insulating that roof would easily pay for itself in wasted energy in only a few years. Energy conservation is really all of our business and waste like this is unacceptable. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 17, 2010
There are good reasons why teachers tell children not to run in the hallway and similar reasons for not running across an intersection. This is an amazing habit so many people practice when cross the street in front of stopped traffic, its dangerous and ill advised. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 16, 2010
The long weekend in February seems like a great idea but even more importantly as "Family Day" it is an outstanding time for Saskatchewan people and their families to get together and enjoy activities together. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 10, 2010
There are many who feel that we are all adicted to the past and this hampers us from moving into the present and future. I quite disagree, without awareness and some understanding of what shaped the past we have no future. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 8, 2010
Though an excellent idea the Mercedes made Swatch designed Smartcar cost more than many vehicles that better gas mileage and cost a fraction of one of these. A vehicle that is more like a motorcycle in adverse weather situations. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 4, 2010
In every endeavour the actual execution of a project and the degree of its success is directly related to the quality and amount of preparation that has gone into getting ready for the project. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 3, 2010
Toronto had 34 pedestrian fatalities in January of 2010. Those walking and driving in Tisdale have come to rely heavily upon the conservative 40 kph speed limit in the community and it is saving lives. No matter what the rush is it isn't worth the danger to your fellow citizens. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 2, 2010
Reality is really made up of layers. Layers of awareness, layers of perception and layers of activities that meld together into the integrated whole of our experience. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
February 1, 2010
Not just squirrels and gophers have to hibernate through the winter but so must motor homes, speed boats and paddling pools. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 29, 2010
A steel monster standing in the snow. Perhaps not, our eyes see patterns often where we impose on the scene things that seem familiar to us but not necessarily there at all. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 28, 2010
Being a leaf cutter bee is hard seasonal work with few rewards and massive exploitation by farmers attempting to grow slfalfa for seed. But, without their efforts the enterprise would be impossible. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 27, 2010
Snow shoes are a good thing. Never need an oil change or a fill up of gas and reduce the need for shovels and snow blowers. When spring comes the snow will go away on its own. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 26, 2010
The freezing rain was to the southern part of Saskatchewan on the weekend but our power lines would be far more secure and cost less to maintain were they buried underground. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 25, 2010
Today is the birthday of Scotland's most famous poet Robert Burns. Though he lived to be only 37 dying in 1796 his work is identified with Scotland and his birthday is celebrated throughout the world as Scotland's day. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 19, 2010
It is a part of North American culture and seems to begin in every child''s sandbox and continues until the end of one's life and that is the romance and infatuation with automobiles. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 18, 2010
Though we are celebrating the extremely mild weather through most of January we are also experiencing one of the driest winters in a long time with very light snow cover in the fields and ditches while there are even thinner amounts south of Naicam. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 13, 2010
Vital to keeping our highways open the snow plows can sort out miserable roads but in bad weather are a serious hazard themselves. When plowing and overtaking them stay back at least 500 feet until the operator lets you get by. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 12, 2010
Construction pushes on in the mild weather of this January as the new motel takes shape. A decade ago this scene had an elevator in it and an ESSO station . The pace of change is like the cars in the parking lot changing in the planned obsolescence of our society. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 11, 2010
Life in Canada both economically and strategically depends entirely upon the Canadian transportation system. Yet our political leaders at all levels of government do not recognise the importance transportation plays in a country as big as this and have practically no rational transportation policy for Canadians or the products they produce. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 8, 2010
Don't expect the awareness of our world to come back to its senses anytime soon. We'll still be here living out our happy lives under the enormous blue prairie sky whilst there is the usual fretting and fuming based on rumours and mythical perceptions. The real one is one of survival in a hostile cold world and making the best of it. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 6, 2010
Each and every day this little girl exudes the joy of new experiences which afford her new chances to learn new things. Essentially that is what life is all about. Successful people spend their whole lives as eager learners soaking up the world to know and understand it better. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
January 5, 2010
It is significant to realise that as we start a new year in a new decade that change occurs gradually as the past is transformed into the present and heralds the way of a future yet to come. For all things there is a cause and a history. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 30, 2009
Happy New Year everyone. What better way to think about the future than to consider it through the eyes of 4 year-olds who weigh all things based on a very limited background and everything seems new to them. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 23, 2009
