The Week of December 20 to 26, 1998

The One Thousandth Nine-Hundred Ninety-Eighth Christmas
December 25, 1998
A Christmas discussion
Christmas Lights
December 25, 1998
We will have some pictures of house and yard decorations but this one goes first as one that is unique and effective from Regina. More to come soon.
The Annual Christmas Tree Hunt
December 24, 1998
Our Christmas Tree goes up usually Christmas Eve but this year we had to move it up one day because of a trip that day so here is our account of the adventure for this year.
Christmas Tradition
December 22, 1998
Consider the traditions of Christmas and their origin by reading a passage from Dickens.
A Tree In Winter
December 21, 1998
We experience the first official day of winter as the sun has worked its way to the lowest part of the horizon offering the shortest day of sunlight of the year.
He Shoots and Shoots and Shoots
December 21, 1998
FTLComm hockey video production is the topic of this article and how you can get a copy of a recent hockey game.
Ensign We were offline for all of today (Sunday)and may still experience some times off line as we are having a problem with our server and hope to clear it up shortly, in the meantime we are sorry for the inconvenience.
Trojans Help Out With Food Hampers
December 20, 1998
Fifty Hampers are to distributed this holiday season and Trojans and other community organisations are lending a hand to put something in the basket.