If There's A Crop!

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, May 8, 2002
Each spring a skilled crew begins assembling steel grain bins in Nipawin then move on to Tisdale and then on from here growing this year's crop of bins.

Witn the Beeland Co-op yard lined with last year's bins one wonders why assemble more bins this year?

The answer is a simple one, "if there is a crop." Indeed in the business of agriculture there is a prerequisite to think positively because what will pay off the loans for this year's seeding will be this fall's harvest.

Betting that there will be a crop and it will need to be stored a full set of bins on hopper bases are under assembly.

These ROSCO galvenised steel bins are stamp out in Winnipeg and despite their apparent strength they actual experience a lot of stress as they are filled and emptied each year so that over time they have to be maintained and will eventually have to be replaced. There is a trend toward stainless steel tanks which cost about one third more but are more durable and able to handle canola better. The canola crushing plant at Nipawin is planning to replace its galvanised tanks with stainless steel ones.

Check out how this assembly process has looked other years always about this date.

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