Though I hope to post tomorrow our company is arriving so I may not get the opportunity to wish all the readers of Ensign a very Merry Christmas. Cherish the peace and good will of this year's Christmas. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 22, 2009
It need not just be an optical illusion our brains have to interpret the images our eyes capture and as a result it is not at all unusual for us to see what we want to see. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 21, 2009
More and more communities are realising how important it is to improve the civility and living ambience of the community's downtown area. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 18, 2009
At the core of what it is to live in a free and open society is the ability to get around and right to free movement. It is remarkable how this simple part of our lives is so important at every stage of life. Mobility and transportation make us free. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 15, 2009
The only time the New Testament describes Jesus in what was an angry rage was when he kicked the money changers out of the temple. How do you think he would react to the commericalisation of his birthday and everything associated with it. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 9, 2009
Some feel when they see a telephoto shot that it compresses things and takes things out of context. In reality the reverse is true. So often we need to step back and recognise how all things are connected. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 8, 2009
The more we discover about the miracle of life the even more miraculous it seeems. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 4, 2009
Old Indian saying, its going to be a long cold winter when whiteman make big wood piles. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 3, 2009
Nothing is so simple that it can be described as a 'milk run'. Every trip every working mission has an element of danger and to forget that is to invite disaster. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 2, 2009
Its hard to quite understand the fascination we have with things so that what to some is just junk and to others an invaluable treasure. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
December 1, 2009
Many downtown merchants have gone the distance and put up Christmas trees in front of the businesses to bring some spirit and good will to the community. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 28, 2009
As life expectancy increases we as a society have a very long way to go to create an environment that is fair and fullfilling for the growing numbers of healthy and contributing seniors in our midst. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 24, 2009
There's a time for planting and a time for harvest and a time for accepting the way things are while planning what you can do to make things better for yourself and others. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 23, 2009
.Despite the carnage each year from the use of these ATV machines they continue to be enormously popular and must fill a need for adventure in this technological world in which we live (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 21, 2009
Though Canadians like most people in this world are city dwellers, the real place to build a life and raise a family is in one of Canada's thousands of small towns. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 20, 2009
Before, after and during any project Canadians like to dig. It is a national obsession of constantly seeking something under the surface of the ground. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 19, 2009
Technology may have its limits. Still considered the very best means of crowd control city police on horse back command immediate attention and respect. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 17, 2009
Once Apple Computers were only used by a fringe group of fanatics but that is no longer the case. Apple's advanced operating system and remarkable innovation makes the company viaing for Microsoft's domination of the industry. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 10, 2009
As hard as we try to keep the world about us familiar things just keep on changing. So much so that many have trouble undstanding the present in which they reside. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 9, 2009
Even though this aircraft is 31 years old after every 100 hours of flight it must be certified as safe and conforming to new specifications. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 6, 2009
The familiar things that make up a setting tell us where we are and we constantly need to measure that feeling with our internal need to feel a part of a place or environment. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 5, 2009
For us social beings, no matter what the task or activity we are doing it is always better and we do better when we share that moment with a partner. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 4, 2009
In the year without a real summer we are stepping into winter once more. Time to winterise your vehicles and get you mindset ready to deal with the harshness of six months of cold. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 3, 2009
There is no formula or even a working principle to determine when something is really important or when it is just so much water under a bridge. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
November 2, 2009
At some point no matter what the situation we have to come to terms with the reality and make the best of a bad situation. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 29, 2009
After a cloud gives up it's precipitation it becomes something of a ghost as it drifts below the stratus layer, just a sort of leftover. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 28, 2009
Though many folks go way over the top with their Halloween decorations there is still a place for good taste and smart design. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 26, 2009
As your community grows and develops you need to participate and encourage the process and there is no better way then getting out and voting in the civic election for town councillors tomorrow. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 23, 2009
So far we have been coping with this recession despite how bleak things originally appeared. The problem for us all is that we have so little perspective to determine if these are good or bad times. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 22, 2009
The most important component in operating a business is having options. Without options a person or a business is powerless and at the mercy of the powers that be. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 21, 2009
So you think you have some problems, just look up and you will realise how small you are and how insignificant what ever challenge you are facing. Do your best and things will always work out, the sky is not falling. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 19, 2009
Playgrounds and play areas in our community are almost always empty. There are children and there are extensive facilities but play and experience without parental supervision is rare, that's not likely a good thing. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 16, 2009
Education for all is available downloading using iTunes. CNN tells about the amazing material available free online. The the CNN story is about business education it is by no means limited to business. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 15, 2009
The agreement is we pay taxes and the local govern-ment responds by maintaining those portions of infrastructure used by all. Failure to maintain results in retraction in the economic structure of the community as infividuals and business simply find a better place to work and live. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 14, 2009
It is not unusual for someone to suffer an identity crisis. Who and what a person is defines oneself and confusion can be catastrophic to the ability to cope with the challenges of life. Square away your family, your culture and your spirituality, every person needs these things to survive. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 9, 2009
Though we all need to put the brakes on time as our lives hurl forward the relentless pursuit of one moment after another is overwhelming at times but it is our responsibility to be aware enough to sense that things are changing and adapt. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 8, 2009
Rage is an uncontrollable and pointless emotion while on the other hand there is place in our lives at times for legitmate but controlled anger. If something is an outrage it is appropriate to be upset about it and express oneself accordingly. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 7, 2009
Rain and lower than normal temperatures can lower one's spirits but we are powerless to do anything about it and that's like a lot of things that happen to us in life, We have no choice but to make the best of it. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 6, 2009
Nothing is quite as confusing and able to send mixed messages like decorations. The viewer rarely can be on the same wave length as the decorator and the whole thing is ambiguous. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 2, 2009
The tidy axiom about a place for everything and everything in its place doesn't really match the real world where there is a time for everything and everything in its own time. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
October 1, 2009
The process of learning is driven by the individual's desire to expand their ability but depends upon having the opportunity to error and the wisedom of someone willing to guide the learner. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 30, 2009
Tisdale has updated the town web site but don't try to download the PDF broshure it is having a problem. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 29, 2009
The most important thing about our lives is that we have no way of knowing what we will encounter. We have to live each day as it comes to us and make of it what we can.(Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 28, 2009
While Americans struggle with their lack of health care in their country for more people than the population of Canada, we need to renew our system so that we do a better job of serving all Canadians of all ages. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 25, 2009
In many ways the Model T shaped the nature of North America and might be blamed for the successes and failures that we see in the world today.(Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 23, 2009
Take minute or two out of every single day to look at the flowers or see how the light bounces your spirits. Art is not for others to create it is all about us for us to simply appreciate. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 22, 2009
What we are and what we want to be is defined by what we do. Ultimately you make the choices to live the life you want to live. You can be happy with yourself, you make the choice. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 21, 2009
Freedom of movement is one of the most cherished of all human freedoms and even moreso with advancing age. It's time the Town, the businesses and the people got their act together and improved accessibility for all citizens.(Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 10, 2009
Be it work, play eating or just doing nothing all that we do seems better when the experience is shared. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 9, 2009
Rider and Bomber fans had a great time this past weekend. Only some could actually attend the game but it is fair to say Regina people had game parties all over the city. Fun is a good thing.(Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 3, 2009
At some point in our societal evolution hunting game for food made sense but hunting as a sport never ever made sense any more than wild animals encouraged to hunt us. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 2, 2009
One of the most admired and desirable traits a person can have is to look at the world with an optomistic view. Surely there needs to be awareness of reality but the optomist can handle adversity.(Click on thumbnail to see full size.)
September 1, 2009
We all are at one time or another confused by or perception of things. Looking through the clutter to see the real picture requires some experience and wisdom. The big thing is to keep on trying to make sense of things. (Click on thumbnail to see full size.)

